Can Do 3 New friends


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Can Do 3 New friends

  1. 1. New friends 1.1 Can you meet new people? Unit1 1 Complete the dialogue using these 3 Circle the correct option. words and your personal details. a Hello, my name’s / are Jo. about from hobbies meet old b Let me introduction / introduce you. too where c Nice to meet / meeting you. d Hi Jo, I’m / name’s Clare. e Nice to meet you too / also. Meryem You f Do you know / Are you knowing Jo? 4 Unscramble the words to complete the introduction. James, 20 Thea, 25 Bill, 19 BILL: name’s / . / to / you / , / Bill / hello / MERYEM: Hi, my name’s Meryem. Nice to my / nice / meet / . (a) __________ you. meet a ________________________________________ Hello, my name’s Bill. Nice to meet you. YOU: Hello, Meryem, I’m (b) ___________. THEA: hi / too / . / you / Bill / nice / to / Nice to meet you! meet / . M: Where are you (c) __________? b ________________________________________ Y: (d) __________________, and BILL: , / me / Thea / introduce / let / you / __________ are you from? to / James / . M: I’m from Turkey. How (e) _________ c ________________________________________ are you? JAMES: meet / hello / you / , / nice / to / . Y: (f) ____________________, and how d ________________________________________ __________ you? THEA: to / you / nice / too / meet / . M: I’m fifteen. What are your e ________________________________________ (g) _________________? Y: (h) _____________________________. 5 Complete the conversation using the words below. 2 Match the questions to the answers. click link mouse send a What’s your name? ____ 2 software web-site b Where are you from? ____ BILL: I want to (a) _________ an e-mail. send c What’s your address? ____ TEACHER: OK, the (b) ____________ is already d How old are you? ____ installed, and the computer is on. e What’s your e-mail address? ____ B: Here’s the e-mail program f Which school do you go to? ____ (c) ___________, what do I do now? 1 It’s T: Well, use the (d) ____________ to 2 I’m Caroline James. (e) ____________ on this icon here. 3 I’m sixteen. OK, now click here on this 4 Flat 3B, 45 Didsbury Rd, Manchester. (f) ____________ and you can get 5 Trumont High School. an e-mail address! 6 I’m from Manchester. 2 © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE
  2. 2. New friends 1.2 Vocabulary Unit1 1 Fill in the missing vowels. 4 Match these adjectives with their opposites. a A w__ b-s__t__ is a great place to find e i e information. b I loved sc__ __nc__ at school. c With a m__ __s__, it’s easy to use a computer. a friendly 1 outgoing d I’ve upgraded the m__m__ry on my hard disk. b attractive 2 peaceful e It’s amazing what they can do with new c athletic 3 disloyal t__chn__l__gy. d tall 4 short f This new CAD pr__gr__m is brilliant! e slim 5 lazy g My left sp__ __k__r isn’t working — the f loyal 6 unfriendly sound is terrible. g shy 7 fat h violent 8 unattractive 2 Find the past tense of these verbs. argue dislike enjoy find introduce like mean meet surf 5 Unscramble these words. a A frequently asked question: QAF. ________ FAQ I M E R D D I E C b I hate the latest shofina. ________ N E R E E F O D D c Double ckilc. ________ d My first pet was a hasterm. ________ T T N E I L T S O e The diaCnaan flag has a maple leaf on it. R T U S E F A I E ________ O D N U R O R S M f ainilta pizza is the best. ________ D O O U T U G U E g The picalta of Wales is Cardiff. ________ h I’m not tiqeu ready. ________ U D A N Y N U R A C L I K E D E F N 6 Match each word with the correct E N J O Y E D E T definition. D I S L I K E D E a webcam __ 4 1 a small animal, often kept as a pet b Canadian __ 2 you use this to write on a 3 Circle the different word and say why. computer a canoeing capital rugby chess athletics c wheelchair __ 3 a sport played with an _______________________________________ The others are free-time activities. oval ball b future vegetables fruit fast food burgers d Sweden __ 4 a small camera to send _________________________________________ photos over the internet c independent friendly practical kind icon e keyboard __ 5 a country with the largest _______________________________________ population in the world d like dislike loyal hate love f rugby __ 6 a means of transport for _______________________________________ disabled people e icon monitor Canadian speaker keyboard g hamster __ 7 a Scandinavian country _______________________________________ h China __ 8 a person from Canada © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE 3
  3. 3. New friends 1.3 Can you describe your friends? Unit1 1 Unscramble these words and match 4 Complete the conversation with these them with the definitions. words. a oswaadny ___________ nowadays ____ 1 What’s your new boyfriend like, Tracy? b mecwab _________ ____ c feac-ot-ecfa _________ ____ d tcreatiavt _________ ____ e yeas-onggi _________ ____ f itf _________ ____ 1 At the present time, not in the past. 2 Someone who is healthy and exercises. 3 An internet camera for communicating. 4 Looking at each other. 5 Relaxed. 6 Good-looking. 2 Classify these words. athletic easy-going fit handsome beautiful independent intelligent kind loyal shy thin appearance personality __________________ beautiful __________________ independent athletic easy-going fit Maths __________________ __________________ practical shopping wearing __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ JESS: What’s your new boyfriend like then, __________________ __________________ Tracy? __________________ __________________ TRACY: Well, He’s very (a) _____________, he practical can fix anything! He loves sports, he’s really (b) _____________ and he 3 Write sentences about Anna and Nick goes jogging every morning, so he’s using like, dislike, love and hate. very (c) _____________. J: Wow! Does he like (d) _____________ Nick Anna too? ✔✔ ✘✘ watching sports on TV T: Yes, he does! He loves ✘✘ ✔✔ shopping for clothes (e) ____________ fashionable clothes, actually. ✔ ✘ dogs J: Cool! But, I bet he doesn’t like ✔✔ ✔✔ cars watching those (f) ____________ quiz a _________________________________________ Nick loves watching sports on TV. programmes on TV as much as you! b _________________________________________ T: No, he doesn’t, but he’s very c _________________________________________ (g) ______________ and relaxed about d _________________________________________ most things … e _________________________________________ J: Oh, lucky you! My boyfriend is f _________________________________________ always criticising me. g _________________________________________ T: Well, maybe you should look for a h _________________________________________ new boyfriend! 4 © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE
  4. 4. New friends 1.4 Reading and writing Unit1 1 Read this web-chat and answer the questions. ANNIE Hi! Anyone there? I’m Annie and I’m at school in Edinburgh. It’s cold and raining here today! Is there anybody from a hot and sunny place out there? SAL Hi, Annie, I’m Sal. ANNIE Sal? Is that like Sally? SAL No, my name’s Salvador. I’m in Brazil. It’s usually quite hot and sunny, except in the rainy season! Don’t you like the rain, Annie? ANNIE Well, yes … sometimes. But I like riding and walking in the country, so I don’t really like being in the rain then. Do you? SAL Well, we’ve got the rainforest here in Brazil. I love it. It’s amazing! I love walking through the forest in the rainy season. I just love living here, really … JD Hi, guys! I’m JD from Munich. I love riding, too, Annie, and I love the forests here in Germany. I think you’re lucky, Sal! SAL Hi, JD. You speak English really well, I think! JD Thanks, Sal! I like studying, especially languages. FIXX Hello, everybody! My name’s Fixx. I’m in Oslo. I like studying too, JD. JD Hi, Fixx. What do you like studying? FIXX I like learning about people and ideas … I think I like History best. ANNIE Me too, Fixx! I think it’s really interesting to find out what people did in the past, and how different things were … SAL Yes, I like finding out things about people in different countries, too. That’s why I like web-chats … Hey, what about music …? a Who likes studying? _____________ JD and Fixx. e Who likes walking in the country? ______________ b Who lives in Europe? ______________ f Who likes forests? _______________ c Who likes History? ______________ g Who is from South America? _____________ d Who doesn’t like the rain? _____________ 2 Unscramble the sentences and questions a Edinburgh / in / at / I’m / school /. e learning / likes /about / Fixx / people / . ________________________________________ I’m at school in Edinburgh. ______________________________________ b anybody / is / from / place / sunny / a / ? f countries / I / finding / about /out / like / . ________________________________________ ______________________________________ c hot / and / sunny / usually / Brazil / is / . g why / I / like / that’s / web-chats / . ________________________________________ ______________________________________ d rain / in / being / the / doesn’t / like / she / . ________________________________________ 3 Imagine you are on a web-chat. Say hello to the other people and tell them about yourself. Say where you live, what you like doing, and say something about your family. _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE 5
  5. 5. New friends 1.5 Culture Unit1 Speed dating 1Read the first paragraph of the article and answer the questions. a What is speed dating? _______________________________________________________ b Where did speed dating start? _______________________________________________ c How much time have you got to talk to each person?___________________________ Speed dating Speed dating started in the USA and quickly spread to Europe. The idea is to meet a number of different people in the same room. In a short time you must decide if you want to see them again in the future. You have just seven minutes to talk to each person. After that time, you must end the conversation and move on to the next person. How does speed dating work? You can take part in speed dating now. Just register with us. It’s easy! We will tell you about your nearest speed dating venue. When you arrive, we give you a number and tell you where to sit. You have seven minutes to talk face-to-face with your partner. Find out as much as you can! After that time, you must move on and talk to a different person. Don’t exchange personal information (your address and phone number, for example). And it isn’t a good idea to talk about work or money! After a few conversations with different people, it’s time to make a decision. Who do you want to see again? Tell us (in secret, of course!) If that special person also wants to see you, don’t worry. We will send you an e-mail with all the contact details. Your questions, our answers + Who can take part? – Anybody over eighteen who wants to meet other people. It doesn’t matter if you are shy, sociable, tall, short, black or white — everyone is welcome. + Can I go with a friend? – Yes, but they must register first. And don’t forget that the idea is to meet new people. + What happens if I get scared and don’t go to the venue? – Nothing! But you risk missing the man or woman of your life! 2 Read the rest of the article. Write true (T) or false (F). Correct the false sentences. a If you want to take part in speed dating, go to the venue and register. ___________________________________________________________________ F – You must register on the web-site first. b After seven minutes, you can stay with the same person if you like them. ___________________________________________________________________ c You can give someone your phone number and address. ___________________________________________________________________ d If you like someone, you tell the organisers. ___________________________________________________________________ e You can’t take part in speed dating if you are nineteen. ___________________________________________________________________ f You can take a friend with you when you go speed dating. ___________________________________________________________________ g If you don’t go to the venue, the organisers will punish you. ___________________________________________________________________ 6 © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE