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BSD Certification                                                             Innovative                                  ...
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Simple brochure for BSD Certification.

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  1. 1. BSD Certification Innovative Community Driven Get Certified!Why Get BSD Certified?The BSD Certification Group Inc. (BSDCG) is a non-profit organization committedto creating and maintaining a global certification standard for systemadministration on BSD based operating systems. The BSDCG works closely withBSD system administrators and the companies that hire them to ensure that theexaminations are practical and assess the skills needed in the work place.All examinations are psychometrically valid, meaning that they undergo a rigorousand ongoing creation process. This also means that certifications match thepublished examination requirements and that these requirements are suited forintegration into existing or new accredited post-secondary educational programs.BSD operating systems are freely available, open source, and based on the originalBerkeley Unix, making them an ideal platform for learning Unix administrationskills. BSD certification allows a system administrator to demonstrate proficiencyin Unix.What BSD Certifications are Available?BSDA: the BSDA (BSD Administrator) certification has been available sinceFebruary, 2008. The BSDA is an entry-level certification suited for candidates witha general Unix background and at least six months of experience with BSDsystems. The successful BSDA candidate is able to complete commonadministrative and troubleshooting tasks and has a good understanding of generalBSD Unix and networking principles. The BSDA exam is scored for 100 questionscovering 7 knowledge domains. You can download the Certification Requirementsfor the BSDA at: the BSDP (BSD Professional) certification is currently being created and isexpected to be available by early 2012. The BSDP certification is designed to be anadvanced certification for senior system administrators with at least three years ofexperience on BSD systems. The successful BSDP candidate is able to demonstratestrong to expert skills in BSD Unix system administration. The successful candidateunderstands and uses both basic and advanced system administration commandsdemonstrating proficiency in eleven study domains. You can download theCertification Requirements for the BSDP at:
  2. 2. BSD Certification Innovative Community Driven Get Certified!Where Can I Get Certified?Paper based BSDA certifications are available at exam events hosted by technicalconferences, user groups, employers, and universities across the globe. Past andcurrent events are listed at Ifyou would like to help organize an exam event in your geographic area, to arrange the details.Beginning in Q2 2011, the BSDA will be available as a computer based exam thatis delivered through testing centers. Well announce the details and testing centerlocations by end of Q1 2011.The upcoming BSDP certification will be both paper and computer based. Detailson its availability should be announced by Q1 2012.How Much Do the Exams Cost?The BSDCG has worked hard to make its certification exams globally affordable.Paper based BSDA exams cost $75 USD. Computer based BSDA exams cost $150USD.The price of the BSDP exams are yet to be determined.Where Can I Get More Information?More information and links to our mailing lists, LinkedIn groups, and Facebookgroup are available at our website:http://www.bsdcertification.orgRegistration for upcoming exam events is available at our registration website: