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A Day In The Life Version 3.1


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Slides from a keynote presentation I gave at Mary Institute and St. Louis County Day School in St. Louis, MO on 21 July 2008.

  • Thanks Lenze. I just flipped through the slides and noticed the missing contrast you mentioned. On my laptop the background image of the road and sky is transparent through to a black background so the gray you mentioned isn't necessary. It starts off dark and gets lighter through my day until the slide titled 'Teach It' (slide 25) then gets dark again to black on the final slide (slide 63). I don't know why that didn't come out in this upload. Gotta check that out.
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  • Personally I prefer V3.0. I will put light grey behind white letters to accentuate the contrast. Please have a look on:
    You can download it and use as you want :)
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A Day In The Life Version 3.1

  1. 1. A Day In The Life of a teacher teaching with technology (from principle to practice x 3) Darren Kuropatwa
  2. 2. Alarm Rings
  3. 3. Wake Up
  4. 4. Time To Go
  5. 5. iPod Ready for -35°C
  6. 6. iPod Ready for -1°C
  7. 7. iPod Ready for 20°C
  8. 8. iPod Ready for -35°C
  9. 9. 31 Days
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Watch It Live
  12. 12. “Should cell phones be banned from schools?”
  13. 13. The SMARTBOARD Lesson Podcast