The 350 post newsletter vol. 3


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The 350 post newsletter vol. 3

  1. 1. TIFFANY & CO. THE 350 P ST Volume 1, Issue 3 Nov. 2006—February 2007From the Desk of Susan GeareyH appy New Year greetings to all!! Our 2006 fiscal year is coming to a close and what a year it has been! Congratulations to everyone for achieving recordbreaking sales, increased transactions, additional TR clients and exceedingour customer’s expectations. Just as we say good bye to 2006 we begin an- ―A New Year is aother new year, 2007 will bring challenges, rewards and exciting opportunities reminder to celebrate all thefor everyone. Our strategies remain the same as we help celebrate life’s special wonderful things that are goodmoments for our clients, make their shopping experience one they will always in your world.‖remember and strive to do the best that we can. Although we have seen some improvement in our Gallup poll surveycomments, we still have room to continue to be better. Greeting customers in atimely fashion is one that seems so easy to us all but we are not consistent inthe comments from our clients. Remember it can be a smile, a simple how areyou, or an acknowledgement that they are in your department. This is not only Inside The 350for our sales professionals but our support staff as well, as you are walking Birthdays & Events 7across the floor or going up and down the stairs, do you smile and say hello toour guests? Do you offer assistance or directions if someone is obviously look- Care & Handling 4ing around? Do you stop your conversation with a co-worker to approach some- CS Cheat Sheet 3one and inquire? These are little things that make a huge difference and will Game Spot 5move the needle on our scores. I know that everyone will work even harder this From the Desk of Giles M. 6year to make it happen. Plan & Units Results 6Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and after Christmas one of our biggest holi-days and opportunities to gain momentum for the year. Have you reached out Spring 2007 Fashion 2 to your clients; have you utilized all the resources available to you? Tiffany’s X-Mas Party 6 I send good luck wishes to everyone for a healthy and successful New Year! Upcoming Events 7 Thanks, Susan $ Valentine Ideas $ 7 YES Initiative 2 The 350 Post 1
  2. 2. Spring 2007 Jewelry and Fashion Trends by George O’ConnorT he New Year is a great time to get organized, clean clos-ets and start fresh with new jewelry and accessory selections Oval bangles in various sizes. These pieces are sure to be a big hit with our more ―modernist‖ customers! Color will be the big focus in fashion as we come out of thefrom Fine, Fashion and Men’s Jewelry and Accessories for the winter doldrums and start to see more sunshine. A big fashionhome from Tabletop. trend this coming Spring will be sun-kissed shades such asAs has been the trend in past years, black and white colors orange, yellow, green and blue. We will continue to see moreare really big now and looks very elegant when matching these colored stones in our assortment, including beads fromcolors with sterling silver chains, silver earrings or silver neck- Paloma Picasso and more colored stones in Fine Jewelry. Inlaces. As we go into Valentine’s Day, look for new introduc- Elsa Peretti, we will be launching CBY with blue aquamarinestions in Silver Jewelry, including the Heart on a Wire collection in platinum – a very fresh, light and beautiful assortment. Asfeaturing a puffed heart silhouette on a wire choker. The col- we start to see gardens in bloom during the Spring, we willlection also includes a bangle and a ring. Other new launches also see a big trend with flower designs in jewelry, especiallyin Silver Jewelry will include the Heart Chain Collection and in Silver Jewelry.Doubles Pendants. During Spring 2007 we will see many new introductions in Men’s Jewelry both in sterling silver and titanium, especially from Paloma Picasso. Her bold, modern designs in titanium are sure to be a big hit! In Tabletop, we will continue to see fun and whimsical designs in Casual China and Giftware along with great pieces in crystal and sterling silver. Our assortment in Baby will have a num-Modern shapes in jewelry will coordinate well with lighter fabri- ber of new pieces, including fun and fresh new collections incations in fashion this coming Spring. Besides our Frank Ge- Baby China. Spring 2007 is sure to be a great season with lotshry Collection, we will have a new collection in Silver Jewelry of newness in our assortments. Be sure and call your clientscalled ―Geometric.‖ This shapes collection includes pendants to have them come in to update their jewelry wardrobe and toin Heart, Oval and Square; earrings in Hearts and Ovals, and select the perfect gift for someone’s home. In a word, EVERY CUSTOMER. EVERY DAY. ALWAYS CONSIDER THE CUSTOMER FIRST. OWN AND RESOLVE CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS AT THE FIRST POINT OF CUSTOMER CONTACT. LET CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND EMPATHY GUIDE ALL YOU CUSTOMER-RELATED DECISIONS. UNDERSTAND YOUR PERSONAL ROLE IN DELIVERING THE TIFFFANY EXPERIENCE. The 350 Post 2
  3. 3. Customer Service Cheat SheetSteam Cleaning (Diamonds, Gemstones) Turn Around time: 5min - 15min Charge: No charge Note: Some gemstones are NOT capable for ultrasonic. Pave Setting, pressure setting CANNOT use ultrasonic.Steam Cleaning (Gold, Plat, Silver, etc) Turn Around time: 5min - 15min Charge: No charge Note: ultrasonic, dip in silver-blue, rinse with water, and steam it!Buffing/Polishing (Diamonds, Gemstones, Gold, Plat) Turn Around time: 12hr - 24hr Charge: No charge Note: Some items might send out to TSC (Etoile NCS band, etc)Buffing/Polishing (Silver) Turn Around time: 48hr(2days) Charge: See Chart. (Intranet—Customer Service) Note: Some items might send out to TSC. (Flatware, Frame etc)Watch Strap Turn Around time: If we have in stock, 15min -1hr (if it’s busy, next day) Charge: See Chart.($80-$180) (Intranet—Customer Service) Note: Custom order will usually take 8-10week.Battery Change(Watch/ Clock) Turn Around time: 15min -1hr (if it’s busy, next day) Charge: No Charge. Note: Only TCO, PP-TCO, B&M-TCO (Double named ONLY)Repair (Basic) Turn Around time: basic repair is 2.5-3weeks Charge: Under 1year warranty with proof of sale, No Charge. Otherwise Charge. Note: See Customer service guide on Web. Please take into consideration the YES initiative The 350 Post 3
  4. 4. Visual Merchandising - Care and Handling of MerchandiseIt is the responsibility of all Tiffany employees to ensure that every piece of Tiffany-owned merchandise, customer owned merchan-dise (“COM”), borrowed merchandise and consigned merchandise (hereafter referred to as "merchandise"), regardless of pricepoint, is handled with the proper respect. For example, all merchandise must be kept clean, free from scratches and dents, polishedand functional for customer presentation. All tickets should be system-generated (not hand written) and kept clean and legible. Packing Materials and Procedures for all price pointsA. EarringsClips should be in the closed position. All silver earrings should be individually wrapped in scratch-proof tissue. Earring drops must bewrapped so that the stones cannot come into contact with the earring tops. After wrapping each earring in tissue, place one in a plas-tic bag, and seal it, and place that bag as well as the other half-pair into a second plastic bag.1 Bubble plastic and/or boxes must be used on fragile pieces or where an obvious crushing hazard exists. Boxes and bags must notbe overloaded to avoid crushing or bending the pieces.2 All silver merchandise must be wrapped in tissue paper in addition to plastic bags. The use of Judd Paper Companys "Softwrap"Anti-Tarnish Tissue or equivalent is required. Tissue is available from Judd Paper Company, P.O. Box 669, Holyoke, MA, 01041.Another alternative is a plastic bag internally separated top to bottom to prevent contact between half pairs.B. BraceletsBangles should be in the locked position. Line bracelets should be wrapped in scratch-proof