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Introducing the Ministry of International Churches Ministry, Inc.

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ICM, Inc

  1. 1. International Churches Ministry, Inc Where, Who, What, Why, How, and When
  2. 2. Where are International Churches?  Inevery major city in the world are international churches worshipping Christ
  3. 3. International Pastor Hong Kong Buenos Aires Men’s Group Cote D’ Azur, France Tokyo
  4. 4. Who attends international churches?  Peoplefrom all over the world are found in international churches
  5. 5. Europeans Asians But once you come inside the churches you find people from all over the Africans world in each church. In just one church you can find… Military Families
  6. 6. What happens in international churches?  People are saved and discipled in the Christian faith
  7. 7. Opportunities for Evangelism: New believers from Iran who came to faith through an international church in Germany Reaching and Disciplining Americans Abroad. Many people spend much of their careers overseas for various reasons.
  8. 8. Students and Young Professionals are reached Children and Families are touched
  9. 9. What do international churches do?  They do everything churches back home do.
  10. 10. Worship Training Small Groups Ordinances Fellowship
  11. 11. Who is helping international churches?  Short answer: Not enough people are helping the international churches
  12. 12. Interlaken, Switzerland Annual Summer Assembly International Baptist Convention One bright spot of training and encouragement for international churches is sponsored every summer by the International Baptist Convention, but just a few can attend each year.
  13. 13. Who do international churches reach?  Anyone they can!  Often people from resistant cultures who are living away from their home nation.
  14. 14. Who else do international churches reach?  Peoplefrom America – military, business people, students, musicians – who are living abroad
  15. 15. Is there anybody else?  Yes!  People from nations all over the world who speak English  People from host nations who speak English  Missionary families that need a church home overseas
  16. 16. International Christian Fellowship Beijing, China International Baptist Church Brussels, Belgium
  17. 17. What ICM Stands for  International Churches Ministry  A US Charity, 501(c)(3)  Multi-cultural Churches and Ministries  Military Community Ministry  Encouragement to Cross-cultural Ministers and Missionaries
  18. 18. Why: The Needs ICM Addresses  Worldwide international migration  Globalization feeds this irreversible trend  Most mission agencies during this time have tended to focus on un- reached people groups and left a void in the field
  19. 19. The Needs and Solutions Strengthened Forgotten Churches Churches Connect with Isolated Pastors Pastors Untrained Laity Equip Laity Struggling Train and Network Congregations
  20. 20. Breaking It Down: What 5 Things We Will Do  Connect and Encourage – make personal contacts with pastors and churches  Train and Empower – Train and coordinate training programs  Network and Support – Bring others into the picture to help these churches  Prepare materials and Publish – Write some specific materials for these churches  Preach, Teach, Evangelize, Counsel
  21. 21. Our Basic Strategy Ne twork P re pa re & & S upport P ublis h Tra in P rocla im & & Empowe r Couns e l Conne ct & Encoura ge
  22. 22. What is new about this?  Caring for pastors international churches and their families  Being a pastor to pastors
  23. 23. What else is new?  Relatingto international churches as unique and special ministries and fellowships
  24. 24. Anything else?  Preparing materials and studies that deal with issues relevant for international churches
  25. 25. What It Will Take to Be Successful  Experienced, qualified servants who understand and are committed to the international church  Resources that assist multicultural churches and ministries  Networking with churches and pastors  A team of supporters around the world  Prayer support and encouragement  Volunteer involvement  Financial support
  26. 26. What Funds We Need  Living expenses: salary, rent, insurance, etc  Travel expenses: to be able to visit churches  Publication expenses: to be able to publish needed materials  Equipment and services
  27. 27. When: Begun NOW Women’s Ministry Timeline for Activity Now: Training, Prayer, Counseling 2009 GrowthPoints.org Later: 2010 Material Preparation Later: 2012 Full Time More Visits The more time we have to give to this ministry, the wider our influence and the more help we will be to churches.
  28. 28. Who: Tools We (David and Lana) Bring to the Table  Experience – 22 years of overseas ministry, 14 + years of working in international churches on three continents  Contacts across America and around the world  Practical Problem-solving Approach  Conflict Resolution Training  Listening ears  Lana’s experience of leading and building a successful Women’s Ministry in Singapore  David, experience of pastoring multi-national churches and a trained Birkman consultant  Both published authors
  29. 29. For more information  Contact David Packer, email address: dlplife@gmail.com  Contact Lana Packer, email address: lanapacker@gmail.com