8 Steps to Starting a Company Blog


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Thinking of starting a company blog? There are certain areas you must address in order to make sure your blog is a success. Our presentation, "8 Steps to Starting a Company Blog" will help make sure you aren't overlooking any of these important steps.

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  • These statistics point out 3 fundamental truths of online marketing:People click on organic links far more often than paid onesThe more keyword optimized content you have, the better. And the fastest way to build and maintain that is by bloggingIt doesn’t matter whether you are B2B or B2C, social media matters for organic search. It plays a significant role in how search engines rank your site.
  • 8 Steps to Starting a Company Blog

    1. 1. 8 Steps to Starting a Company Blog
    2. 2. A few quick facts: Still not sure a company blog is worthwhile? Consider the following statistics: 40% of companies use blogs for marketing purposes. 1 B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those who do not. 2 B2C companies that blog generate 88% more leads per month than those who do not. 21 eMarketer, Aug 20102 Hubspot “State of Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Report”, 2010
    3. 3. 8 Steps to Starting a Company Blog Step #1 • Decide who is in chargeMake someone responsible for your blog. To be a valuablemarketing tool, your blog can’t be neglected. Too often, themaintenance and promotion of a company blog is a sharedresponsibility and becomes a low priority.
    4. 4. 8 Steps to Starting a Company Blog • Conduct keyword Step #2 researchYour blog posts can cover a wide array of topics, but they shouldremain focused on your targeted keywords. The SEO advantagegained from regular blogging is significant. Be sure to maximize thatopportunity by optimizing your blog posts from a searchperspective.
    5. 5. 8 Steps to Starting a Company Blog • Create a publishing Step #3 scheduleYour blog needs new content added on a consistent basis. Determinehow many posts you need (we recommend a minimum of one perweek, but the more the better), establish a schedule and stick to it.Helpful tip: Before you launch your blog, build up a month’s worth ofcontent. This will give you a little flexibility to stay on schedule as youmove forward.
    6. 6. 8 Steps to Starting a Company Blog Step #4 • Determine article sourcesIs one person responsible for generating all of the blog posts? Willevery employee submit one article per month? Will you use anoutsourcing service to provide content? Answering these questionsduring the planning stage will make the process easier to manage.
    7. 7. 8 Steps to Starting a Company Blog • Sync blog with social Step #5 mediaAlerting your followers of new blog articles onFacebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. is a great way to promote yourcontent. The amplification power of social media can be an effectivemethod for driving traffic and gaining a following for your blog.
    8. 8. 8 Steps to Starting a Company Blog Step #6 • Spread the wordEmail your contacts to announce your blog once it is up andrunning. Continue to send emails as you update your blog until youhave built up your traffic and RSS/email subscribers.
    9. 9. 8 Steps to Starting a Company Blog • Create a call-to-action Step #7 (CTA)Once you start attracting readers to your blog, focus on includingCTA’s so you can start moving those readers into the sales process.These will vary depending on your product or service, but examplesinclude: downloadable whitepapers, trial offers, freeconsultations, etc.
    10. 10. 8 Steps to Starting a Company Blog • Review your blog Step #8 analyticsWhich articles are generating the most interest? Which topics needsome help? Which ones are leading to click-throughs on your CTA’s?Use this information to develop new content ideas and to improvethe overall performance of your blog.
    11. 11. Looking for more information?You may also be interested in these blog posts:•How To Choose A Blog Post Topic•Developing Blog Posts from Existing Material•Key