Guess what?


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Guess what?

  1. 1. Guess what? 6.1 Can you talk about things you like? Unit6 1 Look at the pictures and complete 3 Unscramble the words to the sentences using some of these complete the conversation. words. calculator coin comb DVD player earring key knife mirror mobile pen penknife scissors screw spoon sunglasses toothbrush a SUE: is / what / noise / that / ? What's that noise? b FINN: TV / the / it / be / might / . a b c S: be / it / can’t / . d F: not / why / ? e S: and / Mum / are / Dad / bed / in / two / it’s / a.m. / ! c d f F: Granny / might / it / be / . g S: be / Granny / can’t / it / . a It might be a knife. h F: yes / , forgot / I / she / is / oh / It can’t be a pair of scissors. hospital / in / ! b It might be It can’t be i S: know / I / ! / must / be / dog / c It might be the / it / ! It can’t be d It might be j F: get / before / upstairs / quick / ! / It can’t be let’s / Dad / up / wakes 2 Circle the correct option. a Tom’s not here today, and he wasn’t well 4 Write what you would say, using yesterday. He must / might be sick. might/can’t/must + be b They aren’t heavy enough. They a It’s six o’clock and you hear the doorbell can’t / mustn’t be metal. ring. You are waiting for your friend to c Listen! She’s snoring, so she might / must arrive. Your father doesn’t get home until be asleep already. half past seven. d Her jacket and keys are here and the It might be Anna. It can’t be dad. light’s on. She can’t / must be out. b You get a letter with an Australian stamp. e They are the right shape and weight: they Your sister Jo lives in the UK. must / might be coins. f Quick! Did you hear those screams? She c You get a text message. Your best friend can’t / must be in danger! has lost his/her mobile phone. © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE 27
  2. 2. Guess what? 6.2 Vocabulary Unit6 1 Choose the correct answer. 3 Match the headings with the word groups. a graveyard 4 b coastguard c jewellery d policeman e rowing boat f mouse 1 robber interview suspects a If you wear fancy dress, you wear 2 . 2 brooch bracelet necklace 1 pyjamas 2 a costume 3 a suit 3 alarm Mayday emergency b Cream comes from . 4 grave church dead 1 milk 2 water 3 coffee 5 cat scream squeak c A documentary is a film. 6 oars soaked sail 1 fiction 2 fantasy 3 factual d A nap is a short . 1 sleep 2 walk 3 chat 4 What’s the word? e A brooch is a type of . a You use bread and different fillings to 1 furniture 2 animal 3 jewellery make this snack. a sandwich f If you use the car brake, you . b It’s a small, furry animal that frightens 1 go faster 2 stop 3 start elephants. c You say these letters in an emergency on a boat or plane. 2 Unscramble the following words. d You use these to row a boat. e Triangle, square and circle are examples of this. f Pirates used to bury this. g We put these on envelopes when we want to send a letter. 5 Write the past simple and –ing forms of these verbs. a The hungry wolves were hongliw. lose lost losing howling escape b They arrested various tuspsecs. ring rob c The radio ckalcred into life. crackle howl d The painter stol ish labacen and fell off the sail ladder. stumble e The Great Barrier Reef is made of rolca. go die f The cat drank a large wobl fo cerma. soak brake 28 © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE
  3. 3. Guess what? 6.3 Can you say what was happening? Unit6 1 Unscramble these questions. 3 Complete the e-mail with these words, putting the verbs in the correct form. disappear hear jewels look raid ring steal watch E-mail a you / went / were / when / doing / off / ➧ X lights / the / what / ? File Print Send Attach Reply Forward Cancel Address What were you doing when the lights ➧ went off ? Hi Matt, did you hear about the jewel b standing / artist / where / were / painting (a) raid at the town museum? Well, our class / you / while / the / was / ? was on a school visit to see the biggest diamonds in the world. We (b) at some amazing (c) in a big glass cabinet c went / off / alarm / who / was / when / when we (d) a loud noise, and the the / standing / there / ? lights went off! Guess what was happening? While we were standing there in the dark, some robbers (e) the diamonds! While the alarm d while / what / watching / you / the / doing / (f) really loudly the robbers the / was / were / guard / artist / ? (g) one by one through a hole in the roof! I still can’t believe we (h) the whole daring raid while it was happening — it e the / guard / screamed / was / when / was better than in the cinema! ➧ the / standing / where / artist / ? See you later, Pat. f standing / near / down / the / artist / was / when / who / he / fell / ? 4 Complete the conversation using the prompts. JAMES: Where (a) were you standing (you stand) when the lights went off? MARK: Right there, next to the waiter. I 2 Match these answers with the (b) (watch) him pour the questions in Activity 1. champagne while your Dad 1 I was watching the artist who was painting (c) (give) his speech. a picture. a J: Where did the robbers go when you 2 I was talking on my mobile phone. (d) (call) the police? 3 A blonde lady in a red dress, with a big M: I don’t really know, because while I black bag. (e) (talk) to them, everyone 4 He was in front of the door. (f) (scream) and shouting! 5 Some school children. It was really loud, and some of them screamed! 6 While he was painting, I was over there, next to the wall. © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE 29
