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Aaron Ellison: Analytic Web


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Aaron Ellison: Analytic Web

  1. 1. The Analytic Web an R implementation Barbara S. Lerner, Mount Holyoke College Emery R. Boose, Harvard University Leon J. Osterweil, University of Massachusetts Aaron M. Ellison, Harvard University
  2. 2. Motivation Create reproducible science by documenting data provenance: processes used to create, modify, visualize, analyze, and synthesize data Challenges: Standard tools (e.g., R) do not collect provenance Specialized tools (e.g., Kepler) have steep learning curve Computer scientists are interested in control flow, data flow, abstraction; ecologists are interested in other things Lack of community standards How much information to collect, manage, store, and use
  3. 3. Cumulativesnowfall(inches) Days since 1 July
  4. 4. From R Scripts to Provenance Graphs DDG Explorer Textual DDG R Script Instrumented R Script RData Tracker R Interpreter DDG Database Visual DDG Instrumented by scientist Legend R Scripts R Environment Provenance