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Pre-Cal 20S January 14, 2009


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More on functions from multiple perspectives.

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Pre-Cal 20S January 14, 2009

  1. 1. More on multiple perspectives ... The Giant Twins reprise by flickr user danorbit.
  2. 2. Represent the relation, whose graph is provided, as: a table of values: an equation: Is this a function?
  3. 3. A relation is given by the formula y = 2x + 7, x ≥ 2. Write five ordered pairs for this relation. Sketch a graph of this relation. What is the domain and range of the relation?
  4. 4. ordered pairs
  5. 5. Functional Notation To indicate that the number 4 is mapped into the number 7 by the function f, mathematicians use a special notation called functional notation and write ƒ(4)= 7. It means that if you substitute the number 4 into the rule the answer is 7. Note: Hence, the ordered pair (4, 7) belongs to the function . ƒ(4)= 7 This notation is reserved only for relations that are functions. Often, the relation given by a formula such as y = 3x + 7 is written as g(x) = 3x + 7 to indicate that the formula denotes a function.
  6. 6. Functional Notation If ƒ(x) = 2x - 7 (c) ƒ(5) Find: (a) ƒ(1) (b) ƒ(2)
  7. 7. Functional Notation Given the function ƒ(x) = 4 – x find the value of a. ƒ(1) b. ƒ(2) c. ƒ(4) d. ƒ(–3)