U3A Explained - Nottinghamshire


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How Mansfield U3A fits into the national U3A structure.

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U3A Explained - Nottinghamshire

  1. 1. U3A explained Nottinghamshire U3A beginnings France Founded in 1972 at Toulouse as l’Université du Troisième Age (UTA) Each UTA was attached to a university U3A in the UK In February 1981, Peter Laslett, a Cambridge academic, hosted a conference to discuss the possibility of bringing U3A to Britain Eric Midwinter had told him, “Forget children and youth, old age is the coming subject” UK 1981 People were living longer than ever before People were living healthier lives People had higher expectations 1981 was the year when the Attlee settlement was threatened In January, the Forum on the Rights of Elderly People (FREE) was held Why University? A straight translation of the French title where the university link was important University is used in its original sense of people coming together to learn not in its academic sense Approach to learning The French model of guidance was not followed in the UK Learning for pleasure No accreditation or validation No assessments or qualifications to be gained Why the Third Age?Laslett divided life into three ages of learning: First : school, college, university Second : work where skills are learned Third : when people learn whatever they want U3As must: Be self governing and autonomous Be open to all Third Agers Have an educational purpose in the broadest sense Be democratically run within a national framework U3A structure in the UK Third Age Trust and the National Executive Regional organisations County Networks Neighbourhood Groups Individual autonomous U3As Page 1
  2. 2. U3A explained Nottinghamshire Your U3A Is one of the autonomous U3As in the: o Nottinghamshire County Network o East Midlands Region Neighbourhood GroupsThere is currently only one Neighbourhood Group in North Nottinghamshire but smaller clusters ofU3As are currently being formed in the south of the county. These are informal groupings which allowU3As near to each other to keep in touch and share ideas. County Networks Each County in a Region forms a County Network Our network is known as The U3A Nottinghamshire County Network Each Network has a Chairman, Secretary, County Contact and Treasurer as well as a Regional Representative A Constitution gives guidance on the structure and activities of each network Role of the County Networks To help further the principles, aims and activities of U3A in the UK To carry out Roles and Functions agreed by the Association of East Midlands U3A for County Networks, in particular: To provide a discussion forum for U3As in the Network To help develop new U3As in the County To enable U3As to initiate cooperative ventures. To support the Regional Trustee Regional organisation The UK is divided into government regions which form U3A’s regional organisations We are part of the East Midlands Region which comprises: o Derbyshire o Leicestershire and Rutland o Lincolnshire o Northamptonshire o Nottinghamshire What is the Third Age Trust? The national representative body for more than 800 U3As in the UK A registered company and a registered charity The members of the Board of Directors, the National Executive Committee (NEC), are also its trustees They administer the Trust in accordance with its Articles and Memorandum of Association NEC and Trust Administration NEC manages the business of the Trust for the benefits of the membership It meets as a full committee for 2 days every 2 months There are 3 main sub-committees: o Standing Committee for Education o Development Sub-Committee o Finance & Government Committee How the Trust is financedAll day-to-day expenditure is met from: the per capita membership subscription merchandise sales advertising revenue a Friends of U3A scheme Page 2