InnerCityMedicine Networks TV             A Digital-Out-of-Home Public Health IPTV Network                             Acc...
InnerCityMedicine Networks TVWelcome!ICMN-TV is requesting your charter advertising-sponsorship     growing and most-measu...
InnerCityMedicine Networks TV                                                        OverviewThe success or failure of any...
InnerCityMedicine Networks TV                                     DOOH Value Proposition                     ICMN-TV INCRE...
InnerCityMedicine Networks TV                                                    What We KnowPoor communication or “low he...
InnerCityMedicine Networks TV                                                      What We DoICMN-TV leverages Health 2.0 ...
InnerCityMedicine Networks TV                                                 What We Also KnowChronic diseases such as di...
InnerCityMedicine Networks TV                                         Multicultural DTC EffectivenessA 2002 and follow up ...
InnerCityMedicine Networks TV                                                                              “MSM-TV will of...
InnerCityMedicine Networks TV                                Broadband Healthcare...Your Perspective
InnerCityMedicine Networks TV                                         Health IPTV Content StrategyICMN-TV will produce con...
InnerCityMedicine Networks TV                                    Media Technology Special Know-HowICMN-TV will publish Tru...
InnerCityMedicine Networks TV                                Broadband Healthcare...Your Perspective
InnerCityMedicine Networks TV                                IPTV Network Viewership Demographics    Venue Background     ...
InnerCityMedicine Networks TV                                     Point-of-Care IPTV Networks--“That Something New”InnerCi...
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InnerCityMedicine Networks TV                                          IPTV Network Success MetricsICMN-TV is forming stra...
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ICMN TV Media Kit 2013 Cycle


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ICMN TV Media Kit 2013 Cycle

  1. 1. InnerCityMedicine Networks TV A Digital-Out-of-Home Public Health IPTV Network Accelerating The Affordable Care Act’s Preventative and Chronic Disease Management Informational Resources to Socioeconomic and Ethnic-Diverse Communities The Business Case | Media Sales Brief 2013-2015 Broadband Healthcare...Your Perspective
  2. 2. InnerCityMedicine Networks TVWelcome!ICMN-TV is requesting your charter advertising-sponsorship growing and most-measurable DOOH segments, aspartnership for 2013 - 2015 across the first nationwide consumer-patients and caregivers are often stationary whenDigital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Public Health IPTV Network. viewing the content (e.g., sitting in the waiting-room), resulting in longer dwell time and higher content andICMN-TV leverages traditional and digital, open-source advertising platforms to deliver targeted news andedutainment-based preventative and disease The next several pages detail our IPTV Network business casemanagement content to socioeconomic and ethnic- including a brief overview of our patient and health carediverse consumers and their practitioners. We provide provider (HCP) demographics, model electroniccorporate socially-responsible brand marketers and their programming guide, and rate card formula whereby we giveagencies an innovative narrowcast vehicle to effectively you an “example” of our annual costs.promote their wellness products and programs withcultural acuity. Again, with your charter support today, ICMN-TV will have a unique window of opportunity to transform U.S. minorityICMN-TVs core mission parallels the U.S. healthcare and health care disparities and inequalities, as well as overall U.S.broadband agenda outlined in the Affordable Care Act. domestic spending on health care in qualitative andICMN-TV will “brand” its IPTV networks for local and quantitative terms.regional “channel partners” such as federally-qualifiedhealth centers (FQHCs), charitable & free clinics, A member of our media sales team will follow up with youcommunity medical schools, ethnic-racial medical within a few business days to discuss your brand-specificsocieties, and critical access hospitals (CAH). ICMN-TV will and/or corporate (wellness) strategies for 2013-2015.capitalize on the critical needs of these safety-netproviders to educate their patients on improving health Thank you for your initial desire to launch with ICMN-TV.behaviors and becoming better informed & educatedhealth consumers. Darin Gilstrap, ScM Managing Director | FounderPQ Media ( was the first marketresearch firm to define the overall DOOH media industry.PQ Media categorizes ICMN-TV as an in-office/entertainment video advertising network (VAN). In-office/entertainment VANs have been among the fastest Broadband Healthcare...Your Perspective
