SMARTen Up! Part 2 v3.2


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Slide deck from a SMART Notebook file used to teach about various multimedia (audio, video, and flash) and the pedagogy behind using a SMARTboard. Workshop held at Boston University as part of the EdTech Teacher series of workshops, 20 July 2010.

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SMARTen Up! Part 2 v3.2

  1. 1. Darren Kuropatwa Boston, 19 July 2010 SMARTen Up! with multimedia Day 19: Beginnings of a Film Maker by flickr user Brymo
  2. 2. Can you tell the difference? =
  3. 3. Working With Audio podcast by flickr user cybass
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Adding Sounds
  6. 6. Free Audio Editing Software Search YouTube for more tutorials
  7. 7. Working With Video Are you ready??? by flickr user ssh
  8. 8. Laurie Anderson, Zero and One
  9. 9. Try to chop Laurie Anderson
  10. 10. The Trouble with Tribbles Video Source
  11. 11. Is Spock telling the truth? HOMEWORK Spock says: • total of 1 771 561 tribbles • stared with 1 tribble • each tribble produces 10 tribbles/litter every 12 hours • they did this for 3 days
  12. 12. What if he's not lying? HOMEWORK What if a little more than 3 days have passed? How much time has actually passed? Assume a total of 1 771 561 tribbles, how long would it take 1 tribble to produce that many?
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Find Your Own Path Stories
  15. 15. screencasting vrs instead of
  16. 16. Wo rki ng Wi th Fla sh Flash Flash by flickr user Dia™
  17. 17. Embedding Flash Files (1) Load the page with the file you want in FireFox. (2) Go to the TOOLS menu, select Page Info. (3) Click on the Media tab. (4) Scroll through the list of files and click the one you want, it must end in .flv or .swf; the "file type" is either "embed" or "object". (5) Click on the Save As button in the bottom right corner. (6) Drag & Drop the file into Notebook. Try this out using one of these sites ... CrickWeb Numeracy Grammar Ninja Woodlands Revision Site Birmingham Grid For Learning (English, Math, Science) (English, Math, Science)
  18. 18. Create Magic is true! & Share work SMARTer not harder Sharin g