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          MOTOR CAR
T H E I l A I M ...
a c0f t-rn           n(          ry
        L             IIM             EN
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                                                                               r '',i"

A special   B-Passenger   Landaulette   by Hooper   on the "Straight-Eight"   chassis
                                                           N accordance with previous practice it is the intenti...
Over 70o/o of the long wheelbase of both the

    "Straight-Eight"       and,,Twenty-Seven"        is avail-
    able for ...

A 4-light I Passenger Limousine by Hooper, illustrated on the "straight-Eight"                            ...

                                                      An     integral ...
                                                HE powerful      engines of the " Straight-Eight"                ...
          HE engines of the '' Straight-Eight             ' ' and ' ' Twenty-Seven                  " although

The   8-cylinder       eng"ire     (nearside    view         of
                                                 the "Stra...
                              INDEPENDENT front suspension ensures perfect and precise contro...
                       I $THtRINfi
!               XCEPTIONALLYpowerful yet smooth braking is obtained by the u...
IIE refinement and high quality inherent in

      Daimler cars is ensured in production by unceasing

      vigilance and...
To eliminate    piston slap and control             oil consumption             piston,surfaces
ENGINE:                                  ..STRAIGHT-EIGHT''              "TWENTY-SEVEN"
Number of cylinders...
Straight eight
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Straight eight


