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Wbweb Powerpoint

  1. 1. World Book Web
  2. 2. World Book Ranked #1“The Complete K-12 Report”World Book Leader in 6 key categories for 3 consecutive years: 2006-2008 #11. Most appropriate content2. Easiest to learn and use3. Fewest technical problems4. Best reference product to serve and research and reference needs of students5. Best reputation for serving school markets6. Online encyclopedia that schools are willing to pay for
  3. 3. World Book Web• World Book Kids • Hispánica Saber – Grades K-5 Gran Enciclopedia Hispánica• World Book Student • L Encyclopédie Découverte – Grades 4-9• World Discover – Grades 6-12• World Book Advanced – Grades 8-12 & College
  4. 4. World Book Advanced Introducing World Book Advanced
  5. 5. World Book Advanced Introducing World Book AdvancedA powerful reference tool that includes encyclopedic,multimedia, e-book, and primary source databases,fully integrated in a single search.
  6. 6. World Book Advanced• Comprehensive encyclopedia• Vast collection of primary source documents• Thousands of complete e-books• Timeline & citation builder• Current magazine selections• Individual research accounts• Classroom activities, lesson plans, & discussion guides
  7. 7. Research tools include dictionary, atlas, localand country research guides, and more.
  8. 8. Create and save personal content includingresearch notes, citations, and timelines.
  9. 9. Most-viewed articles and primary sourcesare displayed for your individual account-updated constantly.
  10. 10. Search all encyclopedic, multimedia, periodical,e-book, and primary source databases in asingle search.
  11. 11. Integrated searchWith a single searchyou can access:• Encyclopedia articles,primary sourcedocuments, & e-books• Extensive multimedia• Thousands of editor-selected Web sites• Current magazine selections• Atlas and dictionary
  12. 12. Articles include collapsible outlines that allow usersto easily access content and media.
  13. 13. Related information directs users to additionalresources, including related primary sources.
  14. 14. The ContentStandards boxshows correlationsto the user’s stateor provincialcurriculumstandards.
  15. 15. Primary sourcesat your fingertipsStudents can findthousands oforiginal,eyewitness, andhistorical sourcedocuments as wellas important worksof literature.
  16. 16. Students are able to view images of theoriginal documents.
  17. 17. World Book Advanced offers morethan 5,000 full-length e-books.
  18. 18. The Timeline Builder allows student to use contentfrom World Book to create illustrated timelines.
  19. 19. Search for events to add to a timelineAdd events to timeline
  20. 20. Students can save timelines to their individualresearch accounts.
  21. 21. The Citation Builder allows students to generatecitations in MLA and APA style.
  22. 22. My Researchoffers individualaccounts thatallow studentsto saveresearch.
  23. 23. World Book Discover
  24. 24. World Book DiscoverFor Differentiated InstructionWorld Book Discover offers engaging referenceresources for students reading below grade levelbecause of language or learning difficulties.
  25. 25. World Book Discover• Easy-to-read articles on topicsof interest to middle and highschool students• Text-to-speech feature• Timeline and citation builders• Individual research accounts• Life skills section• Visual dictionary• Hundreds of videos
  26. 26. World Book DiscoverEasy-to-read articles on topics of interest thatinclude reading comprehension questions.
  27. 27. World Book DiscoverA translation tool generates World Bookcontent in 14 languages.
  28. 28. World Book DiscoverA multilingual visual dictionary helps visual learnersgrasp complex topics in English, Spanish, and French.
  29. 29. World Book DiscoverText-to-speech feature allows students to highlight textand hear it read aloud.
  30. 30. World Book DiscoverWorld Book Explainsvideo series featuresWorld Book editorsand expert partners answering students’ questions onvarious topics.
  31. 31. World Book DiscoverA section on life skills helps students negotiatefinancial, health, and housing issues.
  32. 32. World Book Student
  33. 33. World Book StudentThis comprehensive site includes all the articles fromthe 22-volume print set, plus thousands more.
  34. 34. World Book Student• Tens of thousands of encyclopediaarticles written by World Book’srenowned contributors and editors• More than 20,000 photos, maps,videos, and sounds• A collection of research tools that includes atimeline builder, individual research accounts,and a research wizard.• Biography center that offers easy access toinformation on important people.