  4. 4. Guess what? 6.4 Reading and writing Unit6 1 Read the story and match the pictures to the paragraphs. A shaggy dog story … a 3 Well, this is a completely true story that happened to a friend of mine … well, more of a friend of a friend, actually. Anyway, it happened 1 a few years ago, oh, about 1999, when my friend was on a walking and camping holiday in Scotland … b ___ My friend’s called Bobby, by the way. That’s not his real name. He’s really called Kevin Arthur Bishop, but he’s completely bald, like an egg, except for one or two hairs that are really long that he combs across 2 the top of his head. So everyone called him Bobby, after Bobby Charlton, the English footballer from the 1960s, you know, the only English World Cup winning football team in 1966. c ___ But that’s not really important to the story … So, where was I? Oh, yes, Bobby was on holiday in Scotland, walking with his tent and 3 tasting the local whisky — that’s a special drink from Scotland and it’s very strong. Not everyone likes the taste. I don’t. It tastes of petrol to me. d ___ So, Bobby was walking through a lovely village in Scotland. It was a beautiful summer day, the sun was shining, which was quite unusual because it normally rains in Scotland. And as Bobby was walking through 4 this village, he heard a dog barking. e ___ Now, Bobby doesn’t really like dogs — he prefers hamsters and rabbits and other small pets — and so when the dog came around the corner, Bobby was quite frightened. The dog was barking and growling fiercely at Bobby. 5 f ___ Just then, a sweet little girl holding her dolly appeared from the same place as the dog. She stroked the dog on his head and said hello to Bobby. ‘Does your dog bite?’ asked Bobby. ‘Oh, no,’ said the little girl, very innocently, ‘my little doggy doesn’t bite 6 anyone.’ g ___ ‘Oh! That’s good’, said Bobby. He went up to the big dog and stroked it on the head … ‘Grrr! Grrr!’ barked the dog. 7 ‘Aaargh!’ screamed Bobby, as the dog bit him on the bottom. h ___ ‘You said your dog doesn’t bite anyone’, he said to the little girl. ‘My little doggy doesn’t bite anyone’, repeated the little girl, ‘but that’s not my dog!’ 8 2 Answer these questions. d Does the person who is telling the story like whisky? a Where was Bobby on holiday? e What kind of animals does Bobby like? In Scotland b When did the story happen? f What kind of dog has the little girl got? c What kind of holiday was Bobby having? 3 Do you know any funny stories? 30 © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE
  5. 5. Guess what? 6.5 Culture Unit6 Mysteries 1 Student A. Read about Nessie and answer your partner’s questions. Student B. Read about the Yeti and answer your partner’s questions. Nessie Loch Ness is a lake in Scotland and it is home to the legendary Loch Ness monster or ‘Nessie’. Over the years, many people have reported seeing a hump-backed animal with a long neck in the loch. The first sighting was recorded in the 6th century. A road was built around the loch in the 1930s and after that, public interest in Nessie grew. There are doubts over Nessie’s existence. Some sightings were definitely hoaxes. Although scientists have investigated with high-tech sonar equipment, there is still no scientific proof of the legend. There are different theories to explain the sightings and unclear photographs and film of the ‘monster’. Some people say that Nessie might be a plesiosaur that has survived from prehistoric times. Others say the movements in the water might be the result of several things including earth tremors, the presence of other animals like deer or dogs, or the effects of inanimate objects such as logs. The Yeti The Yeti or Abominable Snowman is the legendary wild man of the Himalayas. Similar creatures reported from the American northwest are called Big Foot in the USA and Sasquatch in Canada. The creatures are ape-like, heavily-built, hairy and smelly. They communicate only with grunts and shouts. Nobody knows if the creatures really exist. The physical evidence — footprints, body parts, hair and indistinct photos — are sometimes hoaxes or they come from unknown animals. In 1960, the mountaineer Edmund Hillary agreed to investigate reports of the Yeti in the Himalayas. He found no definite proof of its existence. A ‘yeti’ scalp from a Tibetan monastery was just a fur hat made of goat skin. Investigations continue. Some explanations are: the creature is an undiscovered species of ape, a last survival of Neanderthal man, or even an extraterrestrial being. Questions for Student B to ask Student A. Questions for Student A to ask Student B. a Where is Loch Ness? What does ‘loch’ f What is another name for the Yeti in the mean? It’s in Scotland. It means ‘lake’. Himalayas? The Abominable Snowman. b When was the Loch Ness monster first g What is the Yeti called in North America? seen? c When did people really become interested h What does the Yeti look like? Can it talk? in Nessie? Why? i Is there any proof that the Yeti exists? d Is there any proof that Nessie exists? j What might the Yeti be? e What might Nessie really be? 2 Look at the words in italics in each text. Decide the best meaning. © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE 31