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Sandy plains es technology integration presentation revised


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Sandy plains es technology integration presentation revised

  1. 1. 21st Century Skills:The illiterate of the 21st Century will notbe those who cannot read and write, butthose who cannot learn, unlearn, andrelearn. Alvin Toffler, American author of Science Fiction
  2. 2. Why are 21st century skills so important? Children are immersed in technology Active engagement – Student-directed learning Students must be consumers and producers of information and knowledge Preparing students to contribute to the 21st century community
  3. 3. What are 21st Century Skills? Personal and social responsibility and awareness Planning, critical thinking, reasoning, and creativity. Strong communication skills Cross-cultural understanding Decision making
  4. 4. Who will participate with 21st centuryskills at Sandy Plains Elementary? EVERYONE!!! – Students – Staff – Parents/Families – Community
  5. 5. Student – Teacher Roles Teacher and student roles are interchangeable – Learner – Teacher – Collaborator
  6. 6. What do 21st century skills look like? Using a variety of technologies for learning and collaboration. Communicating information and expressing ideas using various media formats Efficiently and effectively locating, evaluating, gathering, and organizing information Demonstrating the ability to use technology and develop strategies to solve problems and make informed decisions
  7. 7. When and Where Should 21st CenturySkills Occur? When and where it is appropriate – Curriculum based inquiry – Student-led inquiry – Mathematical foundational skills – Metacognition and problem/solving
  8. 8. How will we prepare to successfullyinfuse 21st century skills? Professional Development – Differentiated based on needs – Mentors from JHU Cohort – Resources on shared drive – Professional Learning Communities  Lesson Studies  Co-teaching/planning  Vertical Teams (grade level and curricular)
  9. 9. In a word…
  10. 10. Key for 21st Century Skills:(CI) Creativity and Innovation (ICT) ICT Literacy•Wordle •Edutopia video•Power Point •Voki(CT) Critical Thinking and Prob. Solving (FA) Flexibility and Adaptability•Wordle Responses (ISD) Innovation and Self-Direction(CC) Communication and Collaboration •Wiki•Turn and Talk (SCC) Social and Cross Cultural Skills(IL) Information Literacy •Group planning•Edutopia Video (PA) Productivity and Accountability(ML) Media Literacy• Quote (LR) Leadership and Responsibility