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Volume 5, Number 2                                             April 2011  Top Soldiers,                          Former T...
2              ARKANSASMINUTEMAN                        April 2011                   AFCU                not in yet       ...
April 2011                                                                          ARKANSASMINUTEMAN                     ...
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April 2011                                                             ARKANSASMINUTEMAN                                  ...
6                                                                        ARKANSASMINUTEMAN                                ...
April 2011                                                              ARKANSASMINUTEMAN                                 ...
8                                                                   ARKANSASMINUTEMAN                                     ...
April 2011                                                                                    ARKANSASMINUTEMAN           ...
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April 2011                                                       ARKANSASMINUTEMAN                                        ...
12                       ARKANSASMINUTEMAN          April 2011      Promotions▼Continued from Page 1177TH TABSanders, Davi...
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Arkansas Minuteman April 2011 Edition


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Minuteman Newspaper -
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Guard. This civilian
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of AR 360-1, AFI35-101
and the Arkansas
Military Department.

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Arkansas Minuteman April 2011 Edition

  1. 1. Volume 5, Number 2 April 2011 Top Soldiers, Former TAG passesNCOs and Airmen page 5 Soldiers run shadow marathon named page 6 page 8 Artillery unit fires new guns page 10
  2. 2. 2 ARKANSASMINUTEMAN April 2011 AFCU not in yet Connect with AFCU Advertisement
  3. 3. April 2011 ARKANSASMINUTEMAN 3 ARKANSAS FROM THE TOP MINUTEMAN Arkansas National Editorial staff Capt. Chris Heathscott State Public Affairs Officer Lt. Col. Keith Moore Sexual assault Guard Mission Vision and Values ‘hurts one, affects all’ Air Guard Public Affairs Officer Sgt. 1st Class Chris Durney MISSION Public Affairs Specialist To provide trained, Adrienne Brietzke ready professionals Public Affairs Specialist and units responsive to Donna Shelton Information Officer As nature and the Clifford Stanley, Un- the needs of the nation, Garrick Feldman world around us awaken April is der Secretary of Defense state, and community. to new life and warmer for Personnel and Readi- Sexual Assault Awareness Editor & Publisher VISION Christy Hendricks weather, the Department ness may have said it best. Managing Editor Arkansas National of Defense, the Nation- “Commanders and senior How to reach us 404 Graham Road al Guard Bureau and the Month enlisted leadership must Guard military and civil- ian professionals, work- Jacksonville, Ark. Arkansas National Guard set the tone in their units 72076 are asking everyone to be ing as a team, building Ph: 501-982-9421 many forms such as ver- sault affects not only the to prevent this crime and Fax: 501-985-0026 “awake” to a problem that not damage the trust that the finest reserve military bal harassment, intimi- individual, but the entire hurts one, but affects all. our military members organization serving the Advertising: dation, unwanted sexual National Guard Family by arkansasminutemanads@ April is Sexual Assault contact, rape, attempt- destroying our sense of have in their leaders and nation, state, and com- Awareness Month, with a ed rape and child sexual trust in our Soldiers and their peers.” munity. Story ideas mission of addressing the abuse. It affects people of Airmen. Leadership at all Taking this one step VALUES damage sexual assault any gender, age, ethnic- levels must remain dili- further, every Arkansas INTEGRITY causes – not only to an ity, sexual orientation or gent when it comes to this National Guard service Arkansas Guard (Honesty, Candor, Ethics, individual, but also to our ability. And perpetrators crime.” member, federal employ- News overall readiness and unit Morals, Accountability) can be friends, acquain- This is especially true ee, state employee and Ac- Published by Leader Pub- lishing, Inc. 404 Graham Road, cohesion. tances, family members for the Arkansas National tive Guard and Reserve COMMITMENT Jacksonville, AR 72076, phone According to the Na- or strangers. Guard. We are successful personnel has the respon- (Loyalty, Caring, Trust, number (501) 982-9421, a pri- tional Violence Against It is clear that all of us and work well in our as- sibility to learn the signs Teamwork) vate firm in no way connect- have an important role in signed missions because Women Survey, as pub- of a potential sexual as- ed with the Arkansas National PROFESSIONALISM Guard, under written contract lished by the U.S. De- preventing sexual assault, we function as a Family, sault and to learn how to with the Adjutant General of partment of Justice’s Of- in protecting victims, in and we count on each other (Selfless Service, Empow- safely intervene and pre- the Arkansas National Guard. fice on Violence Against changing attitudes and in to be strong, focused and erment, Stewardship, Ex- This civilian enterprise Na- vent it. Women, one in six Ameri- reporting incidents. responsive. When sexu- cellence in all we do) tional Guard newspaper is an Remember, it’s up to authorized publication for the can women has been the As Gen. Craig McKin- al assault