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2 Half Litre - Brochure 1


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Published in: Automotive
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2 Half Litre - Brochure 1

  2. 2. Abridged Specification Drop Head Coupe by Charlesworth Fir-s t c las s c o i r c t r b u i l t c o nstr u ctio n with co nrpos it e i r a m i n g o f b e s t a sh a n cl p ly- wo' rI : L , u l r i n i l J n b ^ - l v tr r e ls: one piec - rup- h i n g e d w r r l s . r ' e e n ; ve n tjia l- rn g' windo w s i n b o t h d o o r s; sp l- in c1 'p er-lt ed f o , d i n g h e . . l t , , co ll r p :e in to I ' 'e e: s b e h i n d ' c a r b , e kle st with .r r i nt er-m ec ia t e ' D e V i l l e ' p o s itio n a r r a t' xr e d by hirrgecl cant r-ails that fold acr:oss b ody : rd j r r : r a b J e I r o n r s .' a ts wir h e .sy a c c es s t o f u l l w i d t h r e a r se a t : su n e r io l- g rade le r l h c r : p h o J s l e r y i s.lid wa ln u r cabinet wo r k ; p o ) t s h e d f ille t su r r o u n d s to screen and doors ; all fittinqs in b . ': I qual r t y . h r o r n e p la r ir g : la r r - hrqgage boot with bottonr hlnqed lid .nd s epa r . r L e . . m p , r t t ' : en t lo i sp a r c w heel and t o o l k r t .
  3. 3. Abridged Specification --- Drop Head Coupe by Abbott Constructed of best quality ash framing, panelled in aluminium : single panel sloping winder type windscreen hinged at top; two wide doors hinged on rear pillars and fitted with anti-draught win- dows; hand operated, spring balanced folding head of fully open or fully closed trrne adirrqt:hlo honrh l/na frnnr ea^t with folding arm rest and hinged back for easy access to rear compartme nt i n which one off-side mounted occasional q cr i fa ca q a cr n q c hndrr h o ci n rrelitrr leather upholstery; cabinet work, fillets, window surrounds and panels on door tops in polished walnut; valance skirt fitted to rear wings ; large luggage boot w i th l i d to open upw ards and separate l oeker fnr snare w hecl and tool ki t.
  4. 4. HIS new Daimler combines the thtee rr^ ^ +st tm ^ -+ ^ -+ n L t no i ' -^ polla d rl z l i t i a q a * * - ^ .^ - - in mniorir - - - -^.-.----]9. It is fast and lively. it is very safe to drive. And it is roomv and comfortable. engine has been further The 212-71Ire d e r r cl o n e d Bv imnrorred r:ontrol of combustion it has now been possible to raise fhe r:omnression ratio and to have L;^L^- * ^-- Thoqo ^ lrtgrrul d r uql -,.r^ o^rg -al i n l qLtv. l rtgDg trtlPt r n rvr g _ ir n n v montq roqrr' l f i n rrroator nnrror and <nogd rnrl qllu : q radrrnor] anaino crroorj (lnnfrnllarj r gquugu glrvrrr9 Dygvu, vvf rLr vf rEu rrrator hoatina h:q imnrnrrod not:rru , ''* 'ia Y and st ennecl r r n acceler at ion. Th e c a r will cr uise com f or t ably at 7 0 rn , p . h . and higher speed is, of cour se, a v a ila b le . D -r^-^;-^ uorqrrurrrv + L;^ rrrro L.i ^h rrrvlr ti l rn Lurlr nf ur sneerl D}Jcgu is rD a braking system which has been brought to an unusually high standard of efficiency. T): i ml o r uqlrIltgr n:tonf indanondant rrruelJurluv f rnnl LL urhool v v rrL -c r PqL9IrL gives quite extraordinary road suspension hI^ l A i TI I TV I UILh^ d l lA l rn L + h a U d L i rrL j L -[ I tn n n rn or ra: rr' ' I y r uLrI -h j l i t rr fast without risk or discomfort. Daimler Fluid Transmission reduces gear- changing to the easiest and smoothest nrrlcess the motorist can ever have known. It is also the most trouble-free transmission ever invented. This new Daimler olfers its owner a motor car which compared feature by feature ranks very high in present day standards of performance, refinement and value. It is tire outcome of Daimler's fi ftv ve a r s' o xn o r i cn r :c in h r rildinr^r fine DAIMI,ER 2& TITRE 6 TICHT SAIOON motor cars.
  5. 5. R.A.C. ra ted 18. 02h. p. Six c y linder s 69. 6 x 1 ] 0 , 4 9 An exceptionally fine design of frame with strong mrrr. (2,522 c.c... Water cooled with detachable side members dnd a drilled cruciform ensures th5 head and water-heated induction manifold. Push- necessary rigidity with lightness to prevent torsional rod operated overhead valves set at an angle of deflection an-d piovide p6rfect stability. 15 degs, in special combustion chambers. Com- pression ratio 7 : i. Maximum output 70 b.h.p. at 4.200 r,p.m. Four bearing counter-balancedcr-ank- shaft. Hard wearing Brivadium cylinder line;s, and hardened rings on aluminium altoy pistons. The Daimler independent front su-spension on the is Horizontal S.U. carburettor, Enqine ]ubrication rs Girling principle and incorporates heavy-duty coil by gear pump, and all oil passes at 40 Ib. pressure springs controlled by radius arms which resist the through an oil filter and pressure relief valve from braking torque. Luvax-Girling self-recuperating piston-type hydraulic dampers'are used, 'and are a sump holding 11 pints. coupled by an anti-roll bar. At the rear, longr and rubber insulated semi-elliptic springs are used in conjunction with Luvax-Girling dampers, between which is fitted an anti-swav bar. This desiqn ensures By centrifugal water pu:np and 4-blade fan driven complete absence from' body sway, exceptional from the crankshaft by a V-belt, the same belt driving riding comfort over the worst surfaces, perfect the dynamo. Water temperature is regulated by a stability and precise control of all wheel mov-ement, thermostat. Pulley angles have been desiqned to and a perfect sense of security at any speed and under avoid any possibility ofbelt squeak. The sp-indle of any conoflons. the pump is mounted on two ball races. Special attention has been paid to valve cooling, the water jacketing being so arranged that water passing from the cylinder block to the cylinder head is Daimler fluid flywheel and four-speed pre-selector deflected through jets towards the exhaust valve epicyclic gear with ratios of : top, 4.375 ; third, 6.825 ; second, 10.15 ; first, 17.85to 1, Power is transmitted to the underslung rear drive in a three- quarter floating type axle by means of an open propeller shaftfitted with Hardy Spicer needle bearing Horizontal S.U. with hydraulically damped pisron, joints at each end. Gears are selected by a small fitted with Blundell air silencer and fed-ny an A.C, lever on the steering column, and clutch bperation mechanically driven pump. is entirely eliminated, The car can be stopped in gear without stalling the engine and, since slarting and stopping require only the operation of brake and accelerator, drivinq in traffic is effortless. The action Constant voltage fan ventilated type, driven by a of the Fluid Transniission svstem is absolutelv smooth V-belt which also drives the water pump and radiator and silent, as oil is the onlv medium use'd. there fan. being no metallic contact. The driving member is a ribbed flywheel which is used to fling oil against the vanes of another wheel connected to the drivinq shaft when the engine rotates. When the accelerJtor rs By a Lucas l2-volt coil set with automatic advance depressed the engine speeds up, increasing the and 14 mm. sparking plugls. There is on the facia centrifugal force of the oi1 very rapidly. As soon as panel an over-riding manual control for adjusting a gear is engaged the car moves smoothly forward the ignition setting when tourinq abroad or when and with excellent acceleration. varying grades of fuel are used. Cirling mechanical brakes are fitted with I I in. drums The rear tank holds 14 gallons, and a il gallon to all wheels. Oil-less bearings render unnecessary reserve is controlled by a convenient knob on the the frequent maintenanceof compensatingmechanism, instrument panel. A large filler cap is provided and adjustment of brake lining wear is effected in for quick and easy refuelling. Petrol is fed to the the simplest possible manner. carburettor by an h.C. mech-anicalfuel pump, fitted The hand brake is located on the offside below the with a hand priming lever. facia, thus leaving a clear floor area.
