A tall story


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A tall story

  1. 1. A tall story 6.1 Can you say what you were doing yesterday? Unit6 1 Complete this chart with was or were. 4 Complete these questions using the I past continuous. Check Activity 3 and (a) __________ write the answers. He/She/It sunbathing a ____________ Jim ____________ (cook) Was cooking We dinner at 8:00? ______________ No, he wasn’t. You (b) __________ b ____________ Sarah ____________ (read) a They novel at 14:30? __________________________ c ____________ your parents ____________ 2 Make these sentences negative. (shop) at 10:30? _________________________ a I was visiting Madame Tussauds. d ____________ Jinx ____________ (sleep) at ________________________________________ I wasn’t visiting Madame Tussauds. 16:00? __________________________________ b Janet was walking down the road. ________________________________________ 5 Write the verbs in the past continuous c Jude was watching TV. and match the sentences. ________________________________________ a She _____________ (paint) the wall ___ was painting 5 d They were laughing at my story. b I _____________ (listen) to the radio ___ ________________________________________ c We _____________ (not watch) the football e Michele and I were playing chess. match ___ ________________________________________ d The students _____________ (draw) on the board ___ 3 Look at the pictures. e It _____________ (not rain) ___ What were they doing yesterday? 1 when my favourite player scored a fantastic goal. 2 when the teacher entered the class. 3 when I heard the news. 4 when Susan went out for a walk. 5 when some paint went into her eyes. a b 6 Unscramble these questions. a were / what / doing / this / you / morning / at nine o’clock / ? ________________________________________ What were you doing at nine o’clock this morning? b was / a skirt / your teacher / wearing / yesterday / ? c ________________________________________ d c you / watching / were / at eleven o’clock / TV / last night / ? a Jim _____________________________________ was practising with the band at eight ________________________________________ ________________________________________ o’clock. d raining / it / was / at eight o’clock / ? b Sarah ___________________________________ _________________________________________ ________________________________________ e playing / were / football / you / c My parents _____________________________ at eight o’clock / yesterday / ? ________________________________________ ________________________________________ d Jinx _____________________________________ ________________________________________ © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE 27
  2. 2. A tall story 6.2 Vocabulary Unit6 1 Classify these verbs. 4 Complete the text with these words in the correct tense. chase clap cry dance jump make play run sit sunbathe swim walk autograph chase clap cry doorman laugh sit violin walk wave write a b c + -ing e + -ing double consonant + -ing walking 2 Circle and write the past simple or the The audience (a) __________ loudly when clapped Suzie finished playing her (b) __________ solo. -ing form of the verbs. Some of the people were even (c) __________ because her music was so beautiful. Suzie said F O U G H T H J L ‘thank you’ and left the stage. She was W A V I N G S O A (d) __________ back to her room when she R S C W O P W K U heard someone (e) __________ her! The man O C L A P P I N G was (f) __________ his hands and shouting her name. She was very frightened and started to T R I S R A N A H run. But the man was faster. ‘Excuse me, Miss E Y M H S D G L E Suzie, could I have your (g) __________? I’m B I B I I J I M D your biggest fan!’ Suzie (h) __________ down H N E N F O N J I and (i) __________ her name on a piece of paper. Now she was (j) __________, because I G D G W K G L K she recognized the (k) __________ and his big, a clap __________ clapping f run __________ big hat that covered his eyes! b climb __________ g swing __________ c cry __________ h wash __________ 5 Read the sentences and fill in the d fight __________ i wave __________ missing vowels. e laugh __________ j write __________ a A climbing r_p_ makes it easier to climb o e mountains. 3 Match the halves of the sentences. b I collect famous people’s _ _t_ gr_ phs. a Tarzan was swinging on a rope, __ 4 c Zorro always wore a m_sk to hide his face. b He was climbing a mountain, __ d The police investigated the sc_n_ of the c We were playing tennis, __ crime. d My sister was running, __ e My ch_ _ff_ _r is a great driver. e I was playing the violin, __ f There was a b _ nk r _ bb _ ry last night, they stole €12,000. 1 when she twisted her ankle. g Nigel Kennedy can pl_y th_ v_ _ l _ n very 2 when my neighbour complained about the well. noise. h Go and w_sh y_ _r h_ _ r: it’s dirty. 3 when it started to snow. i W_v_ y_ _r h_nds in the air! 4 when it broke and he fell down. j My skin always goes red when I s_nb_th_. 5 when we lost the ball. 28 © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE
  3. 3. A tall story 6.3 Can you describe things that were happening? Unit6 1 Complete these sentences with these 4 Look at the pictures and write the verbs. Use the past continuous. verbs in the correct form: past continuous or past simple. climb film swing wait walk watch a b a We ______________ Tarzan in Africa. were filming b Tarzan and the gorilla ______________ a tree. c Tarzan ______________ on a rope. c d d She ______________ down the road e I ______________ for the bus for a long time. a The children _____________ (play) a were playing f Mike ______________ a tennis game on TV. football match when they _____________ broke 2 Look at the chart and write true (break) the window. b My dad and I _____________ (work) in the sentences. Use the past continuous. garden when it _____________ (start) to rain. On Friday Maria and Carla Jake c My mum _____________ (talk) to Susan on evening... Sophie the phone when the fire _____________ a play tennis (start). b phone a friend d They _____________ (wait) at the station c sit on a sofa when the train _____________ (arrive). d e read a book shop 5 Jake’s granddad is talking about his time in Hollywood. Write questions using the prompts and the past a _________________________________________ On Friday evening, Carla was playing