Delivering Excellent Support Customer Experiences in Marketing


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How to improve Customer Support operations effectiveness and the Customer Experience through tighter collaboration with other departments, chiefly Marketing (who usually own mass communications channels)

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  • Process Management Service incident creation Sales engagement Lead creation Online registration Customer feedback and more… Scenario Modeling New customer acquisition Customer segmentation management Complaint management Offer management Packaged business process templates
  • Delivering Excellent Support Customer Experiences in Marketing

    1. 1. Marketing: Often the First Experience• First impression of your brand• Can make or break a customerrelationship• With so much customer choice,second chances are few
    2. 2. Today’s Marketing ChallengesTechnology:• Multiple, disparate customerrepositories• Incomplete customer data• Insufficient customersegmentation capabilities• “Farmed out” operationsdiminishes control• Poor analysis of campaignperformanceBusiness:• Customer expectationsincreasing• Response rates decreasing• Maximizing/measuring returnon marketing dollar• Regulatory constraints• Lack of customer insight
    3. 3. RightNow MarketingRightNowSolutionBusinessProcessesMarketingLifecycleCustomerExperienceCustomerBenefit
    4. 4. Multi-Channel Campaign Management• Generate compellingcampaigns from planningand design through toexecution and results• Flexibility and power in thehands of your frontlinemarketing staff• Complete in-house controlCampaign DesignerEmail MarketingLead ManagementMessage OptimizationEvent-triggered CommunicationsSegmentation & PersonalizationResponse Routing & TrackingList Management/DeliverabilityCustomer Feedback ManagementAnalytics & Dashboards
    5. 5. Campaign Designer• Expedite planning toexecution with graphicaldrag-and-drop interface• Start with a blank campaign,choose, and existingcampaign or start with acampaign template
    6. 6. Email Marketing• Create personalized, targetedemail marketing messages• Fast and easy to use:– Empowers business users– No IT support needed• Event-triggered or scheduledfor optimal flexibility• Track response effectiveness
    7. 7. Lead Management• Ensure leads get routed andfollowed-up appropriately• Sales reps can easily accept orreject leads– Accepting promotes a lead to anopportunity– Rejecting sends it back to themarketing warming pool andrelevant campaign• Analytic lead reports show theeffectiveness of lead generationactivities and conversion rates
    8. 8. Message Optimization• Quickly proof test content forquality assurance• Flexible test cell functionalitytests multiple attributes forbest results the first time• Minimize trial and error,maximize productivity
    9. 9. Event-Triggered Communications• Automatically sendpersonalized emails based onany type of customer action ordata– Website inquiry, storepurchase, birthday• Ensure high-touch customerinteractions with auto-confirmations• Schedule emails based on keycalendar events
    10. 10. Segmentation and Personalization• Identify target customer groupswith multi-dimensional listsegmentation• Maximize campaign relevancyand impact with highlypersonalized content delivered totarget customer segments• Ensure quality of marketingcommunications with powerfulde-duplication
    11. 11. Response Routing and Tracking• Closely track campaignperformance from delivery andopen rates to click-throughsand conversions• Ensure timely follow up withautomatic, attribute-drivenlead routing• In-line information helpsmaximize staff productivity
    12. 12. List Management/Deliverability• Control opt-in/opt-outpreferences• Control frequency and recency ofcorrespondence• RightNow Delivery ManagementTeam (DMT) ensures rigorouscompliance with latest anti-SPAMregulatory requirements
    13. 13. Customer Feedback• Graphical designer to easily createand execute surveys• Multiple question types• Short answer, text, multiple choice,multi-select• Identify the survey audience andcreate invitationcampaigns• Link to surveys directly from emailor web page• Analyze survey responses(by survey, question, customer…)• Pre-built survey templatesand reports
    14. 14. Marketing Analytics• Consolidated view of marketingactivity with personalizedhomepages• Access actionable knowledge andbest practices with marketingdashboards• Easily tailor reports with theReport Design Center– 500+ pre-built reports– Drag-and-drop creation– In-line view of ROI by campaign
    15. 15. Enabling Technologies• Enterprise On Demand Architecture• Workspace Designer• Customer Experience Designer• RightNow Connect
    16. 16. • Fast, highly interactive, andfamiliar interface• Leverages Web 2.0 technology todeliver superior speed and performancerivaling that of traditional installedclients• Easy to use• UI modeled after Microsoft Outlook• Familiar look-and-feel• Drives user adoption• Highly configurable• One consolidated console for allRightNow modules• Configure role-based profiles targetedto unique user roles• Fully integrated with MicrosoftOutlook• Outlook email, calendaring, tasks, andcontact capabilities embedded across allRightNow modulesDesigned for mission-critical business environments…RightNow Agent Desktop On Demand
    17. 17. Workspace Designer• Maximize user adoption withrole-based profiles– Sales, Service, Marketing– Executive, Manager, Rep• Drive productivity with in-contextmarketing analytics– Critical knowledge integratedinto screens and processes• Tailor to specific needs with drag-and-drop screen layoutcustomization– Fields– Tabs– Integrations– Toolbars– Analytics– Tasks
    18. 18. Customer Experience Designer™• Design experiences aroundcustomer-initiated processeswith graphical workflow engine– Cross-departmental– Dynamic decisioning, content• Manage standard customerprocesses with powerful processtemplates and tools– Lead creation– Online registration– Service incident creation– Customer feedback and more…• Ensure superior experienceswith scenario modeling– New customer acquisition– Customer segmentationmanagement– Offer management and more…
    19. 19. © 2008 RightNow Technologies, Inc.APPENDIX - RightNow Marketing
    20. 20. What the Delivery Management Team (DMT)Provides• Dedicated Delivery Management Officer.• Anti-SPAM Policy -• Active member of the Email Service Provider Coalition(ESPC) and Association for Interactive Marketing (AIM).• Cooperative Relationships with ISPs.• Best practices consulting to our customers.• SPAM and deliverability complaint management.• Protection of legitimate email customers from potentialspamming customers.• Drive deliverability enhancements for RightNowMarketing.• Informative communications to RightNow’s customerbase on important issues relating to email delivery.
    21. 21. Highlighted Delivery Management Best Practices• Ensure that you have permission to send emails to your contact list(Opt-In).• Allow contacts to easily unsubscribe/opt-out.• Include link to your privacy policy.• Ensure the “From” and “Reply-to” addresses domain clearlycommunicate your organization name. No spoofed domain names.• Ensure the “Subject Line” and “Body” of the message is intuitive andinformative.• Target your campaigns for a specific audience.• Publish SPF Records were the “Mail From” is your companies domain.• Ensure compliance with SPAM laws.• Test your email content for SPAM identification.••• Implement a thorough SPAM complaint resolution process.• Avoid list procurement for customer acquisition. Reduces chance ofSPAM Traps.• Include the physical address of your organization within your email.