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E-Commerce Solutions
Who We AreWho We Are	                1                                  Vertical CubedSM is a division of USFIE-Commerce P...
E-Commerce Platform                                          Vertical Cubed Delivers Customizable PlatformsI know all abou...
Marketing SolutionsVertical Cubed Delivers Customers                   Pulling together marketing strategy, ads, promotion...
Fulfillment Services                                            Vertical Cubed Delivers ResultsAttracting customers is gre...
Your Digital Channel SolutionVertical Cubed Brings It All Together                                                        ...
Douglas Ritter      Vice President of Marketing      and Business Development             view my profile                 ...
Are You Ready to Grow YourDigital Channel?   You have the products, we have the technology, marketing and fulfillment serv...
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Vertical Cubed is a new division of USFI that provides a complete end-to-end e-commerce solution for small to medium sized businesses. Site build, SEO/SEM shopping cart/Credit Card authorization to fulfillment and logistics.

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Vertical Cubed Brochure V12

  1. 1. E-Commerce Solutions
  2. 2. Who We AreWho We Are 1 Vertical CubedSM is a division of USFIE-Commerce Platform 2 that provides businesses with effective,Marketing Solutions 4 affordable, upgradable e-commerceFulfillment Services 6 solutions, working as partners for your growth through technology, strategicVertical Cubed Bundles 8 marketing and fulfillment.About Us and Partners 10
  3. 3. E-Commerce Platform Vertical Cubed Delivers Customizable PlatformsI know all about developing a business, The Vertical Cubed e-commerce platform only requiresbut building and then maintaining an word processing skills to keep sites up-to-date. Oure-commerce site requires expertise I experts do all the development and maintenance.don’t have time to develop. Lifecycle Planning Catalog and Order Management Vertical Cubed is built to grow with your business Vertical Cubed keeps you miles ahead of your competitors For technology solutions to have lasting value, they must Vertical Cubed empowers you to monitor, analyze and be planned, designed and deployed with adherence to forecast sales, stock levels and the effectiveness of accepted industry standards. Our systems development promotions and incentives. lifecycle ensures that such value is built into every solution we offer. Integration and Data Transmission Consolidated dashboards keep you on top of your business Content Management System Vertical Cubed can integrate a variety of ERP, CRM, warehouse Vertical Cubed makes content management easy and purchasing platforms, transmitting data in secure protocols. A Content Management System (CMS) deployed by Vertical Cubed enables continuous updating of your online offerings Standards to suit the changing needs of your business, by the people Vertical Cubed keeps customers’ data safe who know it best – your people. All Vertical Cubed sites adhere to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards to keep your data – and your customers’ transactions – safe. To learn more, please visit 3
  4. 4. Marketing SolutionsVertical Cubed Delivers Customers Pulling together marketing strategy, ads, promotions and I’ve got a great product and a bringing customers right to your site – that’s what Vertical strong supply chain, but not a clue Cubed is about. how to bring in customers.Marketing Strategy SEO/SEM/PPCEvery Vertical Cubed e-commerce solution is developed from a powerful Use our proven methods to bring customers to your business sitemix of strategic marketing, branding and advertising. Our focus is always on Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click allgrowing your business, from site design through hosting and performance work hand-in-hand to bring customers to your site. We understand yourmeasurement. customers and how to maximize the effectiveness of these tools.Strategic Capabilities Web AnalyticsStay focused on the big marketing picture Discover how customers use your site, what works and what doesn’tWe design e-commerce sites fully integrated with your print, Internet, mobile Vertical Cubed deploys the full arsenal of web analytics, includingand social media channels. In every case, we follow a path of discovery, Commerce Funnels, which allow precise tracking of customer behavior andpositioning, leveraging and powerful messaging that results in growing increased conversions.revenues to your company. Re-MarketingCampaigns and Promotions Identify the “ones that got away,” and get them back with repeatConsistent, effective messaging in every medium exposures to your productsAdvertising, PR, banner ads and all other communications work best when they Cookie-based marketing allows you to “follow” visitors from your site and deliveraddress deep needs and offer real solutions to carefully targeted customers. consistent messaging on other sites that participate in an ad share program.Social Media MobileViral marketing multiplies your site’s effectiveness and revenue Maximize your brand messaging on every platformFacebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn integration is easily facilitated, We pioneered the mobile shopping channels currently in use by majorat either the page or product level, to help build online store traffic and cellular phone, retail and hospitality clients, and we’ll do the same for you.customer engagement. To learn more, please visit 5
