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Extreme (Web 2.0) Lesson Plan Makeover


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Slides from a workshop I gave on November 28, 2008, for k-12 teachers on how to rejig their lessons to take advantage of social media and the affordances offered by free tools available on the internet. The focus was more on pedagogical approaches rather than a suite of tools alone.

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Extreme (Web 2.0) Lesson Plan Makeover

  1. ^ Extreme Lesson Plan Makeover
  2. Three principles
  3. preconceptions
  4. Studentsʼ Errors and Misconceptions (Principle 1) Based on Previous Learning Students come to the classroom with conceptions of numbers grounded in their whole-number learning that lead them astray in the world of rational numbers; e.g. multiplying always makes numbers bigger. x = TEACHERS MUST ENGAGE STUDENTSʼ PRECONCEPTIONS
  5. Publish It networked
  6. The Knowledge Network: (Principle 2) New Concepts and New Applications UNDERSTANDING REQUIRES FACTUAL KNOWLEDGE AND CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORKS
  7. Create It metacognition
  9. mind maps
  10. solution manuals
  11. poster projects
  12. mapping project
  13. presenting project work
  14. your turn
  15. K12 Online Conference
  16. thanks
  17. Photo Credits Boy is my face red How Students Learn DAI Gallery Pewter Letters Numbers published me This body is networked Magic is true! The Thinker Mind Mapping My version of a quadratic ! book shelf project 2 ~ striatic {notes} Obligatory Wiki Photo dsc006647 High School quot;Gamesquot; Projects your turn ;p