  3. 3. InnerCityMedicine Networks TV OverviewThe success or failure of any government in the final analysis must be measured by the well-being of its citizens. Nothing canbe more important to a state than its public health; the state’s paramount concern should be the health of its people—Franklin Delano Roosevelt Broadband Healthcare...Your Perspective
  4. 4. InnerCityMedicine Networks TV DOOH Value Proposition ICMN-TV INCREASES the national public health media ecosystem. ICMN-TV INCREASES national health literacy. ICMN-TV INCREASES timely, credible, culturally relevant health content. ICMN-TV INCREASES minority clinical trials trust, recruitment and retention. ICMN-TV INCREASES therapeutic compliance-adherence. ICMN-TV INCREASES patient & physician knowledge on comparative effectiveness. ICMN-TV INCREASES brand marketers responsiveness to the public health interests. ICMN-TV INCREASES national, state, local and personal health savings. Broadband Healthcare...Your Perspective
  5. 5. InnerCityMedicine Networks TV What We KnowPoor communication or “low health literacy” with health care providers results in a host of problems including less access topreventative care and higher rates of re-hospitalization. Asian-, African-, and Hispanic- Americans all reported having poorcommunications with their doctor more often than Whites. Narrowcasting “What Questions to Ask Your Health Provider”would improve patient-doctor communications, reduce re-hospitalization and improve national health outcomes. Broadband Healthcare...Your Perspective
  6. 6. InnerCityMedicine Networks TV What We DoICMN-TV leverages Health 2.0 and Internet 2.0 platforms to deliver news and edutainment-based health content tosocioeconomic and ethnic-diverse communities faced with the disproportionate burden of health care disparities andhealth care inequalities. Why We ExistICMN-TV recognizes that despite an increasing 900+ HDTV multichannel universe (Google®, Facebook®, Twitter®,Android®, iPhone®, etc.), there are limited to no dedicated direct-to-consumer (DTC) public health TV channel(s) ornetworks; limited to no radio outlets; and insufficient targeted print media speaking to 100-million health at-risk Americans.In the same analysis, there are limited to no traditional and digital platforms helping America’s nearly one million safety-net providers assimilate to the new clinical, regulatory, and health information technology landscapes. Who We TargetOur IPTV health media network “channel partners” and stakeholders span community & minority medical schools,multicultural medical societies, federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), charitable & free clinics, government healthagencies, and nonprofit patient advocacy groups historically committed to providing critical public health and clinicalhealth services to a growing 100-plus million underserved, underinsured, uninsured, and ethnic consumer-patient. Who We Sell ToOur IPTV media network “customers” (e.g., brand advertisers & sponsors) span the biopharmaceutical, medical device,health payor, fast-mover consumer package good (FMCG), healthy-focused fast-casual & quick service retail (QSR),nutraceutical & cosmeceutical, sport-fitness & recreation, and consumer media technology sectors, among many others. Broadband Healthcare...Your Perspective
  7. 7. InnerCityMedicine Networks TV What We Also KnowChronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are the leading cause of disability and death in the U.S.,causing major limitations in daily living for about 25 million people, and 70% of all deaths, or 1.7 million per year. Althoughchronic diseases are among the most common and costly problems, they are also among the most preventable. Narrow-casting consumer-friendly tips and solutions towards adoption of healthy behaviors such as eating nutritious foods, beingphysically active, and avoiding tobacco use can prevent or control the devastating effects of these diseases. Broadband Healthcare...Your Perspective