tissue or transflex in a straight line whileopen and then loosely coiled. All bracelets should be individually wrapped in tissue and transported in plastic bags protected withbubble wrap. Bags made of bubble wrap are even better.C. BroochesAll brooches (pinstems locked) should be individually wrapped in tissue or transflex and transported in plastic bags protected withbubble wrap.D. NecklacesNecklaces should be wrapped in a straight-line (open) in tissue or Transflex then closed and placed in a necklace case. Otherwise,the necklace (after being wrapped in tissue or transflex) should be coiled and wrapped in bubble-wrap. Drops should be wrappedseparately (not detached) so that they cannot touch other stones.E. PendantsEach Silver pendant should be wrapped in scratchproof tissue. The extra chain is then wrapped within the tissue taking care to as-sure the chain does not get knotted. The piece is then placed into a zip-lock plastic bag, and the bag is sealed. To prevent scratches,the chain must not rub against the pendant. Another way is to wrap chain around the outside of the pendant bag, then insert into asecond bag. Scratchproof tissue is not required for Gold or Platinum pieces.F. RingsRings should be individually wrapped in tissue or felt bag and transported in plastic bags protected with bubble wrap. Rings over$10,000 should be wrapped in Transflex and placed in a ring box.G. Cufflinks and shirt studs should always be in two bags, one inside the other (three for studs). Tissue should be used for Silver.H. Dentable pieces such as the hollow cuffs, baby rattles and cups should be transported wrapped in additional layers of bubble.I. Fragile items, notably the wave wire necklace, must be transported in a box.J. Watches should be individually wrapped in tissue and then in a plastic bag with bubble wrap. The best way is to use the vendor-supplied box.K. Alternative MethodWhen available, as an exception to the above instructions, "used" suede boxes can be used. Merchandise must be wrapped with tissue or bubble wrap to prevent damage and then packed with tissue, transflex, or bubble wrap so that the piece cannot shift within the box. The 350 Post 4
  5. 5. All You Need Is Love... ↓ ~Tracy S. Lopez Tiffany’s New Look Inside Located on the second floor we’ve added two new case lines; on right men’s jewelry and bottom is pens, key rings, money clips, travel accessories andComplete the grid so that each row, column and 3 x 2 contains every digit from 1 to 6 inclusive. Also on the second floor we have added some- thing for our customers 6 2 to play and try on; bot- tom left the new Tiffany Charm Play Tray above our Return to Tiffany 3 and charm Collection. 6 4 5 6 1 2 3 The 350 Post 5
  6. 6. From the Desk of Giles Marsden Making it HappenI am writing this on Thursday, February 1st and can officially say we have madeit! We achieved our annual sales goal of $42,700,000 with a little room tospare! I am ever so grateful for all of your efforts in helping achieve this recordsetting number for the San Francisco store! Annual Sales GoalIn reflecting back on this past year, I realize that there are a hundreds and hun- $42,700,000.00dreds of selling moments that have helped us reach this goal. Take the timenow to think about your role in those moments and congratulate yourself in hav-ing played a role! Tiffany’s Christmas CelebrationT he party was held on Saturday, January 6th at the E & O Trading Co. The second floor was reserved for Tiffanyemployees to get their party on and enjoy one another’s company. At the Holiday Party we enjoyed delicious bitesized South East Asian Grilled appetizers such as Indonesian Corn Fritters, is an E&O signature small plate servedwith chili soy dipping sauce, Mango Glazed Thai Ribs rubbed with brown sugar and glazed with amango mustard sauce, Ginger Mushroom, marinated Portobello mushrooms with ginger andtamarind soy, and much more. But what can a party be with out the main beverage for all celebra-tions...champagne! This was certainly a night for most of us to drink, eat, share laughs, introduceour