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1)26 31

  2. 2. “GOD’S SOVEREIGN SALVATION” (In Reverse Order…) Some are Saved, 18, 21 Assumes… • The need of salvation! • Some are NOT saved! Some believed!, 21
  3. 3. “GOD’S SOVEREIGN SALVATION” (In Reverse Order…) The Gospel is Preached, 18, 21 God Calls Some to Be Saved, 24, 26.
  4. 4. “GOD’S SOVEREIGN SALVATION” (In Reverse Order…) God Chose Some to Be Saved, 27- 28. • Not many wise according to the flesh, • Not many mighty • Not many noble
  5. 5. “GOD’S SOVEREIGN SALVATION” (In Reverse Order…) God Chose Some to Be Saved • Foolish things of the world • Weak things of the world • Base things of the world • The despised… • The “Nothings”…
  6. 6. So that no man may boast before God! But by His doing you are in Christ Jesus! Who became to us wisdom from God and righteousness and sanctification, and redemption!
  7. 7. “Let him who boasts… boast in the Lord!” “To God be the glory… great things He has done!”
  8. 8. The Order Of Our Salvation… • God’s Wisdom • God’s Good Pleasure • God’s Choice (Election!) • Gospel Preached • God calls His “Elect” to be saved! • Faith! • Salvation!
  9. 9. Paul defended his ministry… By appealing to the very sovereign plan of God for our salvation! Paul’s ministry was in keeping with the plan, and nature and Person of God! SO SHOULD OURS BE!!!