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             T O H .M . T H E KIN G

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25/o improvement in petrol consump-
          tion, sports car acceieration, greater
    road" speed with lower engine spe...

                                                                                                              Ti re :::...
S P E C IFIC A T I O N                                                                                                    ...
D A I ML ER                                                                                                               ...
B"/y                    €"/ou?!
BODY W O RK                  UP H O LS T E RY            B O DY WO RK          UP HO L S T...
2 Half Litre - Brochure
2 Half Litre - Brochure
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2 Half Litre - Brochure


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2 Half Litre - Brochure

  3. 3. .g:'-'T i .i l! ! $r*t, . l l l rr. ': :r l. l .L r i .1 i il .,lt i ,.: - lir it *X*
  4. 4. 9*ootlez 9ofinr, Tattuz, /L{outinry HIS new Daimler combines the three T most important qualities in motoring. It is fasf and liv-ely. It is very safe A tastefullv finished interior is replete to drive. And it is roomy and with oraitical accessories, and the deep iear seat and full width floor are comfortable. essdntials for maximum Passenger The Z!-IlIre engine has been further " comfort, whilst a quickly adjustable OevetofeA. By improved control of and well-sprung froht seat, adjustable combuition it has now been possible to drivinq column and narrow screen raise the compression ratio and to have pillars afford driving ease and maximum vision. a higher rear axle ratio. These improve- men-tsresult in greater power and speed lnd a reduced. dngine speed. Controlled water heating has improved getaway and stepped up acceleratton' Ine car will crulle co-mfortably at 70 T.P h' and hiqher speed is, of Course,available' Balancinq this hiqh turn of speed is a "svstem tritrictr has been brought brakinq to an uiusirally high standard of efficiency' ilaimler pateirt iidependent front wheel suspensiongives quife extraordinary road holbinq and the anitity to corner really fast without risk or discomfort. Daimler Fluid Transmission reduces gear- chanqing to the easiest and smoothest proc5ss- the motorist can ever have known. It is also the most trouble-free transmission ever invented. Entirely new body construction,. incor- oorating the most modern tecnnlque In lteel frJming, resuits in bodies o.f greater width and lieadroom. Extra thin pillars give maximum area of glass throughout 5nd sreater visibility for driver and passeigers. Ttris n6w Daimler offers its owner a motor car which compared feature .by feature ranks very high in pres^ent day standards of peiformance, refinement and value. It is-tne outcome of DaimLer's A " D .W,S .' ' Jacki ng system i s provi ded s o fifty years' experience in building fine that wheel changing, if necessary, may be motor cars. made without fatigue and soiling of clothes' and may be operated easity by a lady driver'
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  6. 6. : ,i.:, 1. I fi i :en:r:io lnnl.or fnr +;^ ^ ^ ^ - ^ ,.,L^^l ^*l +^ ^ l ^ l--^^- ruurD sr r r,,-^^ ^ - ^ ur sJ d - idl9Y1 lrrnarao hnni 11)Y the novel use oI curved olass in the rear /J windows-an exclusive Daimler fearure- and the narrow steel framing of the new I bodv an excentional width of rear seat is achieved, and three persons are accommodated in the maximum comforl, Again footrestspro- vrded in the back of the front seat are welcome features. Central controls are provided for the windscreen and sliding roof, and glare visors, JLo lf c r- -ch q' r yn O ur - :n ! l Orr Or :.lir r ol:1- la ovJuDLo!]Y cr aar r nrl yV Jlggl ll eUol r-r-m n U IU - ,1 f^_r_ t r - ^ - - - .t r ,- ) r - kF r n ,sr n ' _ r r r in rP h a n dbf-ake btuP, ldLlq uuoru lv!Nsr, }JlDrwl-yr r1 l e v er , s elf - c anc e l l i n g i n d rc a to rs , i n s tru ments and (rc c es s or - - es a l ' e a l l c a l e fu l l y g ro u p ed ol - o o s it : oned f ol d l -i v i n g c o n v e n i e n c e .
