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347 Lake Ave So.
Spicer, MN 56288
Office – 800-325-2760
Mobile – 219-898-1021

Dakota County Alternative School                                                            1980 – 1992
Taught the Trouble...
David Resume
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David Resume


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Outline of David Laursen's business experience

Published in: Business, Education
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David Resume

  1. 1. DAVID B. LAURSEN 347 Lake Ave So. Spicer, MN 56288 Office – 800-325-2760 Mobile – 219-898-1021 PROFILE Since 1992, David has a demonstrated talent in the development of educational programs for adults in emerging industries. Wirsbo, where David started as their training manager, developed a world renowned hydronic education program for emerging hydronic heating, educating over 10,000 plumbing and heating contractors. The same format is still in use today and has been adopted by numbers of other industry leaders. After only 6 months as training manager, David was promoted to national sales manager and one year later, general manager. David joined Weil-McLain, a member of the publicly traded company SPX (NYSE SPW) as Managing Director to take over their failing radiant and plumbing division. In 2003, David had the opportunity to purchase a small alternative energy company in Minnesota where he has grown it, dismantled it, and grew it again. In 2003, the revenues were $3MM with $200K EBITDA and 22 employees. By 2007, Aqua-Therm has more than tripled its EBITDA. David has extensive experience in the global business environment as well as extensive and intensive contract negotiations, from Italy, to China, and all points in-between. David’s project management experience has included field turf conditioning for the Baltimore Ravens Football Stadium, Green Bay Packers, Washington Redskins and more to complex engineering projects such as developing a “digestion” rock for the Apple Valley Zoo’s Komodo dragon exhibit and the entire heating and snow melt system for Bill Gates personal residence and, someone more important than Bill and Melinda Gates, Mike Singletary’s residence in Barrington was a personal project of mine. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Windations, LLC 2006 - present Recognized a gap in the wind energy sector and developed A business plan that filled the gap 2008 Turnover at $6MM Aqua-Therm, LLC 2003 – present Owner Alternative Energy Appliance Manufacturer Annual Turn-over - $10MM – Up from $3MM in 2003 Weil-McLain 1999 - 2003 Managing Director, Radiant and Plumbing Division Wirsbo (now Uponor USA) 1992 - 1999 Corporate Training Manager, National Sales Manager, General Manager Responsible for growing sales, in a large part to the nationally recognized Training Program, from $3MM in 1992 to $46MM in 1999
  2. 2. Dakota County Alternative School 1980 – 1992 Taught the Troubled Youth/At Risk High School Program EDUCATION BS, Education, University of Minnesota Minor in Behavior Psychology Held Licensure from K-12 and Adult Education MS, Education, University of Minnesota Minnesota State College, 82 credits, Computer Science University of Minnesota, need 22 credits to finish Behavioral Psychology Degree Paramedic Licensure, Metro U – Minneapolis Hennepin County Medical Center National Association of Home Builders Certified Master Graduate Builder Numerous American Management Association course work dealing with all aspects of running a large company, from finance, human resource, logistics, to negotiations, statistical analysis and operations Star Development Program – Uponor (a publically traded Finnish Company) A 2 year program to educate their top 20 executives from divisions around the world – Completed the course as the number one executive Keirsey Profile Test – Rated Field Marshall – less than 0.02% of the population SPX 360 Degree Executive Analysis – Testing was for their top executives from their 20 different companies which I finished in the top 5% Wrote a “Train the Trainer” book dealing with how to teach adults that is still used by companies such as Uponor, Weil-McLain, TACO, and more Companies: Comfort Heat Systems, LLC – The Parent Company of Aqua-Therm, LLC. Designed to bring bolt-on acquisitions seamlessly into our market – Owned entirely by David Laursen Aqua-Therm, LLC – – owned entirely by David Laursen Windations, LLC - – Owned by Dwight Laursen, CEO, David Laursen, EVP, and Victoria Abrahamson, advisor and board member Mailing Address: P.O. Box 250 Spicer, MN 56288 Minnesota Offices located at: Sales and Marketing - 17 Ash St. NE, New London, MN Distribution Center – 48301 State Highway 55, Brooten, MN