Night of the Howling Dogs


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  • 1.Title 2.character pics3.Place pics 4.maybe event pics.5.Image fav part of book 6. 2 exciting quotes 7. 7 sen to author
  • 1.Title 2.character pics3.Place pics 4.maybe event pics.5.Image fav part of book 6. 2 exciting quotes 7. 7 sen to author
  • Night of the Howling Dogs

    1. 1. PowerPoint By: Maddie Robertson<br />
    2. 2. Character Pictures<br />To me this looks like the troop. Also since this book is based on a true story from 1975, this picture was taken in 1975. On the standing ends would be the scout leaders, the one on the standing middle would be Louie and the one to the left of Louie would be Dylan. Then of course the rest of the troop. I do think that the troop had 6 boys this picture is one short, but I still thought it fit perfect to how you would think they look like.<br />
    3. 3. The Place Pictures<br />All 4 of these pictures to me, look like the places they walked around on. Such as on the bottom left is what it looked like to them in the beginning, the top right is like when they set up to safely sleep, the bottom right to me is what it would look like when the disaster started to happen, and the top left looks like when they were going down the mountain to see if the campers or people were down there.<br />
    4. 4. An Event Picture<br /> An earthquake jolts the ground and shakes boulders down from the cliff. Then a tsunami engulfs the area. Even when I read that part of the book I was having an earthquake inside and just wanted to know what was going to happen. But I would have wanted more action like this in the book than it had though. I picked this event because it was well, the easiest and of course most exciting. It would be anybody’s favorite especially mine!<br />This is a picture of a 1975 hawaii tsunami.<br />This picture was taken in 1970 after an earthquake.<br />
    5. 5. My Favorite Part Of the Book<br />When they told about the story this is what they said. "Well, what I know about her is that she was once a goddess, an akua, who was forced away from her home in Tahiti by her bad sister, Namakaokaohai. Pele had to flee with her two brothers, who had shark bodies and who guided her safely to these islands." I loved this part the most because the story is so cool to me and that she tried to tell the boys what was about to happen!<br />Of course as you can see by the pictures my favorite part of the book was when he told the story about Pele the goddess, and when she was trying to warn Dylan about the disasters that were about to happen. Like the earthquakes and tsunami. All these pictures are Pele even the dog ones!<br />
    6. 6. 2 Exciting Quotes!<br />“Wait till you feel the heat where we’re going… you’ll wish you were dead” said Case. I thought that was exciting because if you get to hot you wish you were dead… That must be pretty exciting! “But I going to stop giving you a hard time now…” said Louie. Well this was exciting but mostly relieving because Louie said that to Dylan and now Dylan is not going to be bullied anymore by Louie.<br />
    7. 7. Dear Author…<br />Dear Graham Salisbury,<br /> My name is Maddie Robertson, hello! I have just read one of your books called “Night Of the Howling Dogs”. Well, I liked it! It was very fun, serious, and exciting at the same time. Although I did like your book (a lot) I just wanted to add one thing… More action! Mostly they were walking around learning more things and then “bam” it hit, and then it was just over. The earthquake and tsunami was just over. After that I did love your ending, and I liked how you made Dylan and Louie be “cool” with each other. Other than that ONE thing… I liked that book a lot! <br />