  35. 35. World Book StudentWorld Book Studentoffers an unclutteredinterface and anintegrated search thatallows students easyaccess to researchcontent and multimedia.
  36. 36. World Book StudentHigh-interest, easy-to-read content captivatesand inspires students.
  37. 37. World Book StudentContent is correlated to state and provincialcurriculum standards.
  38. 38. World Book StudentWorld Book Student offers a comprehensive atlasand dictionary.
  39. 39. World Book Kids
  40. 40. World Book KidsWorld Book Kids is designed to give youngerstudents a rewarding online learning experience.
  41. 41. World Book Kids• Thousands of easy-to-read articles• Engaging images and illustrations• Interactive games and activities• Correlations to state and provincial curriculumstandards• Teacher resources
  42. 42. World Book Kids This classroom tested site offers simple navigation, easy- to-read articles, and thousands of illustrations.
  43. 43. World Book KidsA wealth of enjoyable activitiesdeveloped exclusively forWorld Book Kids, this programengages using differentlearning styles.
  44. 44. Play it! activitiesPlay it! Lets studentsbrowse the site in aninteractive manner
  45. 45. World Book Kids Teacher resources are attached to each learning activity. They include: • correlations to national and provincial standards • printable worksheets
  46. 46. Hispánica SaberGran Enciclopedia Hispánica
  47. 47. Hispánica Saber Gran Enciclopedia HispánicaThis comprehensiveSpanish-language encyclopedia isdesigned for native Spanishspeakers, bilingual students,and ESL/ELL programparticipants.
  48. 48. Hispánica Saber Gran Enciclopedia Hispánica• More than 100,000 articles• More than 8,500 images and maps• Nearly 1,000 videos, animations,sounds, and interactive media• Interactive world atlas• Comprehensive dictionary• Thousands of links to editor-reviewed Web sites
  49. 49. Hispánica Saber Gran Enciclopedia HispánicaContent is updated monthly to ensure accuracyand currency.
  50. 50. Hispánica Saber Gran Enciclopedia HispánicaThousands of informational and engaging imagesbring language to life.
  51. 51. Hispánica Saber Gran Enciclopedia HispánicaA timeline feature helps students develop ahistorical perspective through interactive research.
  52. 52. Hispánica Saber Gran Enciclopedia HispánicaThe site offers an extensivelibrary of educationalresources including:• Interactive atlas• Homework help section• Learning activities• Guides to the study ofrelevant contemporary topics
  53. 53. L Encyclopédie Découverte
  54. 54. L Encyclopédie DécouverteSpecifically designed foryounger users who are nativespeakers and readers ofFrench, as well as olderstudents and adults who arelearning French and forwhom French is a secondlanguage.
  55. 55. L Encyclopédie DécouverteThe site offers twointerfaces: one designedfor younger students (topimage) and anotherdesigned for older users(bottom image).
  56. 56. L Encyclopédie Découverte• Bilingual features allowusers to switch betweenFrench and English content• Visual French dictionary• Learning activities•Thousands of World Bookarticles translated intoFrench
  57. 57. L Encyclopédie DécouverteThousands of articles written by expert contributors,photos, maps, sounds, and editor-selected Web sitesoffer rich coverage of students’ research needs.
  58. 58. L Encyclopédie DécouverteThe site offers dual navigation, which allows users tosearch or to drill down by topic.
  59. 59. L Encyclopédie DécouverteA visual dictionary helps visual learners graspdefinitions and key concepts.
  60. 60. L Encyclopédie DécouverteActivities offer fun and useful teaching toolson a variety of curriculum topics.
  61. 61. World Book Web SubscriptionsWorld Book Complete Reference SuiteDesigned to make reference resources andresearch tools accessible at all age levels, thispackage includes: World Book Advanced World Book Student World Book Kids
  62. 62. World Book Web SubscriptionsWorld Book School and Library EditionTailored for student in elementary and middleschools, this package includes: World Book Student World Book Kids
  63. 63. World Book Web SubscriptionsStand-alone and add-on subscriptionsAdd the following to any subscription package: World Book Discover Gran Enciclopedia Hispánica L Encyclopédie Découverte