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Straight eight

  2. 2. a c0f t-rn n( ry Tl| EDAIMER l t/!P A l|Y ITE D OVENTRY GLAiID L IIM EN
  3. 3. ir' :lr:i:i r '',i" $ ii#i$ ,:iil irir ,ii, ;#r,i;jiiid A standard 8-Passenger Limousine by Hooper on the "Twenty-Seven" chassis. These two magnificent Daimlers, the "Straight- Eight" and the "Twenty-Seven," are similar in chassis design and differ only in size of engine and length of wheelbase. Both have the same body-space and similar size coachbuilt bodies can therefore be mounted on either chassis. Fitted with coachwork produced and developed in close co-operation between Daimler and leading coach-builders, they set an exceedingly high standard of performance, comfort and elegance, and represent the finest range of cars ever presented by Daimler under the emblem of the famous fluted radiator.
  4. 4. A special B-Passenger Landaulette by Hooper on the "Straight-Eight" chassis
  5. 5. COACHCRAF N accordance with previous practice it is the intention to supply the "Straight-Eight" and "Twenty-Seven" in chassis form so that intending purchasers c€uxhave bodies constructed to individual requirements. The chassis have been equipped with this in view and offer every facility to the coachbuilder for the creation of coachwork of exceptional roominess and convenience forbothpassengers and driver alike. A 4-door Saloon by Windover, illustrated on the "Twenty-Seven" chassis Availa-ble aiso in the same bodv-stvle as a Close-Couoled Limousine with drvidinq Dartitron. A 6-light 8-Passenger Limousine by Windover, illustrated on the "Straight-Eight" chassis ln this model two additional seats are provided of the "Windover" facing forward type which fold against a par ntlon dlvldrn? the dl iver's and rear compdl tments.
  6. 6. Over 70o/o of the long wheelbase of both the "Straight-Eight" and,,Twenty-Seven" is avail- able for passenger accommodation. In effect this provides greater interior body-space r. ln has been previously possible, although this emphasis on size should not lead to the cn that these cars appear extravagantly large or cumber- some on the road. In point of fact, the reverse is true, as can be seen in the illustrations produced in these pages. Fine lines and balance give a general impression of compacbress that conceals the fact that they are amongst the largest limou- sines and saloons produced in the world. In order to assist in the choice of body styles and coachwork, a selection of q ! basic desigms by leading coachbuilders are illustrated in this catalogue. These wash &awings have been prepared ( from coachbuilders' blueprints. Seating arrangements, upholstery, appointments and colour schemes can be supplied to ( choice within the current availability of materials, furnishings, etc. )r
  7. 7. |0Afr,,,RAIT A 4-light I Passenger Limousine by Hooper, illustrated on the "straight-Eight" chassis Fitted lvith facing forwardlolding occasiona Ichairs md with a paitition dividing the front and rear compartments
  8. 8. BY APPOINT ME N T COACHBUILDER S T O H.M.T HE K IN G ff ff ik A 6-Iight B-)assenger Limousine by Hooper, illustrated on the "Twenty-Seven" chassis 4 r& and the fixed rear quarter light is frameless, givrng an {c In this aodel the junction of the rear door window uninterrlpted area of window glass on each side of the rear compartment. 'Hoopr)t,, tvDe facinq forward occasional chairs fold into recesses in the partition dividing compir tneiii which is htted with an electrically operated window or a sliding window to choice. front and reer i' [, $t ..rl n * ntl ft ssi wi chassis IiI€ A Close-Coupled or Touring Limousine by Hooper, illustrated on the "Straight-Eight" rri r front and rear compartmcnts or can be supplied as a Saloon This model is fitted wlth a partition between without the Partition.
  9. 9. IIOOPilB COACIIIIIO An integral valance at the foot of the dools covels and conceals the running boards, By this means runninq boards are always kept clean, and a modeln exterior body-line is ob- tained. Lights inside the body are automatically switched on when doors are opened at night. Opening and closing of windows and the glass division between front and rear compartments is opelated by press-button switches con- trolling electric motors. The driver has an electlic control for the rear blind, and there is provision for the installation of radio in both compartments if desired. Tho ll'orld,'s lal'gosl, clrr This seating and dimensional plan draw- ing of the 6-light 8-passenger Hooper Iimousine gives a general idea of the interior body dimensions on both the " Straight-Eight" and " Twenty-Seven" chassis and whilst the actual measure- ments may vary slightly on individual types of bodies, those shown in the diagram are indicative of the great space and roominess of the body interiors. "Straight-Eight" lB' 6" "T we n tv- S even" 17'9"
