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3. Types of PPPs


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3. Types of PPPs

  1. 1. Why IFC
  2. 2. The partner of choice in PPPs
  3. 3. IFC’s added value
  4. 4. One World Bank Group: Multi-faceted
  5. 5. A perfect partnership
  6. 6. IFC’s record of success
  7. 7. Impact of IFC’s PPPs in private investment Developmental impact of IFC projects closed FY05 to FY13
  8. 8. LEARN MORE ABOUT PPPS. Watch the other presentations in our series: • PPPs in Emerging Markets • Types of PPPs • The Case for PPPs • PPPs in Action: Case Studies • Why PPP Transaction Advisors? • How to work with IFC on a PPP DEVELOP YOUR PPP EXPERTISE Subscribe to our mailing list and get our quarterly PPP journal, Handshake, absolutely free. Listen to the experts. Download: LOGO AND HOME LINK HERE