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Aa Sponsor11 Proposal Jamaica


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This is a sponsor proposal detailing the funding needed to support this ambitious project to bring 200 computers to 15 schools in Jamaica. Please read through this proposal to learn more about the details of what the WCE can provide. All of part of the funding request would be great!

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Aa Sponsor11 Proposal Jamaica

  1. 1. Sponsor Hope for JamaicaRequest: $25,000 (all or part) for a project to increase access to the opportunities, skills and understandingof the Internet for more youth in schools and libraries in Jamaica. This funding leverages an additional$100,000 (4 X) in matching funds & in-kind resources for this project. Funding of this project will: • Develop the leadership and capacity of 5 WCE Partner organizations so that they will be stronger for this project and for their future projects in all fields • Pre-load computers with Operating System, Office Suite and some educational content in English Including HIV/AIDS and reading content • Provide 200 refurbished computer equipment for Internet labs in 15 schools to connect 7,000 students to the opportunities, skills and understanding of the Internet ~ and to BluWorld • Send at least 6 volunteer eCorps tech professionals for a two-week, on-site visit to participating schools providing training, analysis of content needs, and technology troubleshooting support • Conduct training workshops for at least 30 technology teachers in how to use computers and the Internet to improve learning via experiential, inter-active, multi-country projects with iEARN • Build exchanges between 5 pairs of schools in Jamaica and in the States and CanadaNeed: In most of the emerging world access to computers and Internet technologies is negligible, withsupporting infrastructure spotty at best. This is true for Jamaica: the average GDP per person is $8,400compared to $47,400 in the United States, and Internet usage is 55% usage compared to 78% in the USA.In the 150 secondary schools in Jamaica, 5,500 of the 22,500 students currently have access to computers.Background: WCE has shipped 200 refurbished computers to Jamaica before. WCE has heard from 18groups in Jamaica, including iEARN-Jamaica and the Marcus Garvey Foundation, that have expressedinterest in receiving more computers. Peace Corps Volunteers in Jamaica have expressed interest inparticipating in this project. WCE has extensive experience working with Peace Corps Volunteers. WCE hasshipped computers to Peace Corps Volunteers in: Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ghana, Guatemala,Honduras, Malawi, Moldova, Philippines, Senegal and Tanzania.Timeline: Sponsors funding initiates a one year implementation: • Months 1-Ongoing: WCE Partner development with the 5 participating Partner organizations • Months 4-7: 200 computers shipped by WCE & installed by Partners and schools in 15 schools • Months 7-10: eCorps tech professional team arrives to train, upgrade & troubleshoot • Months 9-11: WCE with iEARN provide workshop for 30 teachers and WCE arranges for student BluMail accountsSponsorship Benefits: (if giving $25,000 or more) • Generate press visibility in Jamaica and the USA via a press release distributed via Business Wire • Receive premier positioning in our newsletter and website • Have your name featured in arriving container • Show your community that you care about Jamaica • Offer your local and global employees volunteer opportunities • Provide visible help to schools in Jamaica where you have or want a presence • Help reduce carbon footprint by reuse of technology • Opportunity to deploy your development-related services via our network • Opportunity to take a visible lead as a green company in JamaicaStrategic Allies: WCE leverages the resources of our 25 global educational and environmental allies toprovide our Partner organizations with needed assistance. WCE will work with the following allies:
