Early reporting project update


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Early reporting project update

  2. 2. Summary of Project• Spring 2012 classes• KC Online classes• Blackboard mentors• College 100 pilot• Total of 521 students, 13 instructors, 28 sections• 106 students completed the survey (20%)
  3. 3. Summary continued• Instructors were asked to send progress notices to every student in their section at least 3 times• Suggested times were 2nd week, 4th week and midterm.• Reminders were sent to instructors for these times.• Instructors were provided training • Face-to-face sessions on several campuses • Self-paced tutorial online
  4. 4. Analysis of Pilot• Data will come from Research—comparison to other class sections—retention and grade information• Surveys sent to students—20% completed the survey• Feedback requested from instructors
  5. 5. Was getting an email from your instructor an effective way for youto receive information on your progress in the class? Response Response Percent Count Yes 84.0% 89 No 16.0% 17
  6. 6. Did getting an email prompt you to communicate with yourinstructor? Response Response Percent Count Yes 73.3% 77 No 26.7% 28
  7. 7. Was the communication with your instructor effective for you? Response Response Percent Count Yes 93.4% 71 No 6.6% 5
  8. 8. Did the message you received contain useful information for you? Response Response Percent Count Yes 87.3% 89 No 12.7% 13
  9. 9. If the message you received directed you to use support servicessuch as the learning center, library, academic advisors,counselors, etc., did you use these services? Response Response Percent Count Yes 32.4% 33 No 13.7% 14 N/A 53.9% 55
  10. 10. Which services did you use as a result of the email from yourinstructor? Response Response Percent Count Tutoring, Learning Resources or Academic Resource Center 36.7% 11 Library 56.7% 17 Academic Advising 13.3% 4 Counseling 0.0% 0 Financial Aid 3.3% 1 Access Office 6.7% 2 Testing Center 3.3% 1 Other (please specify) Show Responses 13.3% 4
  11. 11. • Other: Tech Line, Online Research, Instructor, SmarThinking
  12. 12. If your grade needed improvement, were you able to makechanges to improve your grade? Response Response Percent Count Yes 65.3% 66 No 34.7% 35
  13. 13. Would you recommend instructors provide grade feedback inother classes at MCC? Response Response Percent Count Yes 92.1% 93 No 7.9% 8
  14. 14. What improvements could we make to the way weprovide progress notifications?• “Since this was the first online class that gave the periodic benchmarks, I do not have any suggestions at this point. I do want to make mention that the feedback was useful to me.”• “Continue using both Blackboard and emails. It is going great in my opinion.”• “Make sure to include advice on how to improve.”• “Send current grade with the progress report.”• “The system you currently have was sufficient for correspondence with my instructors.”
  15. 15. What improvements could we make to the way weprovide progress notifications? (Cont’d)• “Instructor messages within Blackboard were easier than email. I’m just not good at checking my school email.”• “I was one of the students that was doing well in the course and didn’t need much direction. I think it would be nice if you make the emails more personally focused. Regardless, the notifications were a very nice indicator of my progress and helped to keep me motivated.”• “Taylor the number of emails on progress to the length of the class session. Example 8 wk sessions might have two or three where 16 weeks sessions would have four or five.”
  16. 16. What improvements could we make to the way weprovide progress notifications? (Cont’d)• “My grades are generally good, but for students struggling it is always nice if the teacher approaches the student in some way to ask if there is anything they can do to help them out.”• “I believe no changes need to be made.”• “Send out notifications after each section or test.”• “Reminding students to look in the “My Grades” section and ask for guidance on improving grades.”• “Let the student know their shortcomings and steps to improve.”
  17. 17. Do you have any other comments?• “Great system, worked well.”• “I am sure that email might be a great way for other students, just not for myself. However, messages in the course learning was beneficial.”• “If student is not doing well, the instructor should give clearer instructions, for people to understand.”• “I found it unnecessary and redundant to get the email; however, I am also very good at checking my grade in BB. It was probably helpful to others. This was not eh fault of the instructor, just not necessary for me.”• “The emails were good because Blackboard is a little slow sometimes.”
  18. 18. Other comments, non-related to EarlyAlert.• Several students made recommendations for improved technology and a few complained that email was behind the times.• At least three instructors were complimented on their teaching techniques; James Moes, Stephanie Zerkel, and Katherine Melles.• Many students asked for more communication from the instructor and more timely communication.
  19. 19. Faculty Response• It is easy to use and the flexibility makes it fit the variety of instructor styles.• Still some uncertainty about why we would send notifications to students who are doing well• Some push-back or dread about being “required” to do this.• Some instructors who already send messages regularly appreciated learning about the Bb tools that make this process easier.
  20. 20. Faculty Comments• I have sent course progress notifications weekly (8 week sessions) and bi-weekly (16 week sessions). As I have stated previously, I have found the new system incredibly beneficial.• I have been trying to send out the updating emails that distance ed. recommends and the feedback has been positive.• I just wanted to let you know I have sent out messages in my courses, and the students are loving the feedback! I am really pleased this was implemented.
  21. 21. Faculty Comments continued• About the notifications...so far this semester I havent sent any because students have either just self-dropped without notification to me or I have contacted through phone calls or emails. I dont have anyone with problems at this point, but I tend to just call students that Im really worried about.• I do what you all suggested and send messages out through the Early Warning System. I run it every Wednesday at noon and send a message to all students below a 70%. It has worked well, and some students have turned in late work as a result.
  22. 22. Increased CommunicationsTo: Katherine.MellesSubject: Re: 1121_PV_8W2_HUMN_140_20100: Humn 140Wow. Thank you. I must say this is the first time I have receivedan email like this since I started school. Your thoughtfulness isgreatly appreciated. :)On Sat, Apr 7, 2012 at 1:23 PM, Katherine R Melles wrote:You are doing well in this course. Please continue your efforts, andif you have questions, dont hesitate to contact me. My office islocated in ST 307 on the Penn Valley campus, and my office hoursare Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00-11:00.Keep up the good work!
  23. 23. College 100 Plans• All College 100 course sites in Blackboard have been set up with rules the Early Warning System and color coding in the GradeCenter.• Instruction on how to send progress notifications is included in the College 100 instructor training• Instructors will be expected to use the system to notify students of their progress at least 3 times by midterm.
  24. 24. KC Online Plans• KC Online instructors are expected to send out progress notifications at least 3 times during the course.• Included in the faculty guide: Student progress reports--required • As part of KC Online, you will be expected to notify each student in your class of his or her progress in the course at least 3 times prior to midterm. The expected dates correspond roughly with the times that you should be submitting an attendance roster. For summer, this would be after the 1st, 2nd and 4th weeks. • There is training on the various methods of contacting your students in Blackboard, or you can access it here: Early Reporting Lesson • Your messages should contain the following information: • The class and instructor • Status of their performance compared to the course expectations • What they can do to improve their performance • Your contact information
  25. 25. PV First Time/First Year• Advisory group has discussed using this process with their students.• Presentation made to the group in May, 2012.
  26. 26. Maple Woods• Offering training July 2012 for interested faculty• Will be presenting a faculty panel discussion for in-service in August• Roll-out for Fall, 2012
  27. 27. BTC, Blue River and Longview• Will be presenting at Fall In-service
  28. 28. Recommendations from PilotMESSAGES:1. Emphasize sending notifications to ALL students, not just those at risk2. Include specific grade information for students3. Include resources and services students can use to improve their performance.
  29. 29. Recommendations from PilotCHANGES IN MCC PROCESSES:1. Add a suggestion in the attendance roster reminder email to notify students of their progress.2. Add a tab/link to student email in Blackboard3. Improve syncing of MCC communications tools— messages, email, portal
  30. 30. Next Steps• Increase training options to more faculty • Have received requests from individual faculty and small faculty groups • Make the online training more evident • Develop training for use with MetroSoft email utility rather than Bb • Offer training on campuses• Work with Campus leadership groups to facilitate rollout plans specific to each campus
  31. 31. Questions?