  5. 5. Fulfillment Services Vertical Cubed Delivers ResultsAttracting customers is great, but not if Since Vertical Cubed can bundle every conceivable fulfillment service intotheir product gets backordered. So when a made-to-order supply chain operation, the need for a client-managedVertical Cubed talks about inventory warehouse is eliminated for a growing number of our, I get interested. Vertical Cubed can not only reduce your costs, but • Returns management also improve your supply chain efficiency with: • Recall management • Inventory management and reorder alerts • Product liquidation • Adaptive transportation process • Global and domestic B2B and B2C shipping services • Large items, pick-n-pack and everything in between Build Your Own • Climate-controlled warehousing Choose only the services you need, add more as you grow • Custom high-touch services available • Detailed reporting – online, in real-time Vertical Cubed allows you to choose your own custom package • Quality assurance of fulfillment, marketing and e-commerce services. It’s your supply chain, after all. We make sure you maintain control over all of it. Reverse Fulfillment Reliability Never get bogged down with returns 99.9% shipping and inventory accuracy Returns can present special challenges to online marketers, but Vertical Cubed has you covered, with full RMA (Return The fulfillment operations supporting Vertical Cubed have Material Authorization) capabilities and contact center attained unheard-of levels of accuracy and efficiency that support, including: other companies could only dream of achieving. To learn more, please visit 7
  6. 6. Your Digital Channel SolutionVertical Cubed Brings It All Together My company has outgrown our Complete marketing, infrastructure and fulfillment services cookie-cutter storefront. I’m ready for your e-commerce business, at an affordable price, now. for a custom e-commerce site.Customizable Service Bundles Vertical Cubed clients are never restricted to static service levels. Some use only our e-commerce platform, whileFor small to medium businesses, only Vertical Cubed others use a mix of our strategic marketing or fulfillmentprovides complete digital channel management, from services. From small and medium businesses to fullybranding and marketing to distribution, delivery outsourced engagements, Vertical Cubed is solutions-and returns. oriented and focused on your bottom line. Vertical Cubed Marketing ROI-Based Cutting Edge Customer-Centric Vertical Cubed Vertical Cubed Technology Fulfillment Industry Best-Practice Accurate Secure Efficient Scalable Reliable Customizable To learn more, please visit 9
  7. 7. Douglas Ritter Vice President of Marketing and Business Development view my profile who we are 60 parents Dan Zipes Director of Logistics and Fulfillment view my profile About Us Spent 30 years with major New York 126 children Well-seasoned fulfillment With our parent company, USFI, we have pioneered the development of e-commerce solutions ad agencies and globally prominent specialist with Nestle Co., FoxMeyer clients and companies. Brings an 32 dogs Drug Company, Abbot Laboratories, for clients such as MetroPCS, securely hosting over $65 million in e-commerce transactions. unusual insight to the conceptual 17 cats Red Line Healthcare, and Home Interiors Vertical Cubed is committed to clients first, providing robust yet affordable e-commerce possibilities and hard realities of and Gifts. Joined USFI in April 2008. marketing today. An expert in 2 parrots Directs all fulfillment functions within solutions, working as partners for your growth through technology, strategic marketing and digital marketing and social media. USFI. Degrees in Finance and Marketing Internationally cultured. 1 monkey from Pace University. fulfillment services. Jennifer Piccinini Nick Vukin Senior Business Analyst Account Executive, E-Commerce and Product Manager Solutions, National Accounts Partners view my profile view my profile Eric Wiley Has more than a decade of technical Director, More than 20 years of high-technology experience; joined Vertical Cubed as a Technology sales, marketing and business business analyst and product manager development experience. Utilizesfor the development of the e-commerce view my profile consultative sales skills to understand platform. Uses a team approach to customers’ e-commerce and business Vertical Cubed partners with Windows Azure, Microsoft and Kentico to generate customer-driven drive cost-effective, high performance Adept at leading teams with varied skill sets. Has served in leadership requirements to fully leverage Vertical positions promoting, building, deploying, analyzing and operating e-commerce solutions.e-commerce solutions to meet business Cubed’s capabilities. Spent eight years asdemands. Serves as the liaison to clients nationally prominent websites for several Fortune 500 companies. E-Commerce Product Manager for FedEx, for platform roadmap planning Specializes in e-commerce trends and sustainable technology. Adds as well as previous Account Executive and development. a diverse skill set to the arsenal of any Vertical Cubed client. roles with Akamai and Cisco. More importantly, we’re your partners for growth through total digital channel management. Charlie Mao Derek Crabtree Jim Garwacki Bob Raymond Operations Manager Art Director, New Media Senior Solution Architect Online Marketing Manager view my profile view my profile view my profile view my profileExperienced and knowledgeable, Has worked in both corporate and More than 25 years in the IT A 26-year veteran of technology, with an extensive background in agency environments for more than industry, with 13 years in specializing in web business web-based operations. 16 years to make the Internet a more Internet-based application management since 1994. AHas served in a primary leadership attractive, functional place. development. Led multiple successful leader in online role for a large Fortune 500 Degrees in Art, Art History and development teams to build and marketing for government agencies company. Responsible for Management from Rice University maintain large-scale e-commerce and private industry. Increased providing supervision for the and an MBA from The University of websites from several Fortune 500 brand visibility, lead generation andoverall operational activities while Texas at Austin, McCombs companies, including Reynolds & profitability for all clients in various maintaining client relationships. School of Business. Reynolds and MetroPCS. business models. To learn more, please visit 11
  8. 8. Are You Ready to Grow YourDigital Channel? You have the products, we have the technology, marketing and fulfillment services in place to make sure they’re seen, sold and shipped. We’re experienced, flexible and eager to make it all work for you online and in real-time. The only question is, how much longer can you wait to get started? Call us today to set up a convenient time to meet and discuss your options.
  9. 9. 12100 Ford Road | Suite 100 | Dallas, TX 75234 | 214.624.5692 |