  8. 8. InnerCityMedicine Networks TV Multicultural DTC EffectivenessA 2002 and follow up 2007 study conducted by the National Medical Association found that direct to consumer (DTC) ad-vertising was beneficial to underserved and minority communities. Real ethnic patients and physician testimonials that ap-pear frequently across “minority owned & operated” media outlets genuinely stimulated patient-health provider conversa-tion. As a result, patients filled prescriptions earlier, were more compliant-adherent to physician’s therapeutic regimens,and experienced overall improved health outcomes. Brand Advertiser ROI OutlookA March 2010 Nielsen Company study noted that the increasing percentage of the United States (U.S.) ethnic minoritiespresents a tremendous opportunity to marketers and retailers of discount Rx, OTC, and CPG brands. Recent Census datashows that 48% of all newborns in the U.S. are now non-white (African American, Hispanic, and Asian). This represents aprescription and wellness-services market targeting multicultural parents and families of these infants, toddlers, and ad-olescents. In the same analysis, this represents a tremendous opportunity to capture the brand-efficacy and wellness ser-vices loyalty of prescribing pediatricians and family medicine providers of these growing families. Nielsen notes the eco-nomic opportunity for brands in the multicultural CPG space is projected to grow from $270B to over $500B. The New Rx and Wellness-Services MarketBarriers to health care reach beyond the insurance card; in many cases, traditional office-based physicians limit thenumber of patients they will see or choose not to practice in areas with few health care resources. Research shows thatICMN-TV “channel partners” have a higher rate of accepting new patients, particularly publicly insured and uninsuredpatients. The acceptance rate for new Medicaid patients is 31 percentage points higher in health centers (97% vs. 66%),and acceptance rate for new Medicare patients is 20 percentage points higher in health centers, compared totraditional primary care providers (96% vs. 76%).In order to remain brand competitive to prescribing HCPs practicing in expanding medically underserved, underinsured,uninsured, and ethnic-diverse communities, product managers and their agencies of record (AORs) must look “initially” totarget their brands and wellness services to these socioeconomic and ethnic-diverse communities. These communities arethe New America. Broadband Healthcare...Your Perspective
  9. 9. InnerCityMedicine Networks TV “MSM-TV will offer consumers the latest health care news, facts, and discussions on disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment--- giving MSM another opportunity to close the gap on health disparities in the communities we serve.” John E. Maupin, Jr., DDS, President Timely, Credible, Culturally RelevantICMN-TVs “branded” point-of-care IPTV networks feature nationally renowned clinical, research and public health leadersspeaking on socioeconomic and ethnic-diverse health epidemics such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, cancer, asthma,and lupus. Broadband Healthcare...Your Perspective
  10. 10. InnerCityMedicine Networks TV Broadband Healthcare...Your Perspective
  11. 11. InnerCityMedicine Networks TV Health IPTV Content StrategyICMN-TV will produce content categorized into primary care, specialty care, and video-on-demand (VOD) networks.Primary care programming narrowcast to family medicine, general internal medicine, pediatrics, and Ob-Gyn type clinicsand feature the broadest preventative and chronic disease self-management topics. Specialty care channels display incardiology, rheumatology, neurology, and oncology-type practices with daily content divided 50% specialty content and50% primary-care. Our VOD channels target critical access hospitals (CAH) patients aimed at pre-post procedureeducation, care transition, and reducing 30-day readmission rates. Our professional VOD networks target HCP staff loungesand private offices with Affordable Care Act policy news and content such as comparative effectiveness, evidence-basedmedicine, health I.T. and CME/CE content.Our network programming rationale is a composite of positive balance of healthy-lifestyle promotion; proactive chronicdisease management; enhancement of health literacy, patient-doctor dialogue, therapeutic compliance-adherence,clinical trials education and recruitment, medical practice branding, and HCP-targeted health policy news and education.ICMN-TV will produce seven (7) to (10) dynamic :20 min loops played daily across our primary care, specialty, and VODnets. Content will be refreshed monthly. Broadband Healthcare...Your Perspective