loved ones, and celebrate all the hard work that went into 2006. We ended the month strongby doing $9.2 million in sales. Many thanks go to everyone who worked hard and endured thisholiday. Thanks to management for supporting the departments in any way they could, customerservice for their consistency in fulfilling the customer’s needs as always, shipping/merchandising/inventory for always being able to do whatever it takes to get the items in for our customersand for making the packaging look wonderful each and every time; Antonio for trying to alwayskeep all our facilities and the store clean; Security for ensuring the safety of our store, staff,and merchandise; Visual for always making our store décor look impeccably stylish and ele-gant; Tiffany for Business for always maintaining customer satisfaction with your clients andtrying to gain new clients; and finally thank you to all the sales professionals that made thesesales happen as well as your patience with the customers but most importantly each other. The 350 Post 6
  7. 7. Things to do for Valentine’s with friends or that special someoneHappy Birthdays, Belated by Maricel LoyolaBirthdays & Anniversaries 1. Celebrate early and avoid the crowded restaurants by participating in First Thursdays. From 5:30-approximately 8pm galleries hold their monthly open- October ings where you can enjoy art, good conversation, and free wine. A good place to start is 49 Geary.Shahla Fry Oct. 6 2. If the weather permits, rent a boat and paddle your way around Stow Lake inCarol Reina Oct. 7 Golden Gate Park and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.Terry Watson Oct. 17 3. Take a stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge. Enjoy the beautiful view of the cityAnnie Signio Oct. 20 and the Pacific Ocean as the sun sets. Breathe in the crisp and refreshing air. It will remind you of why you love the city.Michael Bigler Oct. 25 4. Head out to one of the citys nightlife photo booth spots and make it "a night toSusan Gearey Oct. 26 remember"Mark Moorer Oct. 31 5. From Feb 9—11. Food From The Heart at the Ferry Building Marketplace kicksChristian Crandal 1 Year off with a benefit for Slow Food from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. Food and wine tickets will be sold in $2 denominations - $2 and $4 for food tastes and $6 and $8 forJohanan Gookins 1 Year glasses of wine. There will be tango dancing and music throughout the Nave. OnDavid Kingsley 3 Years Saturday there will be cooking demonstrations. On Sunday there will be ValentineMaxine Parrick 3 Years crafts table for the kids. More information can be found on the Ferry Plaza Market Website.Miyako Nakamura 5 Years 6. For those that enjoy long tranquil walks in the gardens you can go to the Japa-Antonio Cornejo 7 Years nese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park.Charles Osako 8 YearsToni Arkoosh 20 YearsMichael Barcun 20 YearsMary Suydam 34 Years Tiffany Upcoming Events "Breakfast at Tiffany" celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the San Francisco International Film Festival (In Store) Feb. 7 Breakfast at Tiffany (In Store) Feb. 24 NovemberToni Arkoosh Nov. 2Carlos Rocha Nov. 28Danielle Lopez 1 Year December FebruaryWael Noman 1 Year Rachel Levin Dec. 3 Patsy Myers Feb. 6Tina Loh 2 Years Mary Shaler Dec. 9 Michele Fukuda Feb. 12Michael Bigler 5 Years Mikio Hirata Dec. 10 Philip Chen Feb. 14Brian Beall 8 Years William Gatley 1 Year Mariam Nouri Feb. 15Mikio Hirata 8 Years George O’Connor 6 Years Heidi Gerber 6 YearsDoug Sumiyoshi 10 Years Giles Marsden 15 Years Patsy Myers 36 YearsElizabeth Lauricella 12 Years Cesar Nisthal 23 YearsCarol Reina 14 Years January 2007!Benjamin Alfaro 16 Years Mary Suydam Jan. 7Jon Sholes 16 Years Benjamin Alfaro Jan. 15Karen Flaherty 16 Years Sonia Sylls Jan. 12Shahla Fry 16 Years Fred Delgado Jan. 27George Libov 17 Years Keri Wolthausen 1 YearYoyoko Kawada 18 Years Jim Miller 2 YearsJan Praggastis 27 Years Mark Moorer 7 YearsFred Delgado 39 Years Mariam Nouri 7 Years Paul Labagh 16 Years The 350 Post 7
  8. 8. The 350 Post 8