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Lamberti Agro Adjuvant Product List 2010


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For more information on Lamberti built-in and tank-mix adjuvants, contact:

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Lamberti Agro Adjuvant Product List 2010

  1. 1. ADJUVANT PRODUCT LIST TANK MIX ADJUVANT MICROBIO Multipurpose EMULSON AG 325 Multipurpose EUCAROL AMS Water conditioning agent EUCAROL AGE Soil wetting agent LAMFIX DCT 22 Drift control agent LAMFIX SO Spreader / Sticker CERFOBOL R 75 Spreader / Sticker REOTAN HS Spreader / Sticker EMULSON AG ISD 90 Nonionic wetter IMBIROL OT NA 70 Anionic wetter BUILT IN ADJUVANT EUCAROL AGE 91 SK EMULSON AG CB 30 EMULSON AG GPE3 SS Lamberti SpA Chemical Specialties R&D: via Piave 18 – 21041 Albizzate – Italy – Phone 0331/715111 – Fax 0331/775.577 Headquarter and sales office: via Marsala, 38/d – 21013 Gallarate — Italy