  2. 2. • iEARN - Jamaica • Association of Dir. Of National Libraries • Rotary Clubs Jamaica • Salesian Missions • Peace Corps Jamaica • Marcus Garvey FoundationProject Budget: EXPENSE Sponsors Govt. / School In-Kind Total Other Communities Donations Online Partner Development $5,000 $0 $0 $5,000 $10,000 200 Refurbished Computers $4,220 $3,665 $3,665 $24,000 $35,550 Preloaded Content $1,150 $1,000 $1,000 $3,000 $6,150 Ocean Shipping $1,265 $1,100 $1,100 $0 $3,465 On-Site Technology Training $7,950 $0 $0 $52,950 $60,900 On-Site Teacher Training $2,500 $0 $0 $2,500 $5,000 Online School Exchanges $1,150 $0 $0 $1,000 $2,150 Liaison with Sponsor/PR $1,765 $0 $0 $0 $1,765 Per Country: $25,000.00 $5,765.00 $5,765.00 $88,450.00 $124,980.00On-Line Partner Development: WCE staff and 4 WCE Development Officers for Jamaica provide long-term online development and recruitment of resources from WCE Strategic Allies to 5 vetted WCE Partnerorganizations. They assist with sustainable project planning, partnership development, fund raising,technology & computer recycling. Costs: Recruitment & coordination of Development Officers and StrategicAllies. In-Kind: The donated time of volunteer Development Officers at $50 per hour for a total of 70 hours.Refurbished Computers: 200 Refurbished Pentium 4 desktop computers with monitors, keyboard, mice,cables, power cords, extra parts, printers and peripherals. Costs: 1/3 of the computer sourcing costs arerequested from the Sponsors. WCE will assist the Partner in raising 1/3 inside Jamaica. The other 1/3 isrequested from the local school and library communities to: demonstrate the priority they place oncomputers, give them a sense of ownership & help them learn fund raising for all of their prior projects. In-Kind: $120 (equipment value after sourcing cost deducted) x 200 computers = $24,000.Preloaded Content: English versions of the Ubuntu operating system, Open Office and some educationalcontent. We also have the following content in English that WCE has developed for when the computerscannot be online: education, culture, agriculture, health, entrepreneurship, leadership, computer recycling,technology, potable water and solar energy. This will include HIV/AIDS education and content for teachingreading to the adults after school hours. Costs: shares same as for computers above. In-Kind: Developersof the content package.Ocean Shipping: Direct cost of ocean shipping to the port. Costs: shares same as for computers above.On-Site Technology Training: At least 6 WCE eCorps volunteer tech professionals will spend 2 weeksvisiting participating schools. They will work closely with a local team to provide training, tech trouble-shooting and evaluate the status, use & impact of the computers. WCE has sent eCorps teams to DominicanRepublic, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Tanzania & Zimbabwe (Sept. 2011). Costs: ½ is requested from theSponsors and ½ from the volunteers themselves. Flight, orientation, in-country travel, lodging, food, visa,inoculations, insurance & coordination average $3,000 each. In-Kind: Each volunteer eCorps techprofessional donates 100 hours valued at $75 per hour = $7,500 per volunteer x 6 = $45,000 total plus their$7,950 contributed toward travel.On-Site Teacher Training: iEARN-Jamaica (, led by Donna Powell, will guide WCEvolunteers in providing a workshop for 2 technology teachers from each of the 15 schools in the use of theInternet to improve student learning via online multi-country, inter-active, experiential projects. We are doingsimilar projects with iEARN-Dominican Republic, iEARN Zimbabwe and iEARN-Mexico. WCE has shippedto iEARN in: Macedonia, Pakistan, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe. Costs: The costs cover aniEARN training person’s travel and lodging and funds for teacher costs. In-Kind: In most cases the teacherswill volunteer their time and be responsible for their travel expenses.School Exchanges: WCE staff to build online exchanges via webcams between 5 pairs of primary andsecondary schools in Georgia and the United States. Funds for 5 webcams included.World Computer Exchange provides refurbished technology, Partner development, tailored content,technology training, school exchanges and recycling consulting. Our 700 volunteers assist a network of 600vetted organizations in 71 emerging countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. We keep
  3. 3. used computers out of landfills to give them new lives connecting young people in schools, universities andlibraries to new skills, understanding and opportunities via the Internet. Our services are enhanced by 25global educational and environmental Strategic Allies with whom we work to help bridge the digital divide.WCE works as a virtual organization to keep our costs for our Partners low and our fund raising expensesbelow 2%.Where WCE Has Been Showcased:Association of National Libraries of Latin America Bentley UniversityBlack Data Processors Association Boston CollegeCombined Federal Campaign Consumer Electronics AssociationCornell University Institute for African Development Global Cities DialogueHarvard Kennedy School iEARN InternationalIlia Chavchavadze State University in Georgia Peace CorpsSchoolNet Africa Special Libraries AssociationRotary International Clubs UNESCOUN Global Alliance for ICT and Development UN ICT Task Force Group on Low Cost AccessWalgreens Corporation World Economic Forum, Digital Divide InitiativeWorld Technology Network Yale University School of Management600 WCE Partners in 71 Emerging Countries:Afghanistan El Salvador Liberia PhilippinesBangladesh Egypt Lithuania RussiaBénin Ethiopia Macedonia RwandaBolivia Gambia, The Madagascar SénégalBosnia Georgia Malawi Sierra LeoneBotswana Ghana Mali South AfricaBrasil Guatemala México Sri LankaBulgaria Guinea Moçambique SudanBurkina Faso Guinea Bissau Moldova TanzaniaBurundi Guyana Morocco ThailandCameroon Haiti Mongolia TogoChile Honduras Namibia UgandaColombia India Nepal UkraineCosta Rica Indonesia Nicaragua VenezuelaCôte dIvoire Iraq Nigeria Viet NamDem. Rep. of Congo Jamaica Pakistan ZambiaDominican Republic Jordan Paraguay ZimbabweEcuador Kenya PerúFeatured Relationships:USAID has funded WCE shipments to: Bangladesh, Guatemala, Macedonia, Malawi, Mali, Moldova and Senegal.USAID/Georgia donated computers to WCE for local Partners. WCE was an institutional resource partner in USAIDsdot-EDU program. Peace Corps WCE has shipped computers to Volunteers in: Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ghana,Guatemala, Honduras, Malawi, Moldova, Philippines, Senegal and Tanzania. US Embassies acted as consignees forshipments to El Salvador, Lithuania and Senegal.United Nations: UNDP has funded WCE shipments to Bangladesh, Benin, Cameroon, Nigeria and Zambia. UNRWAfunded a WCE shipment to Jordan. WCE has been a member of the Access Working Group of the UN ICT Task Forceand a resource partner to UNESCO. Over the past two years, WCE has been working to develop a UN Global Alliancefor ICT in Development project on refurbished computers.Rotary: WCE has received support from Rotary Clubs in Canada and the USA to ship refurbished computers to projectsassisted by Rotary Clubs in: Afghanistan, Bolivia, El Salvador, Ghana, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Mali, Mexico andTanzania. Mali is the first to be matched by Rotary International.Financial Sponsors: Aaxxis Group, A & S Davis Trust, Barnes & Thornburg, Biomet 3, Casamance RenaissanceFoundation, Consumer Electronics Assoc., Degenkolb Engineers, Ference Ins., Flatiron Practical Management, ForrestSystems, Gelber Foundation, Gill Family Fund, Google, Global Education First, Inderscience Publishers, Int’l. Centre forGenetic Engineer & Biotechnology, Akers Trust, Jerusalem Fund, John Snow Int’l, Joyner Construction, McLaughlin-Rotman Centre for Global Health, Middle East Children’s Alliance, New Horizons Computer Training Centers, One WorldFoundation of New York, Phoenix International, Rocking Moon Foundation, SANLUIS Rassini International, SilvaBrothers Construction, Starrett City Associates, Strategic Group, Phoenix Int. Freight, Sun Microsystems and theWashington Post Foundation.In-Kind Donors: A & E, Aramex, Associated Press, A.T. Cross, British Airways, Carlsberg, Clinton Foundation, Eli Lilly,Fidelity Investments, Fryes, Gartner, General Motors, Harvard University, Houghton Mifflin, Howard Hughes MedicalInstitute, League of Women Voters, Mercy Corps, National Association of Home Builders, National Geographic, NationalLabor Relations Board, Nature Conservancy, Nissan Canada, Nixon Peabody, Ottawa Police, Pathfinder, QuikTrip,
  4. 4. Reuters, Siemens, Special Olympics, Sun Microsystems, Turner Construction, US District Courts, US General ServicesAdministration, Verizon, Walgreens, Xerox & Yale University. 7 July 2011 HQ: 936 Nantasket Ave, Hull, Massachusetts 02045 USA  + 781-925-3078 WCE-Canada: 920 Rice Road NW  Edmonton, Alberta T6R 1A1  + 781-925-3078 