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  1. 1. Romance 7.1 Can you talk about what you have done? Unit7 1 Use these phrases to write true 3 What are the past participles of these sentences about you. verbs? buy flowers for a friend a do ___________ done cry at a romantic film get a valentine card b go ___________ meet someone famous c eat ___________ read a romantic novel d fly ___________ send a romantic text message e win ___________ f speak ___________ g meet ___________ h send ___________ i become ___________ a j know ___________ k begin ___________ e c 4 Unscramble the questions. a snowboarding / have / ever / gone / you / ? _______________________________________ Have you ever gone snowboarding? b b have / before / you / met / ? _______________________________________ c you / have / in / another / lived / ever / country / ? f d _______________________________________ _______________________________________ a _______________________________________ I’ve never read a romantic novel. d ever / you / before / in / public / spoken / b _______________________________________ have / ? c _______________________________________ _______________________________________ d _______________________________________ _______________________________________ e _______________________________________ e you / in / have / rain / in / swum / a / f _______________________________________ river / the / ever / ? _______________________________________ _______________________________________ 2 Unscramble the words and use them f you / small / before / in / have / a / plane / to complete the sentences. flown / lever / ? a ettx emsesag ________________ text message _______________________________________ b cmarntio ________________ _______________________________________ c lalf ni eovl ________________ d loev opme ________________ e f rizygzl abre ________________ adet ________________ 5 Match the answers with the questions in Activity 4. 1 Sally asked Jeff out on a ___. f a No, I haven’t. I don’t like feeling cold! ___ a 2 Beep, beep! You’ve received a ___! b Yes, I have, I love it! ___ 3 In Canada I saw a ___. c Yes, we have, last year! ___ 4 What a beautiful ___! d Yes, I have, many times. ___ 5 Sometimes people ___ at first sight. e No, I haven’t, this is the first time! ___ 6 Venice and Paris are very ___ cities. f No, I haven’t. I’ve always lived here. ___ 32 © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE
  2. 2. Romance 7.2 Vocabulary Unit7 1 Circle the different word and say why. 3 Find the past participles of these verbs. a cry buy run mad do eat fly go meet run speak _______________________________________ The others are verbs. swim win b done gone eaten invent _______________________________________ R U N P G M O c sick mad blind cute _______________________________________ N N E WO N E d romantic valentine admirer career E M D O N E F _______________________________________ S W U M E A L e heroine novelist poem grizzly bear _______________________________________ A N N E N T O f adventurous realistic daring date WM U T F E W _______________________________________ S P O K E N N 2 Complete the text with these words. 4 Fill in the first and last letters. Use the clues to help you. a ___rizzl___ g y a type of bear b ___alentin___ February 14th c ___aree___ professional life d ___ovesic___ completely in love e ___ntelligen___ another word for clever f ___oe___ piece of writing in rhyme g ___ovelis___ a person who writes novels adventurous career chocolates h ___arin___ another word for adventurous cute dreams hairdresser i ___ut___ another word for pretty or heroes heroines love novelist attractive romantic unrealistic wears The (a) ________ Belinda Bliss loves the novelist 5 Complete these sentences using some colour pink. She lives in a pink mansion and of the words from Activity 4. only (b) ____________ pink clothes. Belinda’s a My ________ as a writer has been very career (c) ___________ dyes her hair pink, and she successful. always wears pink make-up. Belinda Bliss b The __________ bear was very frightening. writes (d) _________ novels. Her (e) _________ c Did you receive any _____________ cards? are always very (f) ______________ and d I love puppies and kittens, they’re so daring — fighting with tigers in the jungle ____________. and jumping off high mountains. Her e That __________ has just finished her third (g) ____________ are always (h) ____________ best seller. women who eat lots of (i) ____________. The f The __________ heroine fought with three hero and heroine are always heads over heels tigers to rescue the hero. in love. Belinda knows that her stories are g A famous English ______________ begins: (j) ___________, but her (k) ____________ as a ‘Tiger, tiger burning bright / In the forests novelist has been very successful. ‘People of the night ...’ need romance and (l) ______________ in our modern society and that is what I give them!’ she says. © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE 33
  3. 3. Romance 7.3 Can you talk about things people have done? Unit7 1 Unscramble the words and write 3 Use the prompts and make questions their opposites. to ask Psybella’s manager about her a klei ____________ like ____________ dislike experiences. b motaicrn ____________ ____________ a be married _____________________________ Has she ever been married? c nkdi ____________ ____________ b have fights with her co-stars _____________ d suaendvtrou ____________ ____________ _______________________________________ e acrtelisi ____________ ____________ c get injured during a film _________________ f tgnneliliet ____________ ____________ _______________________________________ g arndig ____________ ____________ d win an Oscar ___________________________ _______________________________________ e forget her words _______________________ 2 Look at the pictures of Psybella, a _______________________________________ film