SMARTen Up! Part 3 v3.1


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Slide deck from a SMART Notebook file used to teach about various interactive web 2.0 tools and the pedagogy behind using a SMARTboard. Workshop held at Manitoba Education Professional Learning Lab, 21 June 2010.

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SMARTen Up! Part 3 v3.1

  1. 1. Darren Kuropatwa TOOLS b Manitoba Education Winnipeg, Manitoba June 21, 2010 we number 2 by flickr user Leo Reynolds Fros t flick y Morni r use n r fox g Web b ypar y 4
  2. 2. Can you tell the difference? remember this? =
  3. 3. Can you tell the difference? = Macroscopy by flickr user foxgrrl Series 1923 U.S. 1$ Silver Certificate by flickr user LostBob Photos
  4. 4. Adding Sounds remember this? I want to work with better images
  5. 5. Adding Sounds Father and son baseball by flickr user mikebaird girl in redribbons"" by flickr user focus2capture I'm taking a stand by flickr user Valerie Everett Road Closed by flickr user MOEVIEW is Aaron Molina
  6. 6.
  7. 7. MITOSIS Tripolar Mitosis by flickr user euthamn
  8. 8. Permutations of Non- Distinguishable Objects and Circular Permutations Poker fun with your best friends by flickr user coltfan909
  9. 9. What Transformations Do You See?
  10. 10. The Mathematics In Jen's Foot (a problem in trigonometric modeling) the girl's got some class by flickr user eyesplash Mikul
  11. 11. cc
  12. 12. Congratulations! You've read through to the last slide! You should get some sort of reward or something, no? Sure you should. So, here it is. I'll give you "the inside scoop." There's going to be a quiz tomorrow. Don't tell anyone. This'll be our little secret: you , me, and everyone else who actually reads through all the slides. ;-)
  13. 13. Complete each table of values ... Looking for patterns Let's see ƒ(x) = 2 x using
  14. 14. Let's see ƒ(x) = 2 x Then, sketch the graph of it's inverse ...
  15. 15. H2 + N2 => NH4 Ohm's Law puma, lion, red fox
  16. 16. Student response systems
  17. 17. for (free) instant feedback
  18. 18. for (free) instant feedback
  19. 19. for (free) instant feedback
  20. 20. for (free) instant feedback
  21. 21. for (free) instant feedback
  22. 22. blogging it all together cc
  23. 23. My First Class "All learning pivots on who we think we are, and who we see ourselves as capable of becoming." Frank Smith
  24. 24. Thanks ...
  25. 25. ... and have a nice day.