  6. 6. The standard body is a four-door sixlight saloon Coil ignition with I2-volt batterv of 6g amps. at ol new and attractive style thoroughly in keeprng 20 hrs. fitted under nearsiCe front passensei seat. with the Daimler tradition'of individullifv and rehne'_ To prevent corrosion and to increase sparklntensity qg"t. Panelled partly in steel and partly'in aluminium the batlery is earthed to the chassis oi the positiv6 ailoy, and py thg use _ot steel body members and side. Lucas herdlamps are fitted in coniunction with tnln rlody -ptllars lt has been possible to increase the accommodation by. reducing the thickness of the body sideJarnps on the froht wings. and spotllamp on the bumper_support member. Rear and stop tiil larnps sldes wlthout weakening construction. At the froni are enclosed with the rear number plate, Twin roof the body is secured to an exceptionallv riqid bulkhead lights are operated from conv6nient two - way of laminated wood faced -with iluniiniunr. The switches on the door piiiars on Saloon. Electrrc interior. is ta^stefullyuphol,qtered in pleated 1eather twin-toned horns and self-cancelling recessed traffic- wlrn nli.ets 01 pollshed walnut, and a facia panel of ators ar-e operated from the centre of the steering attractively finished hardwood. A useful qlbve box wheel. Duhl screen wipers at foot of windscreen is provided with a Yale lock, Width of 'rear seat ensule a wide and clean sweep of screen. at waist height is 53] ins., and front seat 52 ins., and a recess is provided in the back of each front seat to afford extra foot comfort for rear passengers. A capacior-r-s is providedLt the iear, oI wnlch the drop lid forms an additional roomy All instruments are grouped for simplicitv and platform. A wide windscreen with thin bodv pillari accessibility. Large dial instruments are posiiioned grves e fine area of visibility, and the novei irse of where they may be easily read, and the fircia panel curved glass in the doors and back window increases carrles a manual overriding ignition control, mixture lnterlor room. The wings are of tasteful qothic control, and an easily visible knob to provide a design-, there are no runiing' boards, and th"e use il .gallon petrol reserve. Twin windscre-en wipers of underslung rear drive eiables the floor to be and self-cancelllng traffic indicators are also proviiied, carried to full rvidth. The deep and comfortable and the sliding roof, windscreen, roof liqhts and front seats are separate and qui'ckly adjustable for rear bljnd are all controlled from the drivlnq seat. leg reacn, and the rear seat has elbow rests and a folding central arm rest. (See separate specifications for drop head coupes). Special CJayton heetrng equipment incorporating a twin de-misting control can b-e fitted as an extra if Pressed steel detachable wheels fitted with 6,OOx 16 required. A Iarge scuttle ventilator is standard. Dunlop 1yres. The spare wheei is carried in an enctosed and separate compartment underneath tne luggage locker and is readily accessible even when the car is fully laden with lLiggage. Three-quarter floatinq shafts with underslunq silent wor-m drive, contained in a tubular steel axle castng with aluminium centre. A perm_ an en t"DW.S . " J ac k ing Sy s t em is built rnto the frame and enables the whole iar to be raised quickly and with the minimum effort. The mechanism ls convenlently accessible and is operated by a simple attachment of an operatinq handle. Tools are stored in the spare wheel compartment underneath the luggage boot, and are ai;cessible even. when the luggage boot is open. Careful attention has been given [o servicing and maintenance requrrements, one feature being the fittinq of auto- Marles'worm and double roller steerinq gear ensures matic chassis lubrication of the Luvax typeloperated positive and light control at all speeds,'and exeen- through a thermal tank on the bulkh-ead. - Aqain. iional manceuv6rability witf a rocf oi 4]' ri--- D;i;5g the radiator and front wing assembly is designeh so comlort rs rnstantly obtained by an adiustable tengih that the entire assembty can be lifted clear after steerlng column combined with an IBin. steerrng removing a few nuts and bolts and disconnectinq the wheel. water pipes, thus facilitating engine overhaul. .:F Daimler fluid transmission is licensed under Vulcan, Sinclair '! and Daimler patents and is srandard on all Daimler cars.
  7. 7. r I - i. I COACHWORK AND UPHOLSTERY ; COTOUR SCHEMES BLACK W ITH B LA CK WI T H B L A CK WI T H BROWNLEATHER RED LEATHER GREENLEATHER BLUE W ITH MARO O N WI T H G RE Y WT T H BLUE LE A THE R RE D L E A T HE R RE D L E A T HE R GRE Y W ITH G RE E N WI T H BLUE LEATHER GREENLEATHER Drop Head Coupes with coachwork olher than.biack can be supplied with bodywork basic colour rn ouo-tone. TERMS OF SALE DaimlerCars are offered subject to the conditions of sale as set out in the Company's Purchase Agreement Forms. The right is reserved to alter anydetair price, or noticeArIprices ffi:i:T::':?":::fi;'J#:X'#:.lo",l TH E DA IMLE R CO MP A NY L I NI I T E D CO V E NTRY E NG L A ND TELEPHONE 4161 COVENTRY TELEGRAMS "DAIMLER COVENTRY" EOWAR OSTH E PR IITER S L TD ' C OVENT F Y ea ol l2 oe3l 3. 7