  7. 7. 25/o improvement in petrol consump- tion, sports car acceieration, greater road" speed with lower engine speed, comfortable cruising at 70 m.p.h with a higher maximum, of course : higher rear axle ratio, and. quick get-away from cold are improvements achieved by further engine development. Improved combus- tion chamber design, a raised compression ratio, and the use of thermostatically- controlled water heating contribute largely to these results. Hiqh performance is allied to ri di nq coml ort and safetY bY a patenl i mproved D ai ml er tront w heel i uspensi on w i th hydraul i c dampi ng -and and anti -rol l bar i semi -el l i pti c rear spri nqi nq, control l ed bY a combi ni ti oi oI hydraul c damP i ng 1
  8. 8. n Ti re :::.'.' ccsi .1:r c'i i yi ti rcl er :te.r i ,'. r i i t l l l . i l n e c l '.':i '.'es an.1 r:rpr-c'.'ed cornbus .n al - a:r i r er C e s i g n per-:i rts tl e u-.e af a aorl .l pr-es!:]l Ial l ::i I : 1. ancl pi r i t. fi .e, i .r 'i : u l : rc e -.r:c-,al a:ttet,:-otr as been i ,,l l rr. t. .S ,.. ex l remel y ri gi d y et l i qht eh"s . i s ^n tl dl ne w i l h c ru.i l otrri btac i nq i , r l eature 1) -ori mary -ontri butj nfl The Daimler stabillty and safety prec i s e c ontrol of thi s new D atntl er under any c ondi ti ons begets c ot.t- fi denc e and s ati s fac ti on and c on - s eguent l ac k of fatrgue. f l: t' t, u. '' t t L i r e c r a sh strl l :tl u i e 1 :r !altsilLlaieai' .' ,' ith a :te' ,, .*- : r r Lq i d ri o ..n l tl r | | lil.I: r ,. ii I :.) .t- ,1 ,' i.:. - . ' . l . r . h th o o l v t. : :. .: .' . ,b.y r 11 1 1.. elimrnatrngJ body Ci stctti rn :r nc' L stt' e.:s .itti .ott i: i b r : t i n g to l cn g ::;rl crtt b o c iy hle. Tr e tllu- sit:r ttt' r t -- : t h e e n gi n e sh o ,." s ti te a Lltcllleila' .:l:lssts lLtbt- l:.i- ir : r 1 t a r ' r :: rn c,.tn te cl l l l ille ]lLr if:l- Lead .,i- i:1 il- e '. ' . ' : t . - : r h e ai e cl rn a l l l a tL ttt t:t,ltltiil i .' .ll: :- i:l ' :-l . ..' ' : -::,t -
  9. 9. S P E C IFIC A T I O N oF T HF E N GIN E FRAME R .A C rated 18 02 h p. S rx cyl i nders 69,6 x 110 49 An eweontinnrllrr F ino dacinn nf fr:ma ..q,r.u rvith rvr(-- .t-^- orlur19 * mm. (2,522 c.c..t. Water cool cd w i rh detac habl e side members and a drilled cruciform ensures the head and water-heated induction manifold. Push na.c s s arv ri oi di trr rari tl -l i oh+ ras s t^ nrara* l tnrgi 9n31 -nrl nncratod ol 'a-haad V al V eS S et qr qrr qrrY rL l c o! at an anc vl dcfleetion anel nrnvir'lo norfa.l qt:hilitrr l 5 degs. i n speci al combusti on chambers . C om pressi on rati o 7 : 1 Maxi mum output 70 b.h p. at 4.200 r.p.m. Four beari ng counter-b al anc ed c rank . S U S P E N S ION <h :fr L I:r r i ^ 1 6* - h ^ ..- .r i .__y ( .'li-^^- I u e t R r r tv duttr i l D i ',..1 i ,'- ^ y I -I lI t n e rs . -l ^e D ri rl er i nc l enarrl enl f-o-i q rs nons i on i s r;p 116 :r r l ha- c l c nc c l " - 'nnq ""Y" ot el l ni .i l r allnv nistons Cirlina nrinninlo rnr-l innnrnnr:tac ho:rrrr-r'lrrtrr nnil H or i z ontal S.U . c ar bur ettor F noi nc l rrl ^ ri i e i i l e n 1s h., .t''" " ' springs controlled by radius arms which resist the !y ^^- - v eor ^,.- ^l r 1,i ^- lru o'l oi l pas s es at 4 0 l b , p re s s u re 1,ur al 'L'- nr r c h nF oi l r l ta- brak i ng torque. Luv ax Gi rIng s el f-rec uperati ng and nr es s r r c .e l i e . . . a l v e f ro m nictnr-trrno rr}qIouIrLuoll]PglJ .l-'-^^.. hr,.lr.,,li. r-^ ,.^.] rh.i ^y^ i s r nn l - nl el i nr II ni nts . i--- .-+i LvuPrsu uy drr ^- drrLr h.r Ar tho rorr r sdr lnra .vr_g ^^, ^l^ -^ll , and rubber i ns ul ated s emi -el l i pti c s pri nqs are us ed C O O LIN G i n eoni rrnel i o- w i tl -' ,r' v ax Gi rl i ro c l amnei s hetw een which is fitted an anti-swav bar. This desion ensures By c entr i fugal w ater pum p and 4- bl a d e f a n d ri v e n enrnrel a ahqc nne r-wrl l y .