Get started with Twitter


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10 things for an easy start on Twitter

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Get started with Twitter

  1. 1. Dawn Gartin Social Mediaologist 404.409.1944 www.dawngartin.comGet started with TwitterPowerful Username Username: Also known as a Twitter handle. Must be unique and contain fewer than 15 characters. Use your name, such as @dawngartin, or a combination keyword with your name like @IntuitiveDeb. Keep it social and name, . tied to your brand. Make your username memorable: people see it on your tweets and when others mention or retweet (RT) you.RT (retweet) A retweet is when you see something that you feel benefits for your followers tweet to also read. You can use the re retweet button or start the tweet with RT and the person twitter handle. Think of it like quoting someone – you person’s . want to give credit to them.Conversation Find a Tweet Chat – a pre-arranged chat that includes a predefined hashtag(#) to link those tweets together in a virtual conversation – and follow along. This is a simple way to find people to follow (you have something in common), acquire real time info and ideas, catch new resources as people share ideas, websites, blogs. Look at for an uncomplicated way to participate.Headline Write tweets as headlines: grab attention with what you have to say.Value Tweet with a hyperlink to take people, who want more info, to a website, article, video, etc. Use a URL shortener service like You can run metrics on the click click-thrus.140? No, try 110 Keep tweets to 110 characters: makes it easier for someone to retweet you.@mentions rock Do shout outs (mention fellow tweeters – have their Twitter username in your tweet) and retweet (repost what someone has said): this shows you are ) retweets human (not a bot) and that you share and care. People will return the favor.DMs are “private” Use Direct Message (DM) to give info you don’t want public (such as phone number, email address). Don’t use auto DM – most consider it spam.Public recognition Instead of thanking people (for following, etc.) through a DM, go to their page and RT something they have posted OR mention them in a tweet. Public recognition goes along way.Tweet on the road Install a Twitter app on your smart phone. Observe and tweet in the nooks bserve and crannies of your day (waiting in line waiting at the doctor’s office.) line, officeManage Find a dashboard like, that has separate columns to see dashboard, rate your tweets, mentions, and keywords, etc. Most dashboards have scheduling tools that make tweeting in the “future” easy.