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Presentation delivered to 6/21/2013 Organizational Change Alliance in Atlanta focusing on virtual meeting, social and collaboration tools.

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  • emails, conference calls, F2FHow about project assets? email attachments, SharePoint, shared drives
  • Efficient? Effective?
  • Let’s talk trends
  • The anywhere worker (yeah this is our desire)
  • However, we’re often working is less desirable sites
  • From Forrester Research:66% of info workers in North America and Europe already work remotely49% of information workers have smartphones and 25% use them for work*. 62% percent of organizations plan to or have implemented enterprise mobile applications†.18% of information workers use desktop video conferencing for work* while 55% percent of organizations plan to or have implemented these capabilities†Source: Forrsights Workforce Employee Survey, Q1 2011Rob Koplowitz, webinar March 28, 2013 Yammer webinar
  • ASK: What is the Cloud? What does The Cloud offer?Economy of scale, Anywhere, anytime accessUtility-likeAgility, nimble for updatesCan be platform independentWhy is it called THE Cloud?
  • Of US information workers, 20% use public social networks, 56% are investing in enterprise social solutions.Source: Forrsights Workforce Employee Survey, Q1 2011SaaS is software as a service ( of businesses embracing social Gartner18% of organizations have implement content or collaboration in the cloud, 21% more are planning to do soSource: May 3, 2011, “The SaaS Market Hits Mainstream: Adoption Highlights 2011” Forrester report53% consider increased use and deployment of collaboration technologies a high or critical software priority.Source: Forrsights Software Survey, Q4 2010Elliott Maise reports that collaboration is a hot topic with his consortium members.CEOs see greater organizational openness ahead. But as rules are refined and collaboration explodes, how will they avoid chaos, protect the business and deliver results? IBM Global Services, Leading Through Connections Case Studies, December 2012
  • My current Linkedin connections
  • Let’s talk tools. This is a non-exhaustive list
  • We’ll focus on these three buckets of tools.
  • Web Conferencing/Virtual meetings/trainingAbobeConnectCisco WebexBlackBoard Collaboration (Elluminate)Citrix - GoToMeeting / TrainingMicrosoft Skype / Live Meeting (retired)
  • Screen caps from June 7 Online Forum presented by the eLearning Guild. This session titled: Trainers Matter: Making the Case for vILT presented by Cynthia Clay demonstrates the flexibility and capability that these tools now provide. You can also use these chat pod as break out rooms.
  • Here Cynthia is using chat for brainstorming
  • Some of these tools are seen by many as shiny objects.
  • Twitter as one example. Twitter appears to be binary (you on it or you’re not)[CLICK]for web-based [CLICK] for app [CLICK] for #lrnchat
  • Some of the players ranked in order of use, this data is one year old and Yammer has increased it’s market share since its purchase by Microsoft.
  • Here’s a screen cap from Yammer’s site. Think of Yammer as Twitter-like. The Yammer API allows for companies to integrate into other apps, like Sharepoint. Through Yammer, you can ask questions, share, and collaborate. The app allows you to attach files and create team workspace that are fully searchable. On June 25, 2012, Microsoft acquired Yammer for $1.2 billion.The deal was completed on July.You can still create a free Yammer network however you are limited to one domain; e.g., for my company, I have to set up using for any yammer collaborators.
  • Interview with Dawn Gartin, Collaboration Manager (reports into IT) 6/18Manhattan Associates has used Yammer ~ 20 months. Installed for Field sales/support access since accessing VPN was a barrier “No question left behind” watchful eye on the Yammer stream to get the questions answeredCan add tags/topics so once can filter and searchSet up extranets with customers – product council membersPiloting with August new hire use the tool, find out about the MA cultureNote: you can learn more about ESN at TAG Marketing and TAG Social featuring Rural Sourcing, Cbeyond, Jive, GE and SunTrust
  • 26,000+ employees5,000 new hires in 201171%+ staff on client sites,many on first dayGeographically dispersed officesNeed easy access to relevant information Outlook is defacto collaboration tool
  • File sharing over the ages
  • I use Basecamp in my business. Was exposed to this SaaS in 2009.
  • Here’s a sample from a past project of file and messaging.Describe Basecamp pros/cons
  • I served as PM for the content creation work stream. Two vendors – content and then technology integrators working with Ameren IT and Marketing. Complex, schedule challenged (green light August 31, start day after Labor Day with go live EOY)Didn’t make the EOY date but went live on 1/23/2010.
  • Here’s the before [CLICK] AFTERLeveraged Basecamp across the creative team with leads then using Ameren’s VPN to move docs for approval in Sharepoint.Our team worked across three US time zones. Six travelled frequently to the client site.For our team we also used chat and skype for status meetings and issue management. Both chat and Skype allow for file sharing which was useful in troubleshooting Flash animation files
  • Again another short time frame project. This firm was retooling it’s workforce from a mortgage servicing call center into a mortgage service center for the private bank. Good news was that 200+ people would be retrained and not lose jobs. Project launched last week of August with a waterfall series of training for the work groups launching end of September. I was the PM working with the learning designer. This firm could get us VPN access only through issued laptops that took 15 business days to fulfill. We used Basecamp and texting via phones to collaborate.
  • New Technology Impacting OD

    1. 1. NEW TECH TRENDSIMPACTING OD06/21/2013 OCA presentation
    2. 2. we WORKHOW doNOW?
    3. 3. HOW’S thatWORKINGfor YOU?
    4. 4. TRENDS
    5. 5. Desired
    6. 6. Reality herePhoto by John Athaydeused under a Creative Commons license.Sadly - Reality
    7. 7. SMART Mobile DevicesREMOTE WorkersENTERPRISE Mobile AppsVIDEO conferencing
    8. 8. SaaSAccess info via CLOUDCloud-based COLLABORATIONIncreasingly SOCIAL
    9. 9. We are ALL connected
    10. 10. TOOLS
    11. 11. Virtual MeetingSocialCollaboration
    12. 12.
    13. 13. Photo by PurpleLorikeet used under a Creative Commons license.
    14. 14. ESN (“Twitter” for the Enterprise)• Yammer• Chatter• Telligent• IBM Connections• Jive• Sharepoint• Newsgator• OtherAltimeter Group Q4 2011
    15. 15.
    16. 16. “No question left behind”
    17. 17.
    18. 18.
    20. 20. Ameren
    21. 21. New web site, technology,governance
    22. 22. Financial ServicesNew Job Role
    23. 23. Lessons• Experiment• Mix and match tools• Offer solutions• Build stealth networks• No tool is perfect• Stay connected
    24. 24. QUESTIONS
    25. 25. Thank you!!!Don Bolen, PMP,