occurs, it harms all of us not to let even WARRIOR SPIRIT members of the U.S. military victim of rape or attempt- ley, the chief of The Na- one of our own and dimin- services, published under the one person down, because (I will always place the ed rape. tional Guard Bureau ishes our ability to function provisions of AR 360-1, AFI 35- writes, “One sexual as- that lets everyone down. mission first. I will never 101 and the Arkansas Military Sexual assault takes proficiently as a team. Department. Contents of the So, let’s take to heart this accept defeat. I will nev- Arkansas Minuteman are not year’s message for Sexual er quit. I will never leave necessarily the official views of, Assault Awareness Month a fallen comrade.) or endorsed by, the U.S. govern- ment, the Department of De- and “Don’t let your Guard fense or the National Guard. down.” The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by ON THE COVER the National Guard or Leader READY T O Publishing Inc. of the products or services advertised. Every- ATTACK. Warriors thing advertised in this publi- THERE’S A WAY TO RECLAIM YOUR LIFE. in the 2011 Arkansas Army National Guard cation shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage For more than 25 years, The BridgeWay has reconnected people with their Soldier a nd N CO of without regard to race, color, families and communities by helping them overcome their emotional and the Year c ompetition religion, sex, national origin, addictive problems. In addition to being a leader in treating substance square of f during a n age, marital status, physical abuse, we also offer treatment for depression, anxiety and panic Army combativ es handicap, political affiliation disorders, , and tournament Ma rch or any other non-merit factor stress disorder (PTSD). Contact The BridgeWay today to learn how you can 11. S pc. A lec B ald- of the purchaser, user or pa- reclaim your life or help someone you love. win ( on t he l eft), o f tron. Editorial photos unless otherwise noted. The Arkan- the 8 7th Troop Com - sas Minuteman reserves the mand, e merged a s right to edit all items. Editorial the Soldier of the Year content is edited, prepared and Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Chris A. Durney. following four days of provided by the Public Affairs Office of the Arkansas Nation- tough competition. Staff Sgt. Brandon Shaw, of the Nation- al Guard. All photos are Arkan- al Guard Marksmanship Training Center, bested a fi eld of No-cost assessments for adults, adolescents and children are available . sas National Guard unless oth- No physician referral required; most insurance plans accepted. four to take the NCO of the Year honors. The two Soldiers erwise noted. Advertisement will compete at the regional level in Kansas in May.
  4. 4. 4 ARKANSASMINUTEMAN April 2011Arkansas ANG welcomes new commanderVilonia resident accepts munities, their state and their nation. And they do itcommand over state’s 2,000 well.” Among many other chal-Air National Guardsmen lenges faced during Porter’s tenure, the Base Realign- ROBINSON MANUEV- ly face that with mixed emo- ment and Closure initia-ER TRAINING CENTER, tions. But he has had a suc- tive of 2005 left the 188thArk. – Brig. Gen. Travis D. cessful command, one that Fighter Wing with the loss“Dwight” Balch, of Vilonia, he should be proud of.” of the state’s F-16 mission.Ark., assumed command of General Wofford went The wing maintains a flyingthe Arkansas Air National on to talk about many of the mission today however, af-Guard in a ceremony here challenges faced by the Ar- ter winning the fight to gaintoday. Balch replaces Brig. kansas Air National Guard its new mission aircraft, theGen. Riley Porter, who com- during Porter’s tenure. Dur- A-10 Thunderbolt II.manded the state’s 2,000 ing Porter’s time in com- While Porter moves on toAirmen over the past five mand, the men and women take on his new role as com-years. of the Arkansas Air Guard mander of the state’s Air Co- “This is a great day for the participated in multiple de- ordination Group, WoffordArkansas Guard,” said Maj. ployments in support of Op- expressed his confidence inGen. William D. Wofford, erations Iraqi and Enduring Balch as the incoming com-the adjutant general of the Freedom. They supported mander of the Arkansas AirArkansas National Guard the communities of Arkan- National Guard.and senior commander over sas with state emergency “You bring to the com-both the state’s Army and response in the face of win- mand an outstanding record Photo by Staff Sgt. Julian Johnson, 189th Airlift Wing public affairsAir National Guard forces. ter weather, tornados and of accomplishments and I’m “It’s a sad day for Gener- flooding. They also mobi- ACCEPTING COMMAND. Brig. Gen. Travis D. “Dwight” Balch (center), accepted the confident that you will lead Colors of the Arkansas Air National Guard from Maj. Gen. William D. Wofford, the adjutantal Porter,” Wofford added as lized intelligence personnel the Arkansas Air National general of the Arkansas National Guard and senior commander of both the state’s Armyhe addressed over 300 in at- in response to hurricanes in Guard to even greater suc- and Air forces.tendance at the ceremony. the Gulf, the earthquake in cesses,” said Wofford. “I’m“Anytime an officer gives Haiti, and the oil spill in the “The Arkansas Air Na- forward quickly and profes- been called on,” said Wof-up a command you certain- Gulf among other things. tional Guard has stepped sionally every time they’ve ford. “They serve their com- See NEW, page 5Camp Robinson welcomes Smothers as new post commander ROBINSON MANUEVER nent troops who pass through theTRAINING CENTER, Ark. – New- 32,000 acre post annually for train-ly promoted Col. Robert Smothers ing.assumed command of one of the “But it goes much deeper andNational Guard’s premier training much broader than that,” said Brig.sites here on Sunday, March 5, 2011. Gen. Richard Swan, chief of staff Smothers, who was pinned as for the Arkansas National Guard’sa full colonel just moments before Joint Force Headquarters which isformally accepting command, re- located at Camp Robinson. “In to-places Col. Walter Jones as the new day’s new operational force of thepost commander for the Robinson Guard, Robinson Maneuver Train-Maneuver Training Center – bet- ing Center [Installation Supportter known as Camp Joseph T. Rob- Unit] has done more, and doesinson. Jones, who originally took more today, than just taking care ofcommand of the post in October an installation.2007, is retired from the Arkan- “They’ve been full partners andsas National Guard lMarch 25 after participants whenever we’ve pro-over 35 years of service. vided military support to civil au- Smother assumes this tradi- thorities for disasters and emer-tional command assignment, while gencies. And Robinson Maneuvercontinuing to work for the Arkan- Training Center has certainly notsas National Guard in his full time been untouched by mobilizationscapacity as the deputy chief of since the global war on terror be-staff for information management. gan.”With this command, Smothers’ Swan went on to thank Col.gains responsibility of the instal- Jones for a job well done in both his NEW COMMANDER. Freshly-pinned Col. Robert Smothers stands ready to accept command of the Ar-lation’s year round operations and command and his career, and fol- kansas National Guard’s Robinson Maneuver Training Center from Col. Walter Jones. Jones, who retired aftermaintenance. lowed by expressing his confidence 35 years of service, passed the installation colors to Brig. Gen. Richard Swan, the chief of staff for Joint Force While there are less than 140 in Col. Smothers as the new instal- Headquarters, who then passed the colors to Smothers.Soldiers assigned to his new com- lation commander. units as well as the citizens of the tions,” said Smothers. “To the unit, working with you to ensure we aremand, the unit supports over “It’s the highest privilege to serve great state of Arkansas during di- I’m deeply honored to serve as your ready, trained and resourced to ex-30,000 active and reserve compo- the needs of deploying troops and sasters and other domestic opera- commander and look forward to ecute our mission.”
  5. 5. April 2011 ARKANSASMINUTEMAN 5Guard mourns the passing of former adjutant generalMaj. Gen. (R) Charles H. Wilson of Governor Winthrop Rockefeller in November, Lieutenant Governor and Medal of Honor recipientserved under Gov. Rockefeller 1966, Colonel Wilson was Footsie Britt. ROBINSON MANEU- country south of Jackson- selected as his Adjutant General Wilson as-VER TRAINING CEN- ville and settled into rais- General for the Arkansas sumed duties as AdjutantTER, Ark. – The Ar- ing a family. National Guard. After be- General of the State of Ar-kansas National Guard General Wilson’s voca- ing notified of his selec- kansas National Guard inmourned the passing of a tion was automobile me- tion he rushed home to January 1967 and servedformer adjutant general, chanics. He started work dress for a press confer- during Governor Rocke-Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Charles as an automobile mechan- ence announcing his ap- feller’s two terms. He re-H. Wilson. General Wil- ic and worked his way to pointment. His wife had tired from the military asson died the evening of service manager at sever- previously packed all his a Major General and wasMarch 7, 2011 at the age al automobile dealerships military clothing and had awarded the Legion ofof 99. in the Little Rock Area to get his clothing out of Merit along with numer- General Wilson, who before retiring from Rus- storage. She only had ous awards and decora-served as adjutant gen- sell Chevrolet in 1976 as time to press the collar tions for his 43 years oferal from 1967 to 1970, their service manager. and cuffs of his shirt be- military service.passed away due to natu- General Wilson joined fore he had to appear at Survivors include hisral causes at his home in the Arkansas Nation- the State Capitol. son Col. (Ret.) CharlesArkadelphia, Ark. He was al Guard in 1937 as an Governor-elect Rock- “Hank” Wilson and wifethe son of Charles H. Wil- enlisted member of the efeller had asked the Of- Lela of Arkadelphia,son and Eva Perry Wil- 154th Observation Squad- ficers Association and and his daughter Rosa-son. He was preceded in ron. He remained in the the Non-Commissioned lyn Huddleston and hus-death by his parents; his 154th until 1940 when he Officers Association for band Billy of Arkadelphia.wife of 59 years, Eloise was discharged as a pri- a list of five officers to Other survivors includeSears Wilson; two sisters, vate. be considered as Adju- four grandchildren: SteveArlene Aldridge and Dor- He joined the U.S. tant General. Col. Wil- Huddleston and wife Jen- Maj. Gen. (R) Charles H. Wilsonothy Mc Donald; and two Army two weeks after son’s name was on both nifer of Arkadelphia, Car-brothers, Seth “Bill” Wil- Dec. 7, 1941.. As a re- 264th Medium Mainte- until the unit was dis- lists. After all were inter- rie Huddleston of Dallas,son and Burley Wilson. sult of his prior service, nance Company, which banded after the War. He viewed, they were asked Texas, Charley Wilson of General Wilson was he was commissioned as was primarily made up was discharged after the if they were not selected, Austin, Texas, and Christyborn November 7, 1911, in a first lieutenant in the of mechanics from Ar- war as a major. who they would recom- Teague and husband Bri-Turner, Kansas. His fam- Ordinance Corp. This is kansas, with fill-ins from Major Wilson then mend. All replied that an of Fayetteville, Ark.; aily moved to North Little very unusual, as most of- other states. The unit joined the Arkansas Army Col. Wilson would be sister-in-law Mrs. BurleyRock, Arkansas in 1915. ficers begin their career was deployed to Oki- National Guard and later their choice. The commit- Wilson, and numerousHe graduated from North as a second lieutenant and nawa where the 264th commanded the 739th tee was chaired by the late nieces and nephews.Little Rock High School are later promoted to first maintained weapons and Ordinance Battalion as ain 1930 and married hishigh school classmate El- lieutenant. After joining the Army equipment to support the fighting forces until the lieutenant colonel for 17 years. He had other as- Sherwood Moose Lodgeoise Sears, the daughter he and two other officers end of the war in August signments and retired 4000 E Kiehl • Sherwood • 835-1200 E. 835 1200of Tim Albert and Rosa toured automobile dealer- 1945, and returned home from the Arkansas Na-Lee Sears, in their home ships throughout Arkan- in early 1946. General tional Guard as a colonelon January 1, 1937. They sas. They recruited me- Wilson commanded the in 1966.soon built a home in the chanics and formed the 264th from its formation Upon the election New Arkansas Air Guard, Gen- are not that many com- mand and were respect-▼ eral Balch assumes respon- manders of the Arkansas ed leaders who laid a sol- sibility of its subordinate Air National Guard,” said id foundation for us today,”Continued from Page 4 units to include the 188th Balch, who formerly served said General Balch. “Myconfident that the Arkan- Fighter Wing at Fort Smith; as the commander of the pledge to you is that I willsas Air National Guard will The Marksmanship Train- 189th Airlift Wing from continue to build on thatrespond to your leadership. ing Unit – Air at the Rob- August 2003 to Novem- foundation. I’m going toI’m confident that you will inson Maneuver Training ber 2007, and most recent- lead with integrity. I’m go-continue to provide those Center; and the 189th Air- ly served as the Air Guard’s ing to take care of the Air-outstanding leadership ex- lift Wing, 123rd Intelli- chief of staff to General Por- men who serve.amples and the drive that gence Squadron, and 154th ter. “To be included in that “I’m blessed, I’m hon-is needed, as we continue Weather Flight at the Little group is a phenomenal ored, and I’m humbled toto face the challenges of the Rock Air Force Base. thing for me. have been chosen the com-21st century.” “If you look back in our “All of these men were mander of the Arkansas Air As commander of the history, you’ll see that there uniquely qualified to com- National Guard.” Advertisement
  6. 6. 6 ARKANSASMINUTEMAN April 2011Arkansas Army National Guard names toSpc. Baldwin, Staff Sgt. Shaw move on to regional competition Photos and story by gional competition in Kansas in May. The region- Sgt. 1st Class Chris A. Durney al winners compete at the National Guard Bureau level, with the NGB Soldier and NCO of the Year ROBINSON MANEUVER TRAINING CEN- competing for the active Army crown in October.TER, Ark. – Nine Arkansas Army National Guard This year’s Arkansas Army National GuardWarriors were put to the test over four days here in Soldier and NCO of the Year competition be-March during the 2011 Soldier and Noncommis- gan with an Army Physical Fitness Test early onsioned Officer of the Year competition. the morning of March 8, and wrapped up with Spc. Alec Baldwin of the 87th Troop Com- an appearance before a board of command ser-mand proved that Army journalists can be fierce geants major the morning of March 12. Alongwarriors in beating out three others for the Sol- the way, the warriors endured weapons quali-dier of the Year title. Staff Sgt. Brandon Shaw fication, essay writing, warrior task training, aof the National Guard Marksmanship Training mystery event, day and night land navigation, aCenter set his sights on the NCO of the Year title, tough 12-mile road march and a spirited Armybesting four other competitors. combatives tournament. Joining Baldwin in the Soldier of the Year cat- “I’m convinced that the Arkansas Nation-egory were Spc. Christopher Brunner of the 39th al Guard has some of the best Soldier and Air-Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Sgt. Travis Fun- men in the country, and these young men andderburg of the 77th Theater Aviation Brigade, women prove just that,” said Maj. Gen. Williamand Spc. Michael Hobbs of the 142nd Fires Bri- Wofford, the adjutant general of Arkansas dur-gade. Private 1st Class Vincel Jones of the Rob- ing the awards ceremony and luncheon Marchinson Maneuver Training Center was unable to 12 at RMTC.compete due to deployment. Each competitor was awarded an Army On the NCO side, Shaw was challenged by Achievement Medal along with gift certificatesSgt. Joshua Dickerson of the 87th TC, Staff Sgt. from the Arkansas National Guard MoraleMelissa Geving of the 77th TAB, Sgt. Ralph Tan- Welfare and Recreation fund. Baldwin andner of the 39th IBCT, and Staff Sgt. Timothy Ten- Shaw were each awarded the Arkansas Dis-nel, Jr., of the 142nd FB. tinguished Service Medal, and an additional The two Arkansas warriors move on to the re- MWR certificate. DYNAMIC DUO. Spc. Alec B aldwin (l eft), 1 19th M obile Pu blic Af fairs D etachment, 87th Troop Command was named the 2011 Arkansas Army National Guard Soldier of the Year. Staff Sgt. Brandon Shaw, National Guard Marksmanship Training Center, was named the 2011 Arkansas Army National Guard NCO of the Year. (ABOVE) A RUNNING START. Soldier and NCO of the Year competitors begin a two-mile run. (LEFT) FRAG OUT. Sgt. Joshua Dickerson of the 87th Troop Command aims a grenade at a ta Year competition.
  7. 7. April 2011 ARKANSASMINUTEMAN 7op Soldier, NCO BALDWIN HONORE D. Soldier of the Y ear Sp c. Alec Baldwin, an Arkansas Army National Guard pho- tojournalist with the 119th MPAD, receives an Arkan- sas D istinguished S ervice Medal from Maj. Gen. Wil- liam Wofford, the adjutant general of Arkansas. SHAW HONORED. NCO of the Year Staff Sgt. Bran- PLOTTING A COURSE. Each Soldier and NCO underwent a day and night land navigation challenge in don S haw o f t he National the backwoods of Robinson Maneuver Training Center. Guard Marksmanshi p T rain- ing Center receives the Ar- Arkansas National Guard kansas D istinguished S er- vice M edal fr om Maj. G en. William Wofford. Airmen of the Year Honored ROBINSON MANEUVER TRAINING CENTER – The 2011 Arkansas Air National Guard Airmen of the Year were announced during a Soldier and Airmen of the Year luncheon and awards ceremony here March 12. Senior Airman Twila Ocapio was named Airman of the Year. Tech. Sgt. Jeremiah Brewer was named the NCO of the Year. Master Sgt. Bradley Orr was named the Senior NCO of the Year. Master Sgt. Greg Qualls was named the 1st Sergeant of the Year. Master Sgt. Jillian Churchill was named the Air Guard Honor Guardsman of the Year.arget during the warrior task training section of the Soldier and NCO of the
  8. 8. 8 ARKANSASMINUTEMAN April 2011Soldiers run Little Rock Marathon in Kosovo Story and photos by Sgt. Jerry Boffen boards around Arkansas,” 130th Public Affairs Detachment May said. “There wasn’t a CAMP BONDSTEEL, al Guard’s 77th Theater marathon scheduled [onKosovo – Since 2003 the Aviation Brigade served Camp Bondsteel] whilecity of Little Rock, Ark., as the command element we were here and I want-has hosted the annual for Task Force Griffin in ed to do the half-mara-Little Rock Marathon, a Kosovo. thon portion of the racerun that takes competi- According to Renee Fa- in Arkansas when we gottors through scenic down- vors, MWR program spe- home from this deploy-town Little Rock, passing cialist at Camp Bondsteel, ment. When I realizedsuch landmarks as the Ar- a shadow run typically that we wouldn’t be homekansas State Capitol, the starts at the same time in time, I started thinkingLittle Rock River Market as the official marathon, it’d be a good idea to do aDistrict, the Clinton Pres- even though it’s in a dif- shadow run here.”idential Center and the ferent location. The Little May said that he andGovernor’s Mansion. Rock Marathon shadow 1st Lt. William Northern This year, several Ar- run was started five hours of Birmingham, Ala., de-kansans, stationed in ahead of the official start U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Jerry Boffen, 130th Public Affairs Detachment cided to bring the ideaKosovo with Multina- to allow the Kosovo run- (FROM LEFT) 1ST Lt. William Northern, Sgt. Dan Akers, Spc. John Vorrath, Capt. Pat to Favors, who workedtional Battle Group East ners enough time to finish May o f t he A rkansas A rmy N ational G uard, S taff S gt. J oktan N oble, a nd Ca pt. C harles on the marathon logis-as part of the NATO-led the race during daylight Wesley, who are all deployed to Kosovo as part of a NATO-led peacekeeping mission, pose tics such as planning thepeacekeeping mission hours. together before competing in the Little Rock Marathon Shadow Run at Camp Bondsteel, route, providing waterhere, ran the race thou- Of the 37 runners that Kosovo, March 6. points and a timer, etc.sands of miles and several competed in the Little same rewards as those Arkansas Army Nation- joked. They also contacted Ge-time zones away, amidst Rock Marathon shadow who ran in Arkansas, in- al Guard. “Some people May played a large role neva Hampton, the Littlea mountainous Balkan run at Camp Bondsteel, cluding the official 2011 dont run the marathon in having the Camp Bond- Rock Marathon Executivebackdrop, as the Camp seven were officially reg- Little Rock Marathon because the medal is so steel MWR host the run. Director, about havingBondsteel Morale, Wel- istered as contestants medal and a certificate of big, theyre afraid theyll “I knew about the run See MARATHON, page 10fare and Recreation held in the actual Little Rock completion. get back problems,” he from seeing signs and bill-the Little Rock Marathon Marathon in Arkansas. “We really wanted toShadow Run, March 6. The seven who offi- do the race officially so we Approximately 60 Sol- cially registered with the could get the medal,” saiddiers with two units of the race organization in Lit- Capt. Pat May of Ward,Arkansas Army Nation- tle Rock qualified for the Ark., and a member of the Advertisement Advertisement
  9. 9. April 2011 ARKANSASMINUTEMAN 9Theater aviation brigade prepares for combat missionBy Sgt. Deanna M. Shelton staff, ensuring they can leaders and having a tac- important things a unit expected them to be at this “We will definitely get777th TAB Public Affairs provide proper command tical standard operational can do.” point.” them where they need to and control of aviation op- procedure that everyone “The 77th TAB is par- “The mission given to the be before they leave to go DALESVILLE, Ala. erations in a deployed en- knows and understands tially trained right now,” 77th Theater Aviation Bri-– Members of the 77th into country,” Madkins vironment. It also brought is the best starting point Col. Lawrence Madkins, gade is a mission for a com-Theater Aviation Bri- together two of the battal- in preparation for this commander of the 166th bat aviation brigade … this confidently stated.gade, from Camp Robin- ions that will fall under training,” Lashbrook said. Aviation Brigade from Fort staff had never faced many The 77th TAB is slatedson, Ark. came together 77th TAB command while “Having all of your staff Hood, Texas, explained of the tasks needed for this to travel to Fort Hood toto make self-assessments in theater, so as to develop working together with one during the after action re- mission before the training continue training through-during an Aviation Train- synchronized operations accord is one of the most view, “but that is where we began, Madkins said. out Exercise, at Fort Ruck- throughout all staff sec-er, Ala., Mar. 9, 2011. tions. All members of the “The Aviation Train-brigade, including four ing Exercise Facility heresupport battalions, par- at Fort Rucker is the bestticipated in simulated avi- training facility in theation missions in prepa- world, for an aviation bat-ration for a deployment to tle staff,” explained Lt.Iraq. Among the support Col. Rob Lashbrook, 77thbattalions were the 1st Offering Families Award Winning Services TAB operations officer inBattalion, 151st Attack Re- charge.connaissance Regiment, Lashbrook stated thatCompany B of the 1st Bat- the type of technology,talion, 111th General Sup- network connectivity, avi-port Aviation Regiment, ation cockpit training, as1204th Aviation Support well as the support fromBattalion, and 1st Battal- subordinate units and sub-ion, 108th Assault Heli- ject matter experts, couldcopter Regiment. only come together here at According to Fort Ruck- the Battle Simulation Cen-er evaluators, the train- ter at Fort validated the brigade “Identifying your key SERVICES Largest Arkansas Behavioral Health Facility Specializing in Ages 5-17 Acute and Residential Inpatient Services for ages 5-17 – Pinnacle Pointe Hospital in Little Rock Outpatient services for all ages School-based services in Conway, Mtn. View, Stuttgart, North Little Rock, Lakeside Hot Springs & Clinton Day Treatment Services – Little Rock Photo by Sgt. Deanna M. Shelton, 77th Theater Aviation Brigade Public Affairs Only Tricare-certified residential program in Arkansas(ABOVE) L EARNING serving children of active duty and retired military personnel.THE ROPES. Soldiers fromthe 7 7th T heater A viationBrigade p ersonnel an d a d- AWARDSministration section pre -pare re ports needed f or a 2007 Residential Facility of the Yearsimulated e xercise during Therapeutic Recreation Facility of the Yeartheir Aviation Training Exer-cise March 9. Silver Sponsor of the Children’s Protection(RIGHT) 1 ST ARMY Center, a Children’s Advocacy CenterBRIEF. C olonel L awrenceMadkins, f rom t he 1 66thAviation Brigade Fort Hood, 11501 Financial Centre Parkway • Little Rock, AR 72211Texas, g ives co nstructivecriticism to the members ofthe 7 7th Theat er A viation (501) 223-3322 • Toll Free 800-880-3322Brigade during a unit wide Web: www.pinnaclepointehospital.comafter action re view on the Photo by Sgt. Deanna M. Shelton, 77thMarch 9. Theater Aviation Brigade Public Affairs Advertisement
  10. 10. 10 ARKANSASMINUTEMAN April 2011 39th Brigade readies for mobilization with systems integration training Ensuring a common operating picture through a ‘system of systems’ CHAFFEE MANUEVER tical.” the network,” said Pierce. “I think TRAINING CENTER, Ark. – The WIN-T is the newly fielded com- everybody’s really pleased with 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team munications system which provides what’s happened here this week.” participated in an exercise here 14- secure video, data, imagery, and The exercise included the de- 25 March in order to ensure the full voice services for the battlefield. It ployment of the brigade’s massive collaboration of its various com- is the latest addition to the 39th’s Deployable Rapid Assembly Shel- munications, central power, battle digital inventory which began to ter (DRASH), which is a quick erect command, and command post sys- grow when the brigade mobilized shelter system complete with its own tems. for Iraq in 2004. At that time the lighting, heating, cooling and power. The Battle Command Systems of 39th fielded the latest collaborative With the setup and integration of all Systems Integration Training (BC- software system called the Com- systems, the brigade was then able SoSIT) event gave the 39th the op- mand Post of the Future (CPOF) to validate their ability through var- portunity to