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Portfolio website details

  1. 1. Web Portfolio
  2. 2. Some information• To view your website in a browser use: http://teach2.newport.ac.uk/10000001• To manage your website in a web editor use: ftp://teach2.newport.ac.uk
  3. 3. Key model CLIENT SERVER My Computer http://teach2.newport.ac.ukWeb files stored and edited Web files copied here and locally. stored remotely.When browsing the web My Files are SERVED to a Computer is a CLIENT CLIENT. LOCAL REMOTE
  4. 4. Important detail• The first web page in your website should be named ‘index.htm’ or ‘index.html’
  5. 5. Trees (1)G:Websitesteach2G:Websitesteach2redfoxG:Websitesteach2wordG:Websitesteach2powerpointG:Websitesteach2excelG:Websitesteach2access
  6. 6. Trees (2)On web server becomes:http://teach2.newport.ac.uk
  7. 7. Trees (3)http://teach2.newport.ac.uk
  8. 8. Trees (4) http://teach2.newport.ac.uk/wordhttp://teach2.newport.ac.uk/excel/excel.htm
  9. 9. Text for portfolio web pagesThe home page will provide a list of links to each of the coursework tasks.Each coursework task will be presented on its own page with the followingelements:A clear titleHeading: How the resource was constructed: How it was made; How it is operated;Heading: Its value for learning and teaching: What value could learners get from it? What value could a teacher get from it?Heading: Download file: Link to the file for download; Describe the download file format (e.g. Zip, Docx); Relevant instructions/guidance for the user.
  10. 10. File sizes (1)
  11. 11. File size (2)
  12. 12. Navigation!Text hyperlinks or Image hyperlinks
  13. 13. Adding your files to your website• Generally speaking a link to a file the browser will download it.• How the browser handles the file will vary. Some offer the option to open or save it.• How the user handles it will vary. This also may depend on how the user has set up their browser.• That’s why it is important to provide instructions or guidance.• Note also that a file can only be opened if there is a suitable application on the client machine.
  14. 14. Files (continued)• The best advice to a user is to save the file first especially if the file has features that rely on a secure location on the client PC.• MS Access files in particular cannot be opened directly but must first be compressed or zipped.• Demonstration ...
  15. 15. Helping the user• Always add a note for the user explaining what to expect and what to do• E.g. What type of file is it; what should they do with it?
  16. 16. Hyperlink properties"_self" - open link in the same window"_blank" - open link in the new windowignore these unless you are using frames ..."_parent" - will load the linked document where the inner framesetfile had been"_top" - loads the linked document in the topmost frame
  17. 17. When ...• Would you open a web page in a new window?• Why should you use it sparingly?