The Napping House Rewritten As The Napping Barn


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Title of Book: The Napping House by Audrey Wood

Title of Book we created: The Napping Barn

Concept to Teach: Students will understand patterns and sequencing through reading this story

Setting/Environment: For the introduction of this story, I plan to separate part of the classroom by hanging a sheet with some rope as a divider. This will
happen while the kids are not in the classroom. I will cut a doorway in the sheet to walk through and over the door frame of the sheet, I will have painted the words, “The Napping Barn”. Once the students walk through the sheet to the other side, there will be some hay for the students to sit on. There will also be stuffed farm animals decorating the area. Our readings of The Napping Barn will take place in this section of the classroom.
Pre- Reading:

Students will enter into the “napping barn” of the classroom. I will be wearing a farmer's outfit and have on slippers. Once everyone is seated on the floor, we will talk about napping.
I will ask the students these questions:
Who has ever taken a nap before?
Do your parents make you take naps?
When do you like to take a nap?
Where do you usually take naps?
Are there times when you do not like to nap?
Has anyone ever woken you up from a nap before? If so, how did it make you feel?
Do animals nap too?


I will elaborate the concept of the pattern of the book through having the students act out the motions to the last words of each page that reads, “in the napping barn, where all the animals are sleeping”.
Students will use their hands and hold them high above their heads with their fingertips touching to act out the barn. They will then pretend to close their eyes and fall asleep quickly as the book reads, “where all the animals are sleeping”.
As the story continues I will ask them before I read each page, “what animals are sleeping in the barn so far in the story?”

Post Reading:

Students will create their own page of the book and come up with an animal to add to the barn. They will illustrate the animal sleeping with all the other animals in the story.
Students can also discuss what they predict will happen after the wakeful flea lands on the pig.
An additional activity would be to have students create their own “napping barn” out of a shoe box and color on note cards each animal in the story, placing them in the shoebox by the order they come in the story.

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The Napping House Rewritten As The Napping Barn

  1. 1. A 1 st Grade Lesson LAE4414 Katie Olthoff Early childhood Literature
  2. 2. Following the pattern of the book The Napping House , as a class we have decided to create our own short story called, “ The napping barn”.
  3. 3. There is a barn, a napping barn, where all the animals are sleeping.
  4. 4. And in that barn there is some hay, some cozy hay in a napping barn, where all the animals are sleeping.
  5. 8. And on that pig there is a flea... Can it be? A wakeful flea on a snoozing pig on a snoring horse on a dreaming cow on some cozy hay in a napping barn where all the animals are sleeping.
  6. 9. The End