The 350 post newsletter vol. 6


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The 350 post newsletter vol. 6

  1. 1. TIFFANY & CO. THE 350 P ST Volume 1, Issue 3 September 2010— December 2010 From The Desk Of Giles Marsden It’s December… of our favorite times of year. The holidays mean so much for us personally, but also as a business. It’s the time when the promise of the Tiffanybrand rings true more than ever. Year after year, holiday season afterholiday season, clients both existing and new walk through our doors withhopes, expectations…….and hopefully long shopping lists! It’s the time ofthe year when your relationship building skills and great service you’vebeen providing all year pays off.We certainly have lots of exciting merchandise to offer; from our triedand true favorites to new designs and collections such as yellow diamonds,line extensions of existing collections and the Tiffany Leather Collection.But as memorable as our merchandise is, the service we provide needs to Illustrated by Tobie Giddiobe even more memorable. Regardless of our individual roles, we are eachresponsible for doing everything we can to make our clients experience in Inside The 350the store the best it can be. I know it gets tough sometimes and we gettired, feet get sore, customers try our patience; but I ask you all to dig Breast Cancer Awareness-Nike 2deep, take a deep breath and remember to greet each and every guest; Clutch Me If You Can 6find out what brings them in and do your best do deliver service as legen-dary as the Blue Box. Did You Know… 4 Double Puzzle 6I wish each and every one of you a meaningful and wonderful holiday season. Engage—Let’s talk about... 3Giles Julie’s Historical Encounter 2Everyone Wants The It Bag... The Rare Beauty at Tiffany Look Who’s Carrying Our TLC 4Richard Lambertson and John Truex made The Tiffany Yellow Diamond was originallytheir appearance in our San Francisco found in South Africa in 1877; it is said Make It Right 2store and hosted two open houses show that the meaning of giving a yellow dia-casing their exquisite leather collection mond is to promote peace and serenity. My S.O.S! Stories 2followed by an evening cocktail event on Introduce your customers to come viewMonday, November 15th. Mingling and the bright selection on the first floor.talking enthusiastically about their collec- Silver Incentive 2tion; anyone whop u r c h a s ed a San Francisco GIANTS 3piece was morethan welcome to Style To Sell 5ask the infamousdesigners for an Team Building Together 3autograph. The 350 Post 1
  2. 2. Maxine: I was spotted ticular on what she about the commitmentduring the Bay to wanted; both nearly NOT the metal). TheyBreakers, being silly broke into tears as I insisted on picturesand saying, "If you love was wrapping up the combating the moment October was National Breast Cancersomeone, come to Tif- rings. of buying the ring and Awareness Month where almost every re-fanys!" A female couple My other couple were turns out Mr. Grumpy tail store on the square displayed pinkcame in the following was more sentimental showing their support. In addition, Nike the two guys who oneday and ordered two was super nice and the than he wanted us to celebrated their seventh year of the Nikerings. One was gruff know. other super grumpy. It Women’s Marathon that was on Octoberand kind of "Oh who took three visits toneeds a ring?" the 17th where more than twenty thousand close the sale and Iother was insisting but received a funny email women ran in support of the cause and toas it turned out the one saying that the ring receive their Tiffany pendant at the end ofwho was cavalier about m ade his finger the finish line.the ring was very par- "itch" (as in nervousMake It RightDear Michele H., into the store you imme- care of their clients toI have been receiving diately stood behind your that degree just confirmsbeautiful gifts from Tif- merchandise without a why it’s Tiffany orfany for years and have question. Your warmth, nothing for me. Michelenever had any issue with compassion and ulti- your kindness completelymy jewelry; for that rea- mately your gracious warmed my heart.son I only wear gesture of offering me Thank you for your out-Tiffany because the qual- another keychain was standing service.ity is unmatched. I was amazing. Rarely do you Best,so disappointed with the meet a sales person withtiffany heart keychain such a genuine care for Nicoleand what ultimately oc- the customer. The factcurred when the ball that Tiffany & Co. em-loosened and fell off. I powers staff to take The city never looked so good black bearded and dressed in orange and black. It was sheer torture to watch and/or listen to on the radio but after a long awaited fifty-two years the San Francisco Giants finally won and can call themselves the official 2010 World Series Champions!Julie’s Historical EncounterMy dentist happens to be descended from royalty; his great, great grandfather was a baron and his great aunt is Mrs. Sheldon White-house who had the pleasure of wearing the Tiffany Yellow.“…the Tiffany Yellow has been seen by millions of others in almost seventy years of continuous display in Tiffanysstore. It has also been shown at numerous exhibitions: they include the Chicago Columbian in 1893, the Pan-American in 1901, the Chicago Century of Progress in 1933 34 and the New York Worlds Fair in 1939. The firstoccasion on which the diamond was worn was in 1957 at the Tiffany Ball held in Newport, Rhode Island, when thechairwoman of the ball, Mrs. Sheldon Whitehouse, had the honor of wearing it, mounted for the occasion in a neck-lace of white diamonds. In 1971 the Tiffany Yellow returned to South Africa for the exhibition which marked thecentennial celebrations of the Kimberly Mine. After an absence of forty years from London, Tiffanys re-openedtheir branch in Old Bond Street in 1986, and displayed the diamond to herald its return. “ The 350 Post 2