  10. 10. CIlASSIS HE powerful engines of the " Straight-Eight" and '' Twenty-Seven'' handle the weight of these large cars as if it were a trifle and effortlessly maintain cruising speeds of 70 m.p.h. with pienty of power and speed in reserve. For all their size and power they are amazingly light and easy to handle and can be taken round bends at surprisingly high speeds without the least feeling of insecurity. Complete stability and ;'ss4&E+ $r$C smooth suspension over all types of going and road surfaces results from superlative chassis design and layout. The rigidity ofthe deep-channellec cross-braced chassis frame in conjunction with the particular type of o . ri$.S$rt ! ! *rre."g'$$.,.'$.s.S€ suspension adopted with cross-coupling front and ' + 4-s S S + 4s * i rear and cushioned is excellent of spring dampers suspension and quite remarkable. gives which a degree of stability ;ffi AIMLER FLUID TRANSMISSION and 4-speed pre-selector epicyclic - gearbox, provides the " Straight-Eight " and " Twenty-Seven " with a degree of flexibility and ease of handling unsurpassed in any other r#fif :; i: type. This type of transmission, innovated by Daimler in 1930 and .s#+ t . proved on all Daimler cars since that date, is now S,iqrla and tested as standard Pi$a+,, Iisti4rrii recognised by engineers throughout the world as the most efficient and lst iii ;i teg h'lr$ilir $6lii ;fi;sl: t!€ ever invented. It eliminates the necessity $ trouble-free transmission ,€ of operation of the normal friction clutch, the functions of which it fulfiIs quite automatically, silently and with infinite smoothness. Its essential simplicity and reliability and the reduction of wear and need for adjustment contribute very considerably to ease of maintenance and reduce depreciation. The chassis of the "Straight-Eight" and "Twenty Seven" are identical in basic design and layout an whilst they differ in actual length of wheelbase, th :9;rA iL 6 .., $eii E € +i ; available body space is the same in both chassir + $ Jg 1 - ", Illustrated above is the ''Twenty-Seven" chassis wit ++*ro the "Straight-Eight" chassis inset on left. Detaile 1.4; chassis specifications are given in the followin tifu;,; sst ,, pages.
  11. 11. ilNffINH HE engines of the '' Straight-Eight ' ' and ' ' Twenty-Seven " although of entirely new design to the motoring world have a long record of develop- ment and test behind them. First designed and projected before the war to meet its present peaceful purpose the G-cylinder engine of the "Twenty-Seven" has been most successfuily employed as the power unit of the Daimler Armoured Car. The very severe duties imposed on it in war service provided invaluable testing and has enabled the engine to be proved and brought to the pinnacle of efficiency and reliability. The 8-cylinder-in-Iine engine of the "Straight-Eight" is developed from the G-cylinder engine to which it is similar in basic design. Both engines give an exceptionally high power output and are particularly neat and compact in design. The Daimler heritage of fine craftsmanship and precision is apparent in every detail. t .l ,i I I The G-cylinder engine (off-side view) of the " Twenty-Seven " which has a powe! output o{ 110 B.H.P. at 9,600 R.P.M. Bore, 85.09 mm. Stroke, I20,0I5 mm. Cubic capacity 4,095.
  12. 12. The 8-cylinder eng"ire (nearside view of the "Straight-Eight" which has a power output of 150 B.H.P. at 3,600 R.P.M. Bore,85.09 m. Stroke, 120.015 mm. Cubic capacity,5,460. I I The carefully balanced crankshaft is fully counterweighted, and steel connecting rods are used in conjunction with T - slotted pistons of diecast heat-treated aluminium alloy fitted with three compression rings of the tapered hardened and tempered type and one scraper ring drilled and grooved. Slightly inclined overhead valves and specially shaped combustion chambers ensure freedom from detonation. Special attention has been given to cooling of exhaust ports and sparking plug bosses, and to quick warming-up when starting from cold. Cylinder bore wear is obviated by the fitting of full-length Brivadium dry liners.
  13. 13. lt ;I INDEPENDENT front suspension ensures perfect and precise control ffi"u conditions. Luvax-Girling piston type hydraulic dampers with a recuperating chamber are cross coupled by a torsion bar to prevent roll. Rear suspension is by underslung half-elliptics in conjunction with Luvar- Girling dampers, between which is fitted an anti-sway bar. Radius rods to take braking torque and drive, and to locate the axle, couple the axle ends to brackets on the frame, Heavy-duty coil Daimler independent