validate their abil- which gave brigade-level command ious simulated battlefield scenarios. Photo by Spc. Prentis Grayson, 39th IBCT. ity to operate with its multiple and staff the ability to monitor the The brigade walked away success-STEEL ON TARGET. Soldiers of the 1st Battalion, 206th applications in a unified effort down battlefield more closely. ful, but far from through with thisField Artillery got the chance to fire their new M119A2 towed through the battalion level. “We had one CPOF when we were kind of technological training.howitzers as a unit for the first time March 18. The 39th In- “This is the first time we’ve in- in theater in 2004, 2005 – one at “By the time we’re through withfantry Brigade Combat Team battalion retired their Vietnam- tegrated all the command archi- brigade,” said Pierce, who serves as [the National Training Center],era M102 towed howitzers in June 2010. tecture,” said Capt. Marcus Pierce, the chief signal officer for the 39th I think we will be [well-trained]Battalion fires referring to the various software Brigade. “Now we have, I think across the board,” said Col. Kirk systems throughout the brigade there are 17 in brigade alone. Van Pelt, commander of the 39th from intelligence, artillery, com- “The brigade commander can vi- Brigade. “After that, we’re goingnew 105 mm mand and control. “It’s the first sualize the battlefield, and each one to have to bring this stuff up every time we’ve implemented all those of the battalion commanders can vi- drill. You’re going to have to. You’ve systems though the WIN-T, Warf- sualize the battlefield, and they can got to touch it. All these skills areweapons system ighter Information Network – Tac- all share information throughout perishable.” CHAFFEE MANUEVER TRAINING CENTER, Ark. – MarathonSoldiers with the 1st Battalion, 206th Field Artillery exercised ▼their ability to put “steel on target” here March 18, 2011, as theyfired their first rounds from the unit’s new towed howitzers. The unit, part of the Arkansas National Guard’s 39th Infan- Continued from Page 8try Brigade Combat Team, turned in their Vietnam-era M102 contestants register with the actualhowitzers last year and fielded the new M119A2. While both marathon in Arkansas.weapons systems launch 105 millimeter artillery rounds, the “Geneva was able to get the regis-new system can connect with targets at much greater distances tration fee for us reduced, and gaveon the battlefield. us a code to use when we registered “The capability of the M119 provides us with a greater range,” that identified us as participants insaid battalion commander Lt. Col. Mike Spraggins, comparing a shadow run, but still allowed ourthe M119 to the older system’s range of 11.5 kilometers. “With times to be included in the officialour rocket assisted projectile, ‘RAP’ round as we refer to it, it will results,” May get up to 19 and a half kilometers. So that provides a lot They’ll also get the coveted Lit-more lethal fires deeper into the fight to support the 39th In- tle Rock Marathon finisher’s med-fantry Brigade.” al, though they’ll have to wait until The battalion, which is currently preparing for deployment they return stateside to receive it.with the 39th in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, For both May and Northern, thefielded 15 of the new howitzers and have been working on new run was a milestone. May ran theequipment training and certifications ever since. half-marathon, which was the lon- The unit fired the final rounds from their M102’s on June 19, gest distance he’d ever run, finishing2010, as Spraggins took command of the 1st Battalion from out- in 1 hour, 50 minutes, 30 seconds.going commander, Lt. Col. Damon Cluck. Northern, a member of the Army “I can’t brag enough,” said Spraggins. “Everywhere, down Reserve, completed his first everto the lowest ranking Soldier that I have in the battalion, we’ve marathon, with a time of 3 hours, 29got a great attitude. We’ve got a great team. And I expect that minutes, 45 seconds. This earned U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Jerry Boffen, 130th Public Affairs Detachmentthere’s going to be lots of good things coming out of the 1st and him fourth place in the overall mar- athon portion of the shadow run, SOLDIERS FROM MULTINATIONAL Battle Group East take off running to start206th. the Little Rock Marathon Shadow Run at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo, March 6. The run, The 206th is headquartered in Russellville, with subordi- first among the seven competitors which included approximately 40 competitors from Poland, Ukraine and the U.S., wasnate units in Morrilton, Perryville, Dardanelle, Paris and North who registered with the Little Rock held in conjunction with the 9th Annual Little Rock Marathon, held in downtown LittleLittle Rock. Marathon. Rock.