  12. 12. InnerCityMedicine Networks TV Media Technology Special Know-HowICMN-TV will publish True High-Definition (HD) content across popular Internet 2.0 open-source platforms. Our content will bestrategically optimized to hit every major consumer electronic device genre: that is, Smartphone, Tablet, iTV e-Reader, andiDVD, over any type of network, using one single content production work process. By leveraging open source technologiessuch as Java, JavaFX and HTML5, we will be able to additionally offer our health content to prolific non-captive (mobile)platforms such as Android as well as in all desktop and mobile browsers. This unique strategy allows our health consciousviewers the utmost in flexibility regarding when, where, and how they consume our content. Our strategy gives advertisersthe ultimate in flexibility when it comes to deciding which Internet 2.0 consumer electronic (CE) device they wish to havetheir message narrowcast into. Broadband Healthcare...Your Perspective
  13. 13. InnerCityMedicine Networks TV Broadband Healthcare...Your Perspective
  14. 14. InnerCityMedicine Networks TV IPTV Network Viewership Demographics Venue Background Consumer-Patients Healthcare ProvidersNumber Organizations 1,125 Number Patients 19.5 million HCP Staff and Patient VisitsNumber of Clinic Sites 8,150 Number Seasonal Farmworkers 863, 000 Physicians 9.5K and 35M (as of 4/12) Number Homeless Patients 1.05 million PA/NPs/CNMs 6.3K and 18.4M Percentage <100% Federal Poverty 72% Mental HCPs 4.2K and 4.3K Percentage <200 Federal Poverty 93% Pharmacy 2.7K Uninsured 36% Medicaid 39% Medicare 8% Hispanic/Latino 34% African American/Black 26% Asian/Pacific Islander 4% American Indian/Alaskan Native 1% White 64% Patient Visits and # Patients By Medical Dx Hypertension 4.1M and 1.9M Diabetes 3.7M and 1.3M Heart Disease 650K and 270K Asthma 930K and 550K Depression + Mood Disorders 2.3M and 725K Other Mental Health + Substance Abuse 4.1M & 1.3 M Preventive Services 4M and 2.4M Health Supervision 0-11 yrs 3.7M and 2.7M Immunizations 3.7M and 2.8M Pap Tests 320K and 300K Mammogram 860K and 781K HIV Tests 4.2M and 1.9M Broadband Healthcare...Your Perspective
  15. 15. InnerCityMedicine Networks TV Point-of-Care IPTV Networks--“That Something New”InnerCityMedicine’s IPTV or Internet Protocol Television is Socially responsible corporations or brands can“That Something New” that your brands should be asking for alternatively purchase a network sponsorship across an2013 and beyond. ICMN-TV can enhance your portfolio of entire clinical specialty (e.g., Pediatrics-TV,multichannel-targeted and interactive digital brand Rheumatology-TV, Cardiology-TV) or a block ofcommunications. ICMN-TV offers a media sales model that programming based on a therapeutic category such ascan be simply implemented in your current 2013 media plan. Hypertension, Diabetes, Lupus, or Mental Health. Please call ICMN-TV today to discuss custom networkBrand managers and AORs can purchase a :30-second, :60- sponsorships.second, or :90-second video ad across our waiting-room TVnetworks. Display opportunities also exist across our Web 2.0, The simplified advertising rate card is calculated on aMobile, Print, Linear TV, and Health I.T. platforms. The average $Cost/Spot (:30s-:90s) (x) # of Waiting-Room TV Venuesnumber of video advertising showings per brand will be Showing Ad (x) Length of Campaign in Weeks. Our pilot500x/waiting-room TV/month, or 250,000x across our 500 site network will launch in latter 4Q12 with up to 500 TVpilot IPTV network. Monthly consumer-patient viewership per venues. ICMN-TV plans to expand the network by 250 towaiting-room averages 1,200-1,500 patients. The network will 500 sites per quarter and ~2,000x clinical sites yearly.operate Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 7:00pm. Below is our sample rate card based on