  3. 3. Engage—Let’s talk about... SILVER INCENTIVELast issue we talked about Tiffany being on Facebook and thelaunch of its very own iphone application; did you know that Tif-fany is on Twitter too? Get updates on launches, celebrity sight-ings on who is wearing what from T&Co., new designs and moreby following TiffanyAndCo. Receive a tweet when a new job isposted by following TiffanyJobs Congrats to the November Silver Incentive Winners! Sabrina Chamaki-1st PlaceWant more Tiffany?!? Browse through the latest ads as well as Christina Hsu-2nd Placevideos of events from around the world on YouTube. Rosanna Nardi-3rd Place We are onto a great start for the contest. We ended November with $443,684. Check out the new board in the break room to track our progress. Everyone can be a winner in this contest. If the store meets their Silver Stretch goal for QTR 4, each employee wins a day off with pay! Cheers! Amy Proto Sales Manager-Fashion Jewelry Picnic at the Beach by Maxine Parrick The BBQ at Baker Beach followed the "Great Inven- tory Night" and it was a welcomed distraction: a fun event due to the joint efforts of the Team Lead- ership Committee. Fabian was an important link in the chain of communication, while Sonia was our main management support person; making phone calls to rangers, and a massive trip to Costco to purchase the yummy bur- gers, buns, hot dogs, etc. for the grill. Our own Demetrius a.k.a. "Big D" was Grill Mister with support from wingman Eric Carl. Our perfect spot locator was a combo dynamo team of Amys family and Jerry Parrick. Maxine dem- onstrated the art of making the perfect "Smores" utilizing the unique addi- tion of dark chocolate. We had incredible salads and treats from all the par- ticipants. We had little kids, babies and lots of cute dogs. It was wonderful to eat messy food, laugh, drink soda pop and beer with each other and joy- fully watch the sun set on what turned out to be a stellar night: 68 degrees, no wind, just fun. Special thanks to all who planned, prepped and attended this event. The 350 Post 3
  4. 4. Look who’s carrying our TLC... Tiffany Bracelet bag Tiffany Luxe in Tiffany Taylor hobo in Blue satin cognac grain $795 leather $995 Tiffany Re- Tiffany City Clutch Wallet in versible Tote platinum leather with a drop in garnet in chain $495 suede and garnetleather $395 Tiffany Reversible Tote in Tiffany Tiffany Avenue Shopper in Tiffany Blue suede and platinum Blue glazed crocodile with silver leather, large $595 leather interior, medium and in espresso glazed crocodile with Tiffany Blue leather interior, me- dium $1800 Tiffany Laurelton Top Handle in garnet glazed crocodile $16,500 Tiffany Sofia Minaudiere in platinum metal- lic leather with a crystal chain $1395 Tiffany Lyn Lizard Clutches $1800 Tiffany Sadie Tiffany Savoy Fold Over Clutch in Clutch in Tiffany Blue black nappa and Onyx Satin with a leather $795 crystal clasp $995 The 350 Post 4
  5. 5. Style to Sell Tiffany East Side Tote in red and cognac grain leather $1495 Cushion-cut Yellow Citrine Ring set in 18k yellow gold $1,500;Tiffany Bow Pendant in 18k yellow gold $425; Freshwater Pearl Necklace with a sterling silver toggle $850; Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings set in sterling silver $150 Tiffany Aria Diamond Band Ring set in platinum $10,800- $11,300 Oval Clasping Bracelet in 18k gold $1,800 Bead Necklace in 18k yellow gold, 72” Toggle bracelet $7,500; Trefoil Key in Bone Cuff in$210 and Return 18k yellow gold $900; 18k yellow gold to Tiffany toggle Diamond Clover Key in necklace in ster- $8,500 18k yellow gold $1,100; ling silver $390 Oval Link Pendant Chain in 18k yellow gold $350 Tiffany Metro Diamond 3 row hoop Earrings Diamond Cell set in 18k white Bracelet set gold, small in platinum $4,750 $82K The 350 Post 5
  6. 6. Guess What’s In My Bag? Match the item on the right to the bag on the left. Clutch Me If You Can X Y A GA L 10 16 L NY 1 9 S E DA I 4 N O R MA G 3 11 L O Y L H S Y A V O 7 S I A NT 2 13 R I Z L A D 5 12 L O C R E C DO I 14 8 15 L E T HA R E 61 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16Did You Know…Did you know that with Christmas being just around the corner you can Game Keybenefit with saving on gifts by browsing through the Employee Advantage-Special Offers on the Intranet? Keep fit during the holidays or begin thatnew resolution to stay fit after when you read through Tiffany’s Health andFitness Reimbursement Program; eligible expenses are reimbursed at 50%. Newsletter Editor The 350 Post 6 Danielle S. Lopez