  11. 11. April 2011 ARKANSASMINUTEMAN 11PROMOTIONS E2 Loomis, Kathryn A. Loughridge, Andrew S. E3 Green, Montana A. Grimsley, Joshua E. Canser, Jasmine A. Green, Curtis J., Jr. 39TH IBCT Akens, William R., Jr. 87TH TC Canerday, Heather N.142ND FA Loy, Micah D. 142ND FA Hayes, Justin T. Mauldin, Ezekiel D. Anderson, Cody M. Dreyer, Timothy J.Findley, Richard A. Marlow, Dwayne A. Alley, Thomas E., Jr. Hundhausen, Michael J. Prewitt, Spencer K. Boyd, Tommy L. Farley, Lauren B.Franklin, Christopher Martin, Michael R. Arconati, Charles J. IV Ingram, Jesse W. Brown, Eric K. Henderson, Gier A. Bowen, Bobby O. 87TH TCS. McAdoo, Deshona L. James, Jonathon E. Charlton, William Z. Cecil, Graig M. Hildebrand, Blake W.Hisek, Greggory E. Pate, Alisa D. Brown, Victoria L. Jones, Christopher C. Childers, Nathaniel A. Hunt, Jared W. Dobson, Philip E. Humble, Darren C.Jones, Koury G. Pruitt, Anthony D. Jones, Jay J. Kerley, Jared P. Cross, Steven L. Mann, Alec W.Kahana, Andrew K. Roberts, Gavin E. Hittner, Michael B. Lankford, Michael D. Fulmer, Robert E. Shea, Martin G., Jr. McCallister, Jonathan Pillow, Jonathan G.T.Marroquin, Denys E. Rubier, Dante U. MacDonald, Jacob W. Rodriquez, Miguel A. Hardenford, Charles A. Shipman, Pharis M.Stokes, Kyle B. Sandoval, Rick D. W. McCoy, Daniel N. Helms, Zachary T. Smothers, Joshua L. McKibben, Kendell W. Schraml, Timothy M.Wigley, Joseph A. Stacker, Christopher D. McDaniel, Mason E. Taggart, Jeremy C. Hennagan, Joshua D. Snyder, Thomas K.Wilson, Tippin S. Steelman, Jesse M. Murphy, Steven D. McLaughlin, John W. Johnson, Nicholas F. Stell, Christopher J. Quinn, Jonathan L. III CMTC Landsperger, Hugh CMTC39TH IBCT Sullivan, Dannie L. Ramasanto, Nicho- Mercer, Calon C. Drewry, Michael E. E., Jr. Carter, Emily M.Allison, Justin A. Sykes, Terrance D. las A. Merritt, Terry D., Jr. Ferguson, Derek A. Magers, Royce L. JFHQAmos, Marquel D. Thibodeaux, Dakota L. Talley, Thomas A. Parks, Angelo D. Wilson, Matthew R. McCulough, Wesley L. Burns, Jerod S.Bednarski, Thomas Toudouze, Robert M.J., Jr. White, Tyler O. Wilcox, Joshua D. Wells, Carl D. Pigg, Christopher L. Priddy, Mackenzie A. E4 Nesbitt, Wesley M. Peterson, Gregory L. Priddy, Jonathan W.Bower, Aaron N. Wesson, Ryan J. RMTC 77TH TAB Rankin, Johnathan A. 142ND FA Pierce, Christopher R.Boyd, Christopher L. Whorton, James K. Raper, Partrick L. Hadley, Shameka S. Haley, Sherin M. Austin, Joshua G. Ready, Dakota W.Boyette, Scott A. Williams, Travis P. Rickett, Jody A. Krause, Daniel R. Molden, Cameron T. Bogle, Brett s. Smith, Nicholas T.Bradley, William E.Campbell, Robert D. Thomas, Darrell K., Jr. 39TH IBCT Anderson, Jordan D. Roland, George E. Satterfield, Timothy L. Dean, Michael J. Hobbs, Michael D. II Smith, Tommy L. Turner, Michael H., Jr. E5Cooper, Tracy S., Jr. 87TH TC Seaton, Matthew J.Coppock, Dustin T. Brothertonhauser, Holmes, Justin M. Washington, Vergile Q. 142ND FA Cornman, Jeremy L. Randy A. Smith, Paul A., Jr. Howard, Tyler D. Wilkerson, Daniel W. Campbell, Sean M.Cotroneo, Ryan M. Liddell, Laquation J. Waddell, Andrew T. Brown, Shieisha M. Lish, Michael L. 77TH TAB Pace, Eli HowellElmgren, Sean E. Walker, Justin CMTC Combs, Cody D. Mayse, Bradley J.Foshee, Jeremy N. Wallen, Robert A., Jr. Clark, Bobby L. 39TH IBCT Dunigan, Tyler W. Conde, Robert A. Najera, Oscar, Jr. Harris, Dolores R.Gibson, Riley K. Wertz, William W. Coleman, John F., Jr. Huskey, Thomas W. Dailey, Jerimiah J. Nash, Phillippe I. Horton, Paul R., Jr.Graves, Casey S. Wilson, Shaniqua D. Hanning, Tony M. Thomas, Garrett L. Davis, Samantha L. Posey, Zachary E. Moore, Patrick M.Guerber, Thomas A. Jones, Henry A. Whitmer, Wesley D. Edwards, Jerry W.J. 77TH TAB Reed, Tyler G. Musteen, ChristopherHutson, Connan H. Nelson, Nicholas R. Faris, Daniel S. Bart, Michael R. Scleiff, Eric A. A.Jackson, Brittany N. RMTC Zackious, Gomez E. Staples, Mark J.King, Nathaniel J. Faucette, Eric B., Jr. Braswell, Christopher Oliver, Ashley D. Post, Timothy G. Gray, Ethan K. See Promotions, page 12 Stay Connected AFCU iPhone App Wherever Life Takes You Even if you’re thousands of miles from the nearest branch, you’ve got the power Check Account of Arkansas Federal right at your fingertips! Balances Download Arkansas Federal’s iPhone App Transfer Money or go to Pay Bills to stay connected to your credit union! And more! Connect with AFCU Advertisement
  12. 12. 12 ARKANSASMINUTEMAN April 2011 Promotions▼Continued from Page 1177TH TABSanders, David S.87TH TCBranch, Angela D.Chaloner, Betty K.Jones, Dwight J.Veasey, Brittany R.MEDCOMJohnson, Jovonna K.RRCRagan, Jackie G. E6142ND FABlakley, Jeremiah J.Bowen, Brandon D.39TH IBCTErisman, Shandy K.Lakin, Joshua F.Webb, William W.77TH TABHawkins, Erin B.NGMTCFarrar, Justin C.Sykes, Hunter C.RRCLawson, Leland C. E7189TH AWTravis, Jassen C.Hammons, Shannon A.Ware, Eric S.Wesley, Tamira D.87TH TCBanks, Valerie S.Wilson, Daniel E.NGMTCMarchland, Micah M. E8142ND FAWilliams, William J.189TH AWMcElyea, Melvin E.Siever, Victor J. E9188TH FWFredrick, Donald E. O339TH IBCTHogue, Jason P. O4233RD RTITerry, Edward E. O577TH TABZega, Steven S. Advertisement