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Edmodo training


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How to set up a student and teacher account in Edmodo, a tour of the features and an opportunity to practice.

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Edmodo training

  1. 1. One CoolTool toConnect,EngageandCollaborateDeborahAughey,NBCTAPLanguageandJournalismTeacherCampbell High School, June 12, 2013Edmodo
  2. 2. First, some definitions-“hybrid learning”
  3. 3. Advantages for a hybrid ora flipped classroom Establishes dialogue and idea exchangebetween students, educators, and subjectmatter experts regardless of locations. Lectures become homework and class timeis used for collaborative studentwork, experiential exercises, debate, andlab work.
  4. 4. Advantages for a hybrid ora flipped classroom Extends access to scarce resources, suchas specialized teachers and courses, tomore students, allowing them to learn fromthe best sources and maintain access tochallenging curriculum. Enables students to access courses athigher-level institutions, allowing themto progress at their own pace.
  5. 5. Advantages for a hybrid ora flipped classroom Prepares students for a future as globalcitizens. Allows them to meet students andteachers from around the world toexperience theirculture, language, ideas, and sharedexperiences. Allows students with multiple learningstyles and abilities to learn at their ownpace and through traditional models.
  6. 6. Learning ManagementSystem (LMS)Edmodo is the2nd most usedLMS inAmerica, aheadof Blackboard.
  7. 7. Edmodo- student’s sideGo to the Edmodo home page andmake an account.
  8. 8. Edmodo- student’s sideInput the group code your teachergives you. Sign up only once. Eachteacher will give you a different groupcode. For the training, the code is:3mwo02
  9. 9. Edmodo- student’s sideAbide by the guidelines of digitalcitizenship.
  10. 10. Edmodo- student’s sideGroupsNotificationsNewsStreamParent Code
  11. 11. Edmodo- student’s side.Students canupload theirown work intothe backpack.Teachers canshare resourcesin the folderssection.
  12. 12. Edmodo- student’s side.
  13. 13. Edmodo- student’s side.
  14. 14. Edmodo- student’s side.
  15. 15. Edmodo- student’s side.
  16. 16. Edmodo- student’s side demoSend a message to your instructor or yourclassmates. Add a link or an attachment.
  17. 17. Edmodo- student’s side demoClick on the quiz and take it.
  18. 18. Edmodo- student’s side demoTake the poll and see the results in real time.
  19. 19. Edmodo- student’s side demoClick on the App Edcanvas. Resources can becompiled and shared.
  20. 20. Edmodo Mobile
  21. 21. Edmodo Mobile.
  22. 22. Edmodo Mobile.
  23. 23. Recap, Review and Preview
  24. 24. EDMODO Part II-flip to the teacher role to create aclass and use the instructorfunctions.
  25. 25. Edmodo- teacher’s side.
  26. 26. Edmodo- teacher’s side.
  27. 27. Edmodo- teacher’s side.
  28. 28. Edmodo- teacher’s side.
  29. 29. Edmodo- teacher’s side.
  30. 30. Edmodo- teacher’s side.
  31. 31. Edmodo- teacher’s side
  32. 32. Edmodo- teacher’s side.
  33. 33. Edmodo- teacher’s side.
  34. 34. Edmodo- teacher’s side.
  35. 35. Edmodo- teacher’s side.
  36. 36. Questions?