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Breif overview highlighting a few issues currently facing health care today.

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Health care it

  1. 1. Dave Lingerfelt
  2. 2. Learning Objectives  Overview of Current Issues Facing Healthcare  Discuss Current Technology Trends  Time is a Factor…only 2 for today
  3. 3. Meet your tour guide… Dave Lingerfelt, MBA • Health Care IT Professional • 10 years experience in Health IT • No point here, people learn better in sets of 3!
  4. 4. The Problem • # of workers currently trained does not meet demand of industry • Aging population • “Sicker quicker” • Growing population of “Worried Well”
  5. 5. The Villain(s)? We have to blame somebody right?
  6. 6. We’ve come a long way baby! First U.S. Surgical Amphitheater
  7. 7. Technology Today
  8. 8. Technology Today Reported that 62% of physicians use an iPad at the point of care. Over 80% of physicians use smart phones and smart phone apps daily as a part of patient care activities
  9. 9. What’s ahead? What Does the Health Care of Tomorrow Look Like? • Patient Centered Care • Outcomes Based Medicine/Payment Systems • Greater Emphasis on Population Health • Increased focus on Consumer Driven Medicine NBC News
  10. 10. More Data Current Trends in Information Technology Enable Storage of Exponentially More Data. • Average Health System has an EMR Database of 2- 3 Terabytes • Rate of data storage is growing exponentially • Successfully mapped human genome model 10 years ago **1TB = 1 trillion bytes = 1 thousand gigabytes OR Roughly 472 hours of HD quality video
  11. 11. IT jobs in healthcare are expected to grow by 20% annually through 2018. Lucas Mearian, ComputerWorld, September 26, 2012. Health IT Industry The healthcare industry is leading the market in IT job creation, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics job placement services. Purpose: Improve quality of patient care!
  12. 12. National Survey Results The need for IT staff in the nation’s healthcare facilities is more critical now than two years ago. Two-thirds of healthcare operations in the U.S. are reporting a shortage, (67% of 163 hospitals or healthcare systems), survey of CIOs. July 2012, College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME)
  13. 13. Tipping Point – Are We Ready? Do we have the workforce? • Nationally recognized shortage. • Continue to drain the shrinking pool of employed health IT professionals. • ARRA/HITECH Section 3016, 2010 training to support new wave of professionals. • U.S. Department of Labor supports training for health IT workforce gaps via H-1B program. More Health IT for Practitioners: More “Practitioners” for Health IT
  14. 14. Who’s Affected? • Hospitals • Physician Practices • Insurance Companies • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) • Employers • Medical Schools • Software Vendors • Device Manufacturers
  15. 15. Deadlines Looming • Two Major deadlines for HCIT industry • ICD-10 upgrade Oct 2014 • Stage 2 Meaningful Use 2014 • Deadline for electronic claims submission to CMS • Major Health Systems Upgrade Software every 18-36 Months • Average upgrade end-to-end is 9-12 month project • In short, the work is never done • “Need to be perfect at getting better” – Thomas
  16. 16. The End Dave Lingerfelt Email: Phone: 913-221-7956 LinkedIn: ngerfelt/
  17. 17. Resources  and Kansas HIT Regional Extension Center    