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Campaigns as patterns


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Campaigns as patterns

  1. 1. It really isn’t just another marketing channel Deb lavoy @deb_lavoy
  2. 2. “I keep hearing thatSocial Media is notjust anothermarketing channel.But what does thatmean?”
  3. 3. We aren’t creating a“funnel” we’reestablishing arelationship - apattern of behavior
  4. 4. Ad Lead 1% TRANSACTION Out with the old
  5. 5. relationshipperson destination We’ve got something interesting going on Really? Tell me more In with the new
  6. 6. • Every time they visit it’s a meaningful experience. • Every time they visit they get a little closer. • Every time they visit, you’re creating the context for their next visit.The pattern you want to see
  7. 7. Establishing the basic pattern Something to A destination talk about A way to stay A way to engaged engage more This isn’t the only pattern, but it is the simplest
  8. 8. Something to talk abouthat is important to your community, and how are you adding value there?hat are you going to say that your community will want to respond to?
  9. 9. A destinationWhere do I go if I’m interested? What will I find there? How will itconnect with other information or resources I may need on my journey?
  10. 10. A way to engage moreIt may take several steps between “ I’ve heard of you” to “I want to buynow” especially if you are in the B2B space. Give your new or returningfriend something to do here. Contribute an idea, ask a question, watch avideo, share with friends. Your friend may not be a buyer, but if theyshare your interests, they have friends who do too…
  11. 11. A way to stay engagedThey came, they saw, they commented. How and when will you seethem again? Establish a pattern: sign up, subscribe or join means we cancheck-in periodically.
  12. 12. A way to engage othersYour target isn’t only the person in front of you, it’s the people they talkto. In B2B this is a critical element of the sales cycle. In both B2B and B2Cthis is the foundation of your reputation. What are you doing to make iteasy for your audience to tell or share your story to others?
  13. 13. It really isn’t just another marketing channel Deb lavoy @deb_lavoy