quarterly network expansion. Period CPS:60s/Week* No. TV Venues MCP/Weeks TAP/Qtr TAC/Qtr 4Q’ 2012 Pilot No Charge** 500 12 720K $0 1Q’ 2013 $7.50 750 12 1.08M $67,500 2Q’ 2013 $7.50 1,000 12 1.45M $90,000 3Q’ 2013 $7.50 1,250 12 1.80M $112,500 4Q’ 2013 $7.50 1,500 12 2.16M $135,000 Total Year 64 ~7.2M $405,000CPS= Cost Per Spot (:30s,:60s,:90s); No. TV Venues = # Sites with a minimum 1 TV 50’ inch LED HDTV screen; MCP = Minimum Campaign Weeks; TAP = Total Network AdPlays or Rotations; TAC = Total Advertising Cost Per Quarter. (*) A charge of $4/week will be added to the baseline CPS per additional distribution platform (i.e., Web,Smartphone, Tablet, iDVD). ** For advertisers-sponsors that commit to a minimum 1-year media buy during 3Q’12 (July 2012-September 2012), ICMN-TV will waive thefirst quarter (Pilot Season) of advertising costs. Broadband Healthcare...Your Perspective
  16. 16. InnerCityMedicine Networks TV Product Sector Categories Traditional Remedies Brand Name, Generics, Biologics, Over-the-Counter Pharmacy Retail Chain-Store, Big-Box Warehouse, Supermarket, Independent Medical Devices Prescriptive, Durable Medical-Surgical Equipment Nutraceuticals Functional Foods & Beverages, Vitamins & Supplements Cosmeceuticals Anti-aging, Cosmetics, Dermatologics, Botanicals Fast Movers Healthy-Diet CPGs, Private-Label, Personal Care Products Consumer Durables Home Appliances, Automotive, Consumer Electronics Fitness-Recreation Apparel (Footwear), Equipment, Clubs & Gyms Insurance Life, Health, Government, Private, Employee-Sponsored Our Customer TargetsICMN-TV offers captive and demographically targeted audience acquisition and engagement to direct-to-consumer(DTC/DTP) and health care provider (HCP) marketers representing Fortune-500 brands. ICMN-TV seeks advertisers andsponsors with a committed portfolio of preventative-wellness and chronic disease self-management lifestyle solutions thatstimulate patient-provider dialogue, positive health outcomes, and reduction in national healthcare disparities andinequalities. Invited sectors and categories are noted above and include: Rx, generic, and OTC biopharmaceutical;prescription (-regulated) and home health medical equipment (DME); national-recognized consumer package goods(CPG) and private label fast-movers (FMPL); consumer durables; health and life insurance; revised-healthy fast-casual andquick service retail (QSR); functional foods & beverages, vitamins & supplements (nutraceuticals); anti-aging lotions anddermatologics (cosmeceuticals), sport, fitness & recreation, among others. As in linear TV advertising, will appear pre,during, and post programming loops, and charged on a cost per :30s-, :60s-, and :90s-spot per TV venue per week. Broadband Healthcare...Your Perspective
  17. 17. InnerCityMedicine Networks TV IPTV Network Success MetricsICMN-TV is forming strategic partnerships with national renowned media-marketing (Nielsen, IMS/SDI, Kantar) andgovernment and academia-based public health analysts to measure our corporate-wide mission to effect the qualitativeand quantitative transformation of U.S. healthcare utilization and spending. Respective analysts will track ICMNs ability toincrease consumer and practitioner awareness, access, and usage of point-of-care and community-based diagnosticscreening services (e.g., hypertension, diabetes, cancer, HIV/AIDS, etc); adoption-utilization of electronic health records(EMR/EHR) and personal health records (PHR); audience’s increase in healthcare literacy; participation in clinical trials;increase in therapeutic product(s) awareness, recall, intent-to-purchase and repeat purchase (i.e., therapeuticcompliance-adherence) -- all of which will be promoted across our multichannel healthcare media networks. Broadband Healthcare...Your Perspective
  18. 18. InnerCityMedicine Networks TV Contact Us InnerCityMedicine Networks-TV Suite 2421 2399 Parkland Drive, NE Atlanta, GA 30324 Darin Gilstrap, ScM Managing Director |Founder Ph: 404-447-0295 Em: Team ICMN-TV Debra Hoskins, Esq. Wallace Jackson, MS, MBA Kara Prawl Lee Chaffin EVP, General Counsel Chief Technology Officer Media-Entertainment Sales Media Programming-Distribution Media Vendor Relations Mind Taffy Digital P(2)Ventures 365 SDG Ventures Ph: 310-975-9291 Ph: 718-468-2277 Ph: 805-757-2330 Ph: 203-249-9123 Em: lee@365sdg.comEm: Em: Em: kara@p(2) Broadband Healthcare...Your Perspective