heroine, and use these words to f swim with sharks _______________________ make sentences. _______________________________________ climb Big Ben climb the Pyramids do the housework fly a plane have got lots of boyfriends ride a camel 4 Answer the questions in Activity 3 using the prompts. a (✗ / likes / be single) _______________________________________ No, she hasn’t. She likes being single. b ( / often / have fights) _______________________________________ c ( / usually / get injured) a b _______________________________________ d (✗ / but / win a Golden Bear) _______________________________________ e ( / all the time) _______________________________________ f (✗ / can’t swim) _______________________________________ c d 5 Complete these sentences so they are true about you. a My parents _________ (live) in this country have lived all their lives. f b I ________________ (eat) kangaroo meat. e c I ________________ (cry) during a sad part in a film. a _______________________________________ She hasn't climbed the Pyramids. d My best friend _____________ (cook) dinner b _______________________________________ for me. c _______________________________________ e I _____________________ (be) to a baseball d _______________________________________ game. e _______________________________________ f Our teacher ____________________ (shout) f _______________________________________ during our English class. 34 © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE
  4. 4. Romance 7.4 Reading and writing Unit7 1 Read this dialogue between the famous gangsters Al Capone and Bugs Moran. Then decide who says what. BUGS MORAN: Everybody thinks Valentine’s Day is supposed to be romantic, right? Everyone loving each other and sending flowers and everything! Well, I tell you, in the cold snowy morning of February 14, 1929, I didn’t feel that anyone loved me! AL CAPONE: Yeah, the most famous Valentine’s Day present in history — and I nearly got you, too! I still don’t know how you escaped! BM: Well, that’s a secret, and I’m not going to tell you after all these years. AC: But my plan was so perfect. My right-hand man, Jack ‘Machine Gun’ McGurn had planned everything. BM: Yes, your men had convinced me to go to a warehouse in North Clark Street in Chicago. We thought we could get some illegal whisky. I should have known the price was too good to be true! AC: Well, you fell for the trick — perhaps you were a little too greedy in those days. And my men were waiting for you … BM: Yes, I admit it was a good plan. They were all dressed as policemen, and my men thought they were going to be arrested because of the whisky. But instead your men shot all my men — seven of them. AC: And all the time I was on the beach in Miami! BM: Yes, the police never arrested anyone, but I knew it was you! AC: OK, I admit it was me. So, now are you going to tell me how you got away? BM: Let’s just say I’m glad the traffic was bad that morning ... Who says… Al or Bugs? a the weather was very bad? Bugs b he didn’t think anyone loved him? c he doesn’t know what happened to the other man? d the plan was very good? e it was his men who committed the murders? f he was on holiday when it happened? g nobody was caught for the crime? h he had transport problems? © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE 35
  5. 5. Romance 7.5 Culture Unit7 Greetings cards 1 Write true (T) or false (F) next to the sentences. Then read the paragraph and see if you were right. a People buy a lot of greetings cards in Britain. ___ T b Greetings cards are sold only in special shops. ___ c People often send cards on Valentine’s Day. ___ d Some people send cards when a friend gets a new job. ___ e The greetings card industry doesn’t make much money at Christmas. ___ In Britain the greetings card industry is huge. There are shops that sell nothing else apart from cards. Most supermarkets have a special section that sells cards. You can buy cards for all the normal celebrations like birthdays or Valentine’s Day. However, you can also buy more unusual cards for things like moving house, passing your exams or changing your job. People spend a lot of money on cards. At Christmas alone, the average person probably sends between fifty and a hundred cards. 2 Match the greetings on the left with the occasion or celebration on the right. a Marvellous news — it’s a boy! 1 wedding anniversary b Congratulations! You’ve passed! 2 birth of a baby c All best wishes for your future together. 3 Valentine’s Day d Get well soon. 4 wedding day e Sorry to hear your sad news. 5 Christmas f To the best Mum in the world! 6 exam success g Twenty-five years together! 7 moving house h Season’s greetings! 8 Mother’s Day i To the one I love! 9 someone is ill j Good luck in your new home! 10 someone has died 3 Read the advertisement and choose the best answer. a The advertisement is mainly about … . GREETKARD 1 paper greetings cards for that special occasion 2 e-cards Now you can order cards for every occasion — just 3 different types of celebrations like the cards in your local shop. All you have to do is b The types of cards mentioned in the advertisement are … . go to and your problems are over. 1 normal We’ve got cards for pets’ birthdays, taking a driving 2 a bit unusual test, getting engaged, having an operation — plus all 3 imaginary the more conventional ones! Order the cards that you c With you can … . like. We will send them to you and you can sign and 1 design your own cards deliver them yourself; OR, add your personal message 2 send e-cards to people online (we can even handwrite it) and we will mail the 3 visit the card factory cards for you on the date that you choose. d GREETKARD offers to … . If you prefer, also offers free 1 invent a personal message for you e-cards. Why not visit our web-site now? 2 write to you to say thank you 3 post your cards for you 36 © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE