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Proverbs forpartners 2


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Proverbs forpartners 2

  2. 2. PROVERBS FORPARTNERS!God’s Word containsthe wisdom we needto have effectiveand blessed relationships
  3. 3. FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLES:• God must have first place in yourlife!, 1:1-7; 2:5-6; 3:5-7; et al.Practically…Salvation is a MUST!Strong, active commitment!Daily seeking God’s guidance!
  4. 4. FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLES:• Marriage is a sacred covenant,2:17With God!With your spouse!With your children!With all of society!
  5. 5. FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLES:• Follow God’s principles, notman’s, 14:12.• Make your home a priority, 27:23-24.
  6. 6. MUTUAL PRINCIPLES:• Be open to instruction!, 1:2-6, 7-8,33; 2:1-2.3 Purposes of God’s Instruction:• Deliver from evil men, 2:11-15• Deliver from evil women, 2:16-19• Companionship with goodpeople, 20-22
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