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I cor15)20 49


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I cor15)20 49

  2. 2. Basics Of The ResurrectionThe Resurrection Centers on Christ!There is an Order to the ResurrectionDeath, Itself, Will be AbolishedChrist will still be in submission to the Father.
  3. 3. Questions Concerning The Resurrection, 29-491. What about “baptism for the dead?”, 29.2. “Why bother serving the Lord?”, 30-34.
  4. 4. Questions Concerning The Resurrection, 29-493. “How are the dead raised?”, 35- 49. Analogies: Sowing Seed Different Flesh Different Glories First & Last “Adam”s
  5. 5. Comparing the Natural Body and the Resurrection Body, 42-49
  6. 6. OUR NATURAL OUR BODY: RESURRECTION BODY: Perishable Imperishable Dishonor Glory Weakness Strength “Soulish” “Spiritual” In Adam In Christ! From Earth From Heaven “Earthly” “Heavenly”Bears the image of the Bears the Image of the earthly Heavenly
  7. 7. WHY IS THIS SO IMPORTANT???• The details of the resurrection confirm its reality!• The details of the resurrection should strengthen our anticipation!• The details of the resurrection should “wean” us from so strong an attachment to this life!
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