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Overview of Lorros online meeting application.

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  • iMeetingsComm is an online approach to help prepare, conduct, record and archive structured meetings where:the time is set in advancethe agenda is prepared in advancethere is voting on resolutionsminutes are producedBased on Robert’s Rules
  • Conventional Meetings/Face to FaceOne placeSame TimeTime and/or attendance usually determined by availability of membersRigid ScheduleDuration usually in hoursImportant items may be hurried, deferred or dropped.SequentialConference call / onlineany placeAll other limitations of conventional meetingsiMeetingsCommany placeAny timeTime for meeting has broader limits which allows members to join at their convenienceMember availability not usually an issueFlexible scheduleDuration can be daysNo need to hurry, defer or drop agenda topicsMeetings random/not sequential, comments can be made on any topic at any time during the meeting.
  • Meeting duration can be days which allows you to participate according to your schedule.
  • Chair may delete or edit any agenda topic.
  • Make comments when subject is on your mind.Focus on topics which are most important to you.Take time to reflect – able to back and revisit agenda items.
  • Can change vote based on new informationresults not known until end of meeting
  • iMeetingsCommCreated and assigned at meetingTarget date set
  • Comments can be made at any timeMembers can always be up to date on the progress of all action itemsAppears as business arising from previous minutes until closed by chair.Ensures proper closure of item
  • All comments and votes made at the meeting are captured online in the iMeetingsComm database. There is no question of accuracy.All captured comments form the minutes which are available online as soon as the meeting is over.Minutes available in printable form in summary, by topic, or complete.
  • A complete list of agendas and minutes is available from the member’s home page.When new members join group, they can easily access historical minutes.
  • Linkedin Presentation

    1. 1. Productive Results<br />Fewer Meetings . . .<br />An online discussion and decision making application which simulates a meeting without actually having a meeting.<br />
    2. 2. Meeting Pet Peeves<br />Before the Meeting<br /><ul><li>Were travelling or on vacation at the time of an important meeting
    3. 3. Bumped other things on your calendar to attend meeting but then meeting cancelled
    4. 4. Meeting time conflicted with another important activity
    5. 5. Had to rush to get to meeting on time
    6. 6. Had to travel through bad weather to get to meeting.
    7. 7. Got to meeting on time but it started late
    8. 8. Someone else was not on time
    9. 9. Chit chat rambled on
    10. 10. Did not see agenda until just before meeting. Not enough prep time.</li></li></ul><li>Meeting Pet Peeves<br />From the Chair<br /><ul><li>Could not get members on your committee because people do not want to commit to all of those meetings
    11. 11. Could not make everyone happy in setting time for meeting
    12. 12. Had difficulty in getting a quorum
    13. 13. Important members could not attend
    14. 14. Had trouble getting input on the agenda
    15. 15. Things added at the last minute
    16. 16. Other members unprepared
    17. 17. Had trouble finding a recording secretary
    18. 18. Spent too much time reviewing and correcting minutes</li></li></ul><li>Meeting Pet Peeves<br />During the Meeting<br /><ul><li>Arrived late and missed an important topic
    19. 19. Someone else arrived late and topics were repeated
    20. 20. Forgot to bring an important document
    21. 21. Had to listen to a participant drone on and on
    22. 22. Discussion went way off topic
    23. 23. Wished you could revisit a topic for clarification or second thoughts
    24. 24. Wished you could change your vote
    25. 25. Did not want to influence or be influenced by another’s vote
    26. 26. Your mind was not focussed due to some other important matter or boredom
    27. 27. Wanted to make a point to a colleague across the table but did not want to interrupt</li></li></ul><li>Meeting Pet Peeves<br />During the Meeting (con’t)<br /><ul><li>Wanted to do some more research on a topic but did not have access to material
