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Own Your Story


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What did Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and Rosa Parks have in common? They each had a story that drove them, moved them to action, and ultimately inspired them and those around them to change the world. Each of us has stories that can propel us forward—or hold us back, if we’re not examining our stories with purpose. In this talk, you will learn how story not only flows through successful businesses and careers, but how to harness tools that you already have at your disposal to to identify, optimize, and ultimately bring your best story to life.

Published in: Self Improvement
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Own Your Story

  1. 1. Own Your StoryDonna Lichaw | | @dlichaw
  2. 2. How story works
  3. 3. Stories inspire
  4. 4. Stories inspire Stories motivate
  5. 5. Stories inspire Stories motivate Stories call to action
  6. 6. Stories hold you back
  7. 7. Oscar
  8. 8. Find your story
  9. 9. There is no such thing as an actual experience
  10. 10. Goal
  11. 11. 1997 2017
  12. 12. What do you want to accomplish?
  13. 13. What’s your story?
  14. 14. I’m not a leader. I can’t manage my time… I don’t have a mentor. I want to be a better leader. I want to move into [new specialty]. I want to figure out my next steps. I have no idea what my path is. I don’t know what my next steps are. I’m not sure if I should do [option A] or [option B]
  15. 15. Is your story structure sound?
  16. 16. Why?
  17. 17. How have you done this before?
  18. 18. What if…?
  19. 19. What if…?
  20. 20. Bring your story to life
  21. 21. What’s the smallest experiment you can run?
  22. 22. What’s the smallest experiment you can run? In the room Right now In the wild Over two weeks
  23. 23. Challenge Superpower Experiment Craftperson Problem solver Use craft to manage your team Slow Detail-oriented High quality work, minimal bugs Overthinker Strategic planner Automate and outsource details
  24. 24. You are the story
  25. 25. Find your story
  26. 26. Find your story Bring your story to life Donna Lichaw | | @dlichaw
  27. 27. Thank you Donna Lichaw | | @dlichaw