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AR Class Preferenc

  1. 1. AR ‐ Working with Classroom Preferences Classroom Preferences There are three categories of School  preferences and four categories of  f df t i f Classroom preferences. Changes made to  the settings for the School preferences affect  your school (or the school you choose if you  have access to more than one school).  Changes made to the settings for the  Classroom preferences affect only the class  l f ff l h l you choose. Student Quizzing: Included are preferences  for TOPS Report Printing, Monitor Password  Required, Vocabulary Practice Include  Definitions, Literacy Skills Retakes,  Automatic Student Log Out, Other Reading  Quizzes Passing Percent, Vocabulary Practice  Review Percent, Vocabulary Practice Review  Only Quiz Length, and Vocabulary Practice  p Student Comprehension. Other Reading Series: Included is a  preference for choosing the Other Reading  Series that will be available for each class. Quiz Setup: Included is a preference for  identifying which types of quizzes (Reading  Practice, Other Reading, Literacy Skills, or  Practice, Other Reading, Literacy Skills, or Vocabulary Practice) each class is allowed to  use. Individual Student Settings: Included are  preferences you can set for individual  students for the TOPS Language, TWI  Settings Recorded Voice and Quizzing Settings, Recorded Voice, and Quizzing  Allowed. If a classroom monitor password is not specified the class will use the  building monitor password. The default is: admin
  2. 2. To make changes you first  click Edit Student  Quizzing Next you select   Classroom Settings from  the drop down list Next you select the  settings you want.  Finally you SAVE! 
  3. 3. AR ‐ Working with Individual Preferences Included are preferences you can set for individual students for the  TOPS Language, TWI Settings, Recorded Voice, and Quizzing Allowed. Simply select the  setting you want  to change for  students. students
  4. 4. Quizzing Allowed Preference Settings You can apply settings here individually or to the whole class.  Be sure to SAVE when you have finished your selections Defining an ATOS book level may be a good idea for students who insist on checking out books above their ZPD.
  5. 5. Godwin Heights Story Town Reading Series and A.R. Assigning Other Reading Series to a Class Other Reading Series must first be assigned to a class in order for the students to take the Other Reading Quizzes in them. To assign Other Reading Series to your class, follow the instructions below and on the next page for your version of Accelerated Reader. For Accelerated Reader 7.x RP The Other Reading Series preference allows you to assign Other Reading Series to your class and remove series from your class. The choices you make affect only the class you have chosen to work with. If you want to change the passing percentage for Other Reading Quizzes, you must use the Other Reading Quizzes Passing Percent preference, which is one of the Classroom Student Quizzing preferences. Follow these steps: 1. Click Preferences in the list of Accelerated Reader tasks on the Home page. 2. Click Other Reading Series under the Classroom Preferences. 3. If necessary, choose the school and class you want to work with from the drop-down lists. Then, click Set after each selection. Note: If you want only the Accelerated Reader RP classes you are assigned to as a teacher to be in the class list, choose My Classes instead of a school. 4. Click Edit Other Reading Series on the View Classroom Other Reading Series Preference page. 5. The Edit Other Reading Series Preference page lists the Other Reading Series that have been assigned to this class (the list on the left) and also allows you to add or remove series from the list. a. To assign Other Reading Series to this class, check the box by every series in the list on the right that you want to make available to this class. To check all the boxes, check the box by the Series Available column heading. When you have finished, click Add to move the series you’ve chosen to the list on the left. b. To remove Other Reading Series from use by the class, click Remove by each series in the list on the left that you do not want the students in the class to choose Other Reading Quizzes from. To remove all the Other Reading Series from the list on the left, click Remove All. 6. When the list on the left contains only the Other Reading Series you want to assign to this class, click Save.