  14. 14. BRAfitS I $THtRINfi i' ! XCEPTIONALLYpowerful yet smooth braking is obtained by the use of the Girling hydro-mechanical system. The front brakes are hydrar:lically operated and the rear by mechanical connections. The two systems are automatically balanced and servo assistance is given to pedal pressure. l- I I A pleasantly direct and light Marles worm and double roller gives a feeling of positive control at all speeds. The tele- scopic steering wheel of lg in. diameter is easily adjustable for length and ensures driving comfort for long journeys.
  15. 15. IIE refinement and high quality inherent in Daimler cars is ensured in production by unceasing vigilance and supervision at every stage of manu- facture and assembly. Specialists, equipped with intricate measuring devices and employing every known method of visual and physical check, control the accuracy and finish of parts within the finest possible limits. Meticulous selection of material, expert craftsmanship and absolute integrity in inspection and test dominate the whole process of production in the Daimler factories. j(, Accuacy in gear pr6 duction is more Yital thil time, sd cueful checking of the involute fom io a ten- thouildth of u inch is nerely one operation of careful irupection.
  16. 16. To eliminate piston slap and control oil consumption piston,surfaces are relieved to a vely fine degree around concentric panels formed ar right-angles to the gudgeon pin. Daimler engineers have evolved a unique method of ensuring. the accutacy of these panels. i; i $i t, Constant quality control is kept throuqh- trl.. out the manufacture of each individuat part, and the accumulative effect of small .7: ::...$ 1:. errols is thus avoided. Gear spacing is t' ...$ lo an accuracy of one r. 3, checked ten- :i: thowandth of an inch.
  17. 17. $PilCIIICATION ENGINE: ..STRAIGHT-EIGHT'' "TWENTY-SEVEN" Number of cylinders .. Sinline 6 Bore .. 3.35 (85.09mm.) 3.3s (85.09mm.) Stroke .. 4.725(120.015 mm.) 4.725(120.015 mm.) Cubic capacity .. 5,460c.c. 4,095c.c. Compression ratio 6.3: I 6.3:l Brake Horsepower . I50 at 3,600r.p.m. ll0 at 3,600r.p.m. Valves . OHV push rod operated O}IVpush rod operated TRANSMSSION: Open circuit type fluid flywheel, 4-speed pre-selective epicyclic grearbox, open propeller shaft with roller universal joints, and underslung 3-quarter floating hypoid bevel driven rear axle. REDUCTION RATIO: ..STRAIGHT-EIGHT'' ..TWENTY-SEVEN'' Rear axle 4.091: 4.727: OVERALL GEAR RATIOS: Top gear 4.091: 4.72t: 3rd 6.24Q: 7.2182 9.650: Ir.856: 17.050: 19.735: 25.651 : 29.638: PETROL SUPPLY: An A.C. mechanical fuel pump is provided in conjunction with two S.U. downdraught carburettors fitted with Blundell air silencers. 20 gallon rear tank with 2 gallon reserve. STEERING AND SUSPENSION: Marles worm and double roller steerino is used with an adjustable column. Independent front suspension by means of co-il springs and links and long semi-elliptics at the rear damped by piston-type shock absorbers and torsional stabilising at the front, ensure positive and accurate steering under all conditions. 19" diameter steering wheel with adjustable steering column. Turning circle 50 feet. FRAME: An exceptionally strong boxed and cruciform braced frame is a major feature of this chassis. It ensures absolute rigidity and absence of torsional deflection, and provides perfect stability. BRAKING: The Girling hydro-mechanical foot brakes acting on 14 in. diameter drums provide excellent and certain braking, and pedal pressure is assisted by a servo in conjunction with a large vacuum reservoir. Pistol grip handbrake on dash operates on rear wheels. WHEELS AND TYRES: Detachable disc wheels are fitted with Dunlon 8.00x l7 in. tyres on wide-base rims. 2 spare wheels and tyres for "straight-Eight" carried in special compartments provided in each front wing. I spare wheel and tyre for "Twenty-Seven" housed under rear luggage compartment. LUBRICATION: Luvax automatic pump-type fed from a tank on the dash facilitates chassis maintenance, and engine lubrication is by submerged gear-type oil pump feeding at 40 lb. per sq. in. pressure. JACKING: A permanent D.W.S. facking System is built into the frame and enables the whole car to be raised quickly and with the minimum effort. ELECTRJCAL: l2-volt system, 125 ampere-hour batteries. Voltage controlled fan- ventilated dynamo. Lucas Pl00 headlamps, in conjunction with wing lamps, dual passing lamps and combined tail, stop and reversing lamps. Two electric wind- tone horns, triple windscreen wipers and self-cancelling trafficators. GENERAL DIMENSIONS: .,STRAIGHT-EIGHT'' "TWENTY-SEVEN'' Wheelbase t2's', t l '6 ' Track F r o n t 5 '0 " R e a r 5 '3 " F r o n t 5 '0 " R e a r 5 '3 " Ground clearance 7" Overall length (chassis) l8' 5*" t 7 'g ', Approx. overall dimensions of a complete car: Length 18'6' t 7 'g ', Height 6' 0" 6 ', 0 " widt h 6 '2 " 6', 2" Weight (chassis-dry) .. 37 cwts. 34 cwts. Approximate weight complete : Car-dry 52f cwts. 49f cwts. Car - r eady f or r oad .. .. 53]cwts. 50| cwts.