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Where next for Virtual Worlds?


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Where next for virtual worlds? A look at some current technology developments which will impact on the use of virtual worlds in higher education - or present challenges as we try to integrate a wider range of technologies with current web and 3D learning environments.
Daniel Livingstone's presentation from the Eduserv workshop "Where next for virtual worlds"
(See notes for text to accompany the presentation)

Where next for Virtual Worlds?

  1. 1. Daniel Livingstone
  2. 2. SLOODLE Concept Diagram
  3. 3. Web-Intercom Quiz Chair Registration booth Choice
  4. 4. Creative Commons:
  5. 10. Light Touch Interactive Projector Pranav Mistry SixthSense
  6. 14. CC-BY OpenSource Obscure -
  7. 17. A musical analogy Budapest Orchestra, Lyricmac, CC-BY-SA,
  8. 18. Image credits: Phonograph, Norman Bruderhofer, CC-BY-SA Walkman, © Esa Sorjonen, MP3 Player, Locketudor, CC-BY-SA
  9. 20. Invariants These notes I copied 10 years ago will do Movable type will never replace illuminated manuscript