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Pre-Cal 40S Slides May 16, 2007


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Dependent and independent probabilities and applications.

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Pre-Cal 40S Slides May 16, 2007

  1. 1. Identify each of the following as experiments involving dependent in independent events. Circle your answer. (a) Toss a coin and roll a die six. (b) Draw 2 cards from a 52 card deck, without replacement. (c) Draw 2 cards from a 52 card deck, with replacement.
  2. 2. Breakfast for Rupert Rupert has either milk or cocoa to drink for breakfast with either oatmeal or pancakes. If he drinks milk, then the probability that he is having pancakes with the milk is 2/5. The probability that he drinks cocoa is 1/4. If he drinks cocoa, the probability of him having pancakes is 3/8. a) Show the sample space of probabilities using a tree diagram or any other method of your choice. b) Find the probability that Rupert will have oatmeal with cocoa tomorrow morning.