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Sp gifts 1


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Published in: Spiritual, Business
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Sp gifts 1

  1. 1. I Corinthians 12:1-7 Introduction To Spiritual Gifts
  2. 2. I Corinthians...Problems and QuestionsIntro, 1:1-9I. Problems Reported to Paul, 1:10-6:20. A. Divisions, 1:10-4:21. B. Immorality, 5:1-13 C. Lawsuits, 6:1-20
  3. 3. I Corinthians...Problems and QuestionsII. Questions asked of Paul, 7:1-15:58 A. Concerning marriage, 7:1-40 B. Concerning liberty, 8:1-11:1 C. Concerning headship, 11:2-16. (Correction concerning Communion, 11:17-34.) D. Concerning Spiritual Gifts, 12:1-14:40.
  4. 4. The Importance of Spiritual Gifts… Shown by:The Statement, I Cor. 12:1The Scriptures:• I Corinthians 12-14• Romans 12:3-8• Ephesians 4:7-16• I Peter 4:10-11
  5. 5. The Problem with Spiritual Gifts:OR… The Problem with TEACHING on Spiritual Gifts…
  6. 6. DEFINITION: A spiritual gift is a supernatural ability, given to a believerat the time of salvation, enabling him to minister to the Body of Christ in the area of that gift.
  7. 7. SPIRITUAL GIFTS…The Basics:Who has one? Every Believer!!• I Cor. 12:7, “…to each one….”• I Cor. 12:11, “…to each one….”• I Peter 4:10, “As each one has….”When did you receive your gift?• At the time of salvation, I Cor 12:11-13
  8. 8. SPIRITUAL GIFTS…The Basics:How many gifts do I have? Just ONE!!• I Peter 4:10, “…a gift (singular)….”•I Cor. 12:7, “…the manifestation…”• I Cor. 12:8-10, “to one…to another”• I Cor. 12:14-18, parts of the “Body”• I Cor. 12:19-25, mutual need!• I Cor. 12:11 “…his own (singular)!”
  9. 9. SPIRITUAL GIFTS…The Basics:How many gifts do I have? Just ONE!! • What difference does it make? • Why did I get the gift I did?
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