* L^r-- Dvvdy, uuuy ^...^-- Y^uYF ^--.--rtl onal fr om the c r ank s hafr by a V- v el t, r he s c me b e l i d ri v i n g ri r' l i no eonforT nv a- tha w n-c t s r-fanos nel fec t t-r s u y ,a r L ,e . rr I/ rt^r .am nar :r r r r o vvd Yr r e ..r p e r i c ra n t rl a i a d r s9u-a'su lur rrr au s tabi l rtv and prec i s e c ontrol of al l w heel mov ement, ^,'^.n^ ternoste' P rl l ev annl es havc hea" r' l c "i nned to a-d a nerreet sanse q^^,,-irrr ol uI ] t yolollyJP ggua' Lu v! Jg rh', .-^^.{ .-A Unde: -t avoi d any possi b.i l .i tyof bei t squeak. The s pi ndi e ot any conor.ilons. il^a nrrmn ic t-arrr+arl two ball On raCes. gnen;alLqr vyvr hrc hoan n:id yuru rr:lrra vo_vc nanlinn !wwrl'rg, tn rv rho..-^'-- L-rs vvdLYr ^tlanii^n TR A N S MIS S ION i:nlzorinn hainn cn rrrrnarn JI l dilLlCU -h.- rItd. ."'-'^- WdreI passlngf - -. f-ory the rvlirda- hlne i. tn lhe e vlinclc' hoad is D ai ml er fl ui d fl y w heel and l our-s peed pre-s el ec tor clafleeter'l tl--or'nL;ots towards the exhaust valve eni ev el i e oear w i th rati os of . ton 4 i 75 fhi rrl , Lvv, ,i v rv j 6 .8 2 5 ; se co n d , 1 0 .1 5; fi r st, 1 7 ,8 5to I Po w e r i s transmitied to the underslung rear drive in a three- CARBURETTOR ^r.rtor flnetina .rf- trrn6.-l^ dx re uy .-^--- h" means ^t ^- or an open nrnnc l l or qh^fl Ftfa,-l i h Ll ardrr Qni nor naadl a l rr uri "--* ^- -J arl ng Horizontal S,U, with hydraulically damped piston, j oi nts at eac h end. C ears are s el ec red by a s mal l fitted with Blundell air silencer and fed by an A.C, l av c r on tl ^e s tec ri ro eol rrmr anc l c l l teh nnc y 6[i 6p m anhani nal l r r dr i r r'on n' ufl P i s erti rel v c l i ni nater] Thc ear ean ]re s tonngd i n - '- t gear w i thout s tal l i ng the engi ne and, s i nc e s tarti ng and s toppi ng requi re onl y the operati on of brak e and DYNAMO accelerator, driving in traffic is effortless, The action ,.r l r - - , .- - vvl l D td l l t vU l td g c td l l r/q n rrirl .r oo .!u ra :i r d tvn a tr JJs drivar err!!r- h', !y . d of the Fluid Transmission svstem is absolutelv smooth - ^ h ^ +- h + V-belt which also drrves the water pump and radiator and s i l ent, as oi l i s the onl v medi um us ed, there fan, hej no nn motal l i e c oni l c t, The d-i v i no -nc mber i S a ribbed flywheel which is used to fling oil against the vanes of another wheel connected to the drivinq shaft IGN ITi ON w hen the engi ne rotates , W hen the ac c el er;l or i s B v a Tue:s l 2-vol i coi l set w i th automatl c adv anc e ..1^hy^^.^ usP, srosu rh^ rrrs s" 9r,,u ^h^ih^ snecdq vyLeur rrn up. incraacira rr.vr eqJr-_e tho Lr-u and 14 mm, sparki ng pl ugs. There i s on the fac ra e e n l ri f l n a l ' n re e nf the oil vc'v re n i d l rr As qoon aS panel an ovei -ri di ng hanual control for ad' ;us trng ^ vsq' - - i, o^ o ^^ srrgd9su I ' L ^ c a r r_rv v e s n o vuv s mo o ' L l v f n rw a rd Jrr-vv. _-rl rvl tl ^e i ar''i on sett;ncr w L- - +- ' ;h^ -h ' ^a.r u u t ' -t t 9 , rrl rrI v u Lt!Y ^- W hen and w i th ex c el i ent ac c el erati on. vr-"iro or r r l eq rf f al ate us ed. BRAI{ES P E T R O LS U P P L Y . Gi rl i ng mec hanl c al brak es are fi tted w i th 11 i n. drums to al l w heel s . Oi l -.l es shaa' i roq rerel o- "-na.aqqar-r The rear tank holds L4 gallons, and a ll gallon Ih e I reque n r .uinrenit'rce oi.;;p;il;i;g;;; h; ;' ;.' t r:eserveis controlled by a convenient knob on the j - qtr 1ntr n+ n:- el ^ l r - ne Ir o ftn i s n rn y i 6 l g d D eT r C ' S ' -4 t , t h e and adl us tment of brak e l i ni ng w ear i s effec ted i n the s i mpl es t pos s i bl e manner. d i - - n.i - l u :r r l o:s r :^f el i nr .ar br r r ei tor bv an A.C . m ec hani c al fu e l p u mp filted The hand brake rs located on the olfside belo,r,r the r .i r h r l ^r nI r .'* " r l e/el . fac ra, l hus l eav i ng a c l ear fl oor area.