    28. 28. Had to leave for a period of time and missed an important topic
    29. 29. Meeting time was limited so some items were squeezed or dropped
    30. 30. Wanted to discuss a topic of importance to you before you had to leave
    31. 31. Wanted to vote on a topic before you had to leave
    32. 32. Meeting ran late and you had to change the rest of your day/evening
    33. 33. Needed to leave home phone line open because of a conflicting important call
    34. 34. Computer and/or internet down at time of meeting</li></li></ul><li>Meeting Pet Peeves<br />After the Meeting<br /><ul><li>Minutes were distributed well after the meeting, sometimes just before the next meeting
    35. 35. Could not remember the specifics on some points when approving them
    36. 36. Minutes got lost or misfiled
    37. 37. Some members disputed the accuracy of the minutes
    38. 38. The minutes reflected the bias of the chair and/or note taker
    39. 39. New members did not have good access to previous minutes</li></li></ul><li>
    40. 40. Meeting Scheduling<br /> The Chair schedules the meeting by setting a start date and an end date.<br />
    41. 41. Meeting Participation<br />Meetings can be rejoined at your convenience as<br />often as you want before the end date.<br />
    42. 42. Agenda Preparation<br /> Before the meeting starts, any member can submit an agenda topic, which is emailed to all other members of the group <br /> Members can go online at anytime to view draft agenda.<br />
    43. 43. Meeting Participation<br />Meeting is not sequential. Comments can be made <br />on any topic at any time<br />Topic 1<br />Topic 2<br />Topic 3<br />Topic 4<br />Topic 5<br />
    44. 44. Discussion<br />All comments & responses are emailed to membersas well as available online in the database.<br />comments<br />responses<br />
    45. 45. Voting<br />Once a resolution is seconded, participating membersmay vote at any time.<br />During the meeting, the ballot is secret. <br />Votes may be changed at any time beforemeeting ends.<br />
    46. 46. Action Items . . .<br />the chair creates an Action Item<br />sets a target date and assigns a member<br />
    47. 47. Action Items . . .<br />the member adds updates at anytime (not only during meetings)<br />which are emailed to all members<br />who can respond (at any time)<br />
    48. 48. Meeting Recording<br />minutes<br />comments<br />responses<br />
    49. 49. Meeting Archiving<br />minutes<br />
    50. 50. The Lorros Advantage<br /><ul><li>Over Face to Face Meetings
    51. 51. No need for all members to be in the same place at the same time
    52. 52. Over Conference Calls and other Online Meetings
    53. 53. No need for all members to be at a phone/computer at the same time
    54. 54. Over all Meeting Formats
    55. 55. Provides built-in meeting structure
    56. 56. All agenda items given appropriate time
    57. 57. All meeting participants have their say
    58. 58. Eliminates/minimizes unproductive meeting time
    59. 59. Accurate and timely minutes</li></li></ul><li>Benefits<br />For Property Managers<br /><ul><li>Fewer Meetings
    60. 60. Facilitates more involvement on the board.
    61. 61. Fewer evenings and/or weekends.
    62. 62. Potential for PM’s to handle more properties.
    63. 63. Greater opportunity to achieve quorum.
    64. 64. Discussion/Decision
    65. 65. Better paper trail than emails or phone conferences.
    66. 66. Voting on decisions is transparent and accountable.
    67. 67. Small Agendas
    68. 68. More convenient than calling a meeting if only 1 or 2 agenda items need to be discussed.</li></li></ul><li>Benefits<br />For Property Managers<br /><ul><li>Timely Decisions
    69. 69. Decisions can be made as needed instead of waiting for scheduled board meetings.
    70. 70. Minutes
    71. 71. No need for PM’s to record, write, distribute or seek approval of minutes – they are automatically generated.
    72. 72. Minutes are available immediately after the meeting.
    73. 73. Can be distributed as PDF to all owners.
    74. 74. Reference to Past Discussions/Decisions
    75. 75. Keyword search provides fast and easy means to search previous meeting minutes.
    76. 76. Can be done by any board member instead of asking PM.</li></li></ul><li>Register now<br /><br />