Pesonal Rapid Transportation grant request


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In my grantwriting course the assignment was to find a project and write a grant. My project involved the sustainability issue and transporation in the City and surrounding area of Santa Cruz CA. This involved research and meeting with Subject Matter Experts in creating this presenation for gifters.
The objectives for this presentation:
1) Present the problem
2) Present the solution
3) Give the monetary and environmental value of gifting the moneys for a PRT Project in Santa Cruz CA.

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Pesonal Rapid Transportation grant request

  1. 1. “We face a true planetary emergency. The climate crisis is not a political issue; it is a moral and spiritual challenge to all of humanity. It is also our greatest opportunity to lift global consciousness to a higher level.” Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Al Gore
  2. 2. Santa Cruz Citizens for Personal Rapid Transit Loyalty to the community and quality of life for succeeding generations.
  3. 3. SCC-PRT  25 member committee  Solve traffic incidents, gridlock and grow economically the downtown area.  $190,200.00 in a two year period.  Used for the hiring of personnel to create video, website, and printed materials to educate government agencies and the public of the powerful sustainability that PRT has to offer.
  4. 4. Problem  The way we live impacts the our global environment.  CO2 emissions from automobiles  Peak Oil & the rising price of oil  Traffic gridlock  Limited options of sustainable transportation for commuters
  5. 5. CO2 emissions from automobiles One American Citizen = about 15,000 pounds of CO2 emissions each year. We are a country built for Automobiles: 1/3 of the CO2 produced comes from automobiles.
  6. 6. Peak Oil & the Rising price of oil  October 2007 a barrel of oil sold for $98.62  Peak oil: resource depletion.  Switch from a buyers' to a sellers' market.
  7. 7. Traffic gridlock  The county hosts 4.5 million visitors annually Traffic Gridlock
  8. 8. Limited alternate sustainable transportation options for commuters Commuters into Santa Cruz Co •  Santa Automobiles Rise in Cruz Metro Mobility Carpool impaired Walking Bicycles Commuters use population 2000 out of 1990 Santa Cruz Co. 1980 Commuters within Santa Cruz Co. 0 20,00 40,00 60,00 80,00 100,0 0 0 0 0 00
  9. 9. Sustainable Solution: PRT
  10. 10. Key characteristics of PRT include:  On-demand, origin-to-destination service  Small, fully-automated vehicles  Exclusive-use guide ways  Off-line stations  A network or system of fully-connected guide ways
  11. 11. How to get the word out?  Our goal is to draw attention to the Santa Cruz area as a potential location for PRT.  Government Officials  The public A personal rapid transit vehicle at the Taxi 2000 facility in Fridley. (MPR Photo/Laura McCallum)
  12. 12. Method:  Video/DVD  Website  Printed educational materials Heathrow Airport PRT touchpad
  13. 13. Video/DVD Production Discussing Ultra Light Rail is one potential key element in creating a transportation system using sustainable energy sources Morgantown West Virginia
  14. 14. Website 
  15. 15. Printed educational materials
  16. 16. To meet our objectives  SCC-PRT will need to hire  Professional coordinator  Instructional Designer  Web designer  Office space to rent  Office equipment to run an office.
  17. 17. First year funding  $30,000.00 community match  Events  Private investors
  18. 18. Santa Cruz Citizens for Personal Rapid Transit Loyalty to the community and quality of life for succeeding generations.