  10. 10. D A I ML ER )L (J2 LITRE B O DYWORI( L]LECTRIC] EQUIPMEiT .L TL^ r rrs J r+-*r--r ^ or r udl L ^r..:^ e q {vo|- _door siy_ljcht saloon u uuuy lJ r u- of new and artractive style thoroughly in keeping Coil ignition with l2-volt battery of 69 amps, at with the Daimler tradition of individuality and refine- 20 hrs. fitted under nearside front passenqer seat. ment, Panelled partly in steel and partly in aluminium To prevent corrosion and to increase spark-intensity allnv and h rr l h c r r qc nf qtoal hnr ir r m om her s and +h ^ L - ++^ - ,. y irD sor^L'su to the chassis on the positive ^ ^ ^ - +L l +L a th in hndr r niller a it hec hoan nnccihla Pvorrurs tn inrroaoa side. Lucas headlamps are fitted in conjunction with rn nn m m ndr iinn rr hr r !y r e u uru rir ra rad, n n v tha thinlznacc nr vf t(h r L ra h v u'l r r v n, t sidelamps on the front wings, and spotlamp on the sides without weakening construction. At the front bumper support member. Rear and stop tail lamps the body is secured to an exceptionallyrigid bulkhead are enclosed with the rear mlnber Dlate. Twin roof of laminated wood faced with aluminium, The .ights are operated from convenient two - v/ay I interior is tastefully upholstered in pleated leather with F i l l cts o f n n l i shecl At t. r e t i v e l v f i r i s h e d h a r d wn o d ".- 1- "+ A r r so fr r l n lo r r g f6 ; a ,- u -, r ^ 'r- u r^i- a q a ".^r el Par of switches on the door pillars, Electric twin-toned horns and self-cancellincr recessed trafficators are operated from the cenlre of the steering wheei. is n - n v i r ' l e d w i i h a Ya le lo ck. Wid th o f r e a r se at Dual screen wipers at foot of windscreen ensure a at w a i s t h e i g h t i s 5 3 ! in s., a n d fr o n t se a t 5 2 in s., a nd 'vide and clean sweep of screen. re.css is nroviclod in the back of each front seat ^ to afford extra foot comfort for rear passengers. A eanaciortq lrrnorca lonlzar ic nrnrridad et fha rear INSTRUMENTS of which the drop lid forms an additional roomy All instruments are grouped for simplicity and nla t f o r m A w i d o win d se - e e n witr r th in h o clv n illa r s aeeessi hi l i tv l :roc di al i rq'rrrnerts are nnsi ti oned nirraq e Fina :rp: nf rricihilitrr anri tho n^r/ale! rr-^ v! v rJrlrrr( y rrv v uJ Y ^f Vl w here they may be easi l y read, and the faci a panel errrvedolass in the doolg and back window increases carries a manual overriding ignition control, mixture interior room. The wings are of tasteful gothic L^ h +r ^ u r , ^ UrrLr l ahrl dllu ah dll qa a i lrry ^ d Jr r fvrirci L 1 6 rurY l zn n h rrn u n r n r r i .l ^ Pl u vr u c . o dacian lharo rro rn l-^.r^. US, dIl.r +hz ah...i r.ile ^ r r vu .. - r LrrrilIrIq -"--i-^ IJOar USe l .l gal l on petrol reserve. Tw i n w i ndscreen w l pers of underslung rear drive enables the floor to be and self-cancelling traffic indicators are also provided, carried to full width. The deep and comfortable and the sl i di ng roof, w i ndscreen, roof l i ghts and front seats are separate and quickly adjustable for rear blind are all controlled from the driving seat les r e a c h , a n d t h e r e a r se a t h a s e lb o w r e sts a n d a fol,Cing central arm rest, 1tR C ON D I'fl Ol .i l l 'l cj i. WIiEELS ancl 'I'YRES enori :l fl l :rrrnn hearj -n enr.i nrenl j nco-no-al i ncr v-u ) !v- ' Pressed steel detachable wheels fitted with 6,00 x 16 twin de-misting control can be htted as an extra t Dun l o o t v r e s , T h e sp a r e wh e e l is ca r r ie d in an requlred, A large scuttle ventilator is standard : nd or r u J s Pqr,f , +o q L s c 6nr . ^v r .n ^ r r'm a n r ( r r . v . r ( v m 'P u t t n . l a r - ^ . t l 'r --.1 ^a- d the lrrccrcc lneker rrr'l iq raadilrr aeeassihla gygn t rrrhon tha r:r ror ic ru,ry ro frrllrr l^-.]^.l,r'iih 1,.^^r^^ ru9govq. R E A R A X LE I Three-guarter fl oati ng shafts w i th undersl ung si l ent worm d;ive, containea in a tubular steel axie casing J, J A CI{ I N G S Y S ' I ' L M A p e r m a n e n t " D .W.S." la ckin g Syste m is b u il t into the frame and enables the whole car to be raised w i th al umi ni um centre. quickly and with the minimum effort, The mechanism MA IN TE N A }IOL. is c o n v e n i e n t l y a cce ssib le a n d is o p e r a le d b y d e imnla at i: . hm ant ^f rn nnor:tina handlo Tool s are stored rn the spare w heel compartment underneath the l uggage boot. and are accessi bl e even w hen rhe l uggage boot i s open. C areful :tronrian h:c haan nivan to servieino (v Ju' v re rrry ancl u rru mainton--^- rl q rrri . e rro rrL y ii'f r, L i l l L r ( , 9 rru -r reorri reme-ts 6-o fp;frrrc l rai no tha 5'i i ro nl g119- Ma r l e s ' w o r m a n d do u b le r o lle r ste e r in g g e a r e n su r es mati c chassrs l ubri cati on of the Luvax type, operated pos i t i v e a n d L i g h t c o n tr o l a t a ll sp e e d s, a n d e xce p - through a thermal tank on the bul khead. A gai n, rion a l m a n c e u v e r d b ih ly wIIh a lo ck o f 4 l ft. Dr ivr n g the radiator and front wing assemblv is designed so c om r o r r i s i n s t a n t l y o b ta in e d b y a n a d ju sta b le le n q th that the enri re assembl y can be l i fted cl ear after s t e e r i n q t c o l u m n co m b in e d with a n 1 8 tn . ste e r in g -enovi ro r fow r rrs and bol ts and di sconnecti n-r'he wn e e l . r r r r to r ninac th r r c {,n i l i te ti n n annino n r r o r h :'r l
  11. 11. B"/y €"/ou?! BODY W O RK UP H O LS T E RY B O DY WO RK UP HO L S T E R Y BODYWORK UPHOLSTERY B LA C K - BRO W N LEATHER B LA C K FA W N LE A THER G REY RED LEATHER B LAC K RED LEATHER B LU E B LU E LE A THER G REY BLUE LEATHER B LA C K G REEN LEATHER MA R O ON RED I,E A TH ER G REEN G REEN LEATHER T*mi "l goln Daimler Cars are offered subject to the conditions of sales as set out in the Company's Purchase Agreement Forms. The right is reserved to alter any detail of price, specification or equipment without notice. AII prices quoted are for delivery ex Works, Owners are particularly invited to make full use of the Service organisation of the Company either through its own depots or its distributors' repair departments, as Daimler cars are serviced by mechanics who are in constant contact with the Company's Works, and with each development of progress, T HE D A IMLE R C OMP A NY L I M I T E D COVENTRY ENGLAND T EL E PH ON E 4I61 COVENTRY TELEGRAMS "D AIM L ER C OVEN TR Y'' EDW ARDST HE PRINT ER! LT D. COVENT F Y R60t 120421646