tennis. continuous. b _________________________________________ c _________________________________________ a (Where / you / live) d _________________________________________ ____________________________ in the ’80s? Where were you living e _________________________________________ b (What / you / do) ____________________________ there? c (Who / direct ) 3 Write negative sentences. ____________________________ you? a Carla / phone a friend d (Which film company / you / work) _________________________________________ Carla wasn’t phoning a friend. ____________________________ for? b Jake / shop _________________________________________ 6 Now connect each question to the c Carla / read a book correct answer. _________________________________________ 1 I was working as a stuntman. ____ d Maria and Sophie / sit on a sofa 2 Let me see. MGM, I think. ____ _________________________________________ 3 I was living in Hollywood. ____ a e Maria and Sophie / play tennis 4 Spielberg was, of course. He’s a brilliant _________________________________________ director! ____ © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE 29
  4. 4. A tall story 6.4 Reading and writing Unit6 1 Match the pictures to the different parts of this story. 1 4 6 2 3 5 a _____ Then he was really in trouble. A pilot saw Larry as he was drifting into the airspace of Los 4 Angeles International Airport. He radioed the airport and said he was passing a guy in a garden chair with a gun – 4,000 metres above ground. Night was coming and a breeze was blowing Larry out to sea while a helicopter was following him. b _____ Larry tied the balloons to his garden chair and filled them with the gas. He was filling the balloons and when he noticed that the chair was a metre above ground, so he climbed on the chair to test it. It worked! Smiling to himself, Larry packed some sandwiches and his air gun. He thought that when it was time to descend he could burst some balloons. c _____ Larry Waters of Los Angeles only had one dream – he wanted to fly. Unfortunately, he didn’t get into the Air Force. So, day after day, Larry watched aeroplanes fly over his house. Then one day, while he was watching the sky, Larry had an idea. He went to a shop and bought forty-five weather balloons and some helium. d _____ The police were waiting for Larry when he landed. As they were leading him away, Larry said to reporters: ‘A man can't just sit around.’ e _____ So, he cut the rope that kept the balloons down. He found himself shooting up into the sky — very, very quickly! The floating garden chair was climbing higher and higher. Larry was nervous. He was thinking about shooting the balloons, but he didn’t want to come down as quickly as he went up! f _____ It was difficult to rescue Larry because every time they got near to him, the wind from the helicopter blew Larry away. Eventually, he caught a rope and slowly came down to Earth. 2 Now put the story in the correct order. First ____ c Second ____ Third ____ Fourth ____ Fifth ____ Sixth ____ 3 Write true (T) or false (F). Correct the false sentences. a Larry never wanted to fly. _________________________________ F — Larry always wanted to fly. b He got his idea while he looking at aeroplanes. _________________________________ c The chair went up faster than Larry expected. _________________________________ d Larry was never worried about his situation. _________________________________ e The wind made Larry and his balloons fly towards the sea. _________________________________ f A helicopter rescued Larry. _________________________________ g The police were happy about Larry. _________________________________ 30 © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE
  5. 5. A tall story 6.5 Culture Unit6 The Pied Piper 1 Read the story and put these six pictures in order. 1 a b c d e f Five hundred years ago… So, the Pied Piper walked into the streets and took out his pipe. With three high notes —peep, peep, peep!— he in Germany, in a town called Hamelin, by the river Weser, woke up all the rats. Suddenly there were hundreds of rats there was an invasion of rats. There were rats of every in the streets, following the Piper. Big and small, fat and kind: big rats, small rats, black and grey, they were tall, young and old, mothers and their families, all the rats everywhere. They fought the dogs, killed the cats, followed the Piper, dancing happily. He danced with them, bit the babies and ate all the food they could find. playing his pipe and guiding them into the river Weser — where they all danced in and drowned! Terrified, the people of Hamelin went to see the Mayor. While they were in the Town Hall, a very strange man When the Piper asked for his filty thousand guilders, the appeared. Tall and thin, with long blond hair and bright Mayor told him that the town had no money. ‘What is blue eyes, the man was wearing a long coat, half yellow dead cannot return’, laughed the Mayor. ‘We’ll give you and half red, with a long yellow scarf round his neck. just fifty guilders. Goodbye!’ ‘What strange clothes’, they thought. ‘He looks like a man The angry Piper Piper walked into the streets and took from the past.’ out his pipe. With three high notes —peep, peep, peep!— ‘I can make all the creatures living under the sun follow he woke up all the children, Suddenly there were me, so you will never see them again. People call me the hundreds of children in the streets, following the Piper All Pied Piper!’ he said, touching his pipe. He continued: ‘I am the children of the town were there, dancing to the Piper’s only a poor piper, but my pipe has freed other countries of music. He danced with them, playing his pipe and guiding plagues. If I can free your town of rats, will you give me a them up a mountain and into a cave. The cave closed and thousand guilders?’ they disappeared — forever! ‘Only a thousand? We’ll give you fifty thousand!’ The people of Hamelin were devastated. They never saw exclaimed the Mayor. their children again. If only they had kept their promise. 2 Read the story again and complete this glossary with the grey words from the story. a ______________ - past tense of fight e ______________ - g ______________ - b ______________ - past tense of bite c ______________ - past tense of eat d ______________ - died under water f ______________ - h ______________ - © Richmond Publishing, 2004 PHOTOCOPIABLE 31