Vienna prague itinerary by dli travel


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Vienna prague itinerary by dli travel

  1. 1. Vienna & PragueDay1Vienna,the “City of Waltz”Old Town6:00 pm Welcome Dinner in atraditional local Heurigenrestaurant.Early afternoon flight to, from London (oryour local city). Afternoon arrivalat Vienna airport; transfer toaccommodation. Check into thehotel.Walking tour around the .Day 2After breakfast we will go for allessence of Viennas classicalmusic can once again be hearddaily. The Salonorchester Alt Wien,one of the best-known interpretersof classical Viennese music,presents an eveningfull of Viennese charm with thelilting sound of waltzes, polkas,arias and duets, as well asoperetta and piano concertomelodies. Accompanied byexcellent opera vocalists and ourenchanting ballet soloists,Viennas classical music revealsitself as a living firework display forall the senses.Relaxing DinnerLaterTel:0207 193 5459 (UK)0208 123 0583 (UK)347 441 4107 (USA)...a Unique Pilgrimage & Holidayday sightseeing of Vienna., city of the mostbeautiful architecture as atestimony of once the biggestEmpire in Europe. We, one of the finestchurches of the high baroqueperiod, the Hofburg, after a coffeebreak and famousat the famous Mozart Café.City ofStrauss and MozartvisitKarlskircheVienna SachercakeAfter a free afternoon, enjoy anevening concert of Strauss andMozarts music at the famousStrauss Palace. In the very placewhere Johann Strauss himself usedto direct his orchestra from theposition of first violin, the absoluteEmail:
  2. 2. Day 3MassSt. Stephens CathedralSchonbrunn Royal PalaceBelvedere PalaceAfter breakfast, Celebrate in- Austriasmost eminent Gothic edifice,which houses a wealth of arttreasures - and next visit the, and, the one withthe beautiful garden, and othervivid reminders of the citysimperial history. From the 18thcentury to 1918, Schönbrunn wasthe residence of the Habsburgemperors. It is full of outstandingexamples of decorative art. Thesite of the Palace and Gardens ofSchönbrunn is outstanding as oneits kind in Europe. It is impossible toof the most impressive and wellpreserved Baroque ensembles ofbeautiful villages, forests, churchesand castles.After arriving checking to thehotel.We will go on a sightseeingand visit Pragues mostimportant landmarks such as the, rest of old town ofPrague, .6:00 pm Dinner organised inrestaurant beside the river andmesmerizing views of historicalbuildings.Day 5tour ofPragueCharles BridgeWenceslas Square Visitthe Our Lady Victorious, and theShrine of “Prague Infant Jesus”. Wewill celebrate mass. The history ofseparate the gardens from thepalace, of which they form anorganic extension: this is anexcellent example of the conceptof Gesamtkunstwerk, a masterlyfusion of many art forms.After breakfast travel by motorLater we will enjoy a picturesquesunset from the top of themountains surrounding Vienna.Tonight you would dine nearthousand year old vineyards with atraditional folk dishes and music &dance.Day 4coach to . The journey isreally panoramic passing byPragueEmail:
  3. 3. the Infant Jesus of Prague startedin the 17th century when a statueof the Infant Jesus was brought intoBohemia (now Czech Republic)and eventually was given to theDiscalced Carmelites in Prague.Since then, the statue hasremained in Prague and hasdrawn many devotees worldwideto go and honor the Holy Child.Many graces, blessings, favors andmiraculous healings have beenreceived by many who petitionedbefore the Infant Jesus.Later a walking tour around the(UNESCO): gothicchurch of and theand few otherlandmarks.Old TownOur Lady of TynAstronomical ClockEmail: info@dlitravel.comwww.dlitravel.comEnchanting Dinner with Piano. Anevening to remember.Day 6Royal Castle St. VitusCathedral(Optional)After breakfast we will go for allday sightseeing. We will start withvisit to and.After lunch in the early afternoonwe are free until our dinner.Tour to the Jewishdistrict and visit the famousS y n a g o g u e s a n d a n c i e n tgraveyard.Farewell Dinner organized at atraditional and Prague restaurantw i t h m e d i e v a l p a i n t i n g s .Day 7After Breakfast 9am transfer toPrague Airport. If you wish you canalso take a flight at 8:00 pm, samecost but you have to make yourown way.Tel:0207 193 5459 (UK)0208 123 0583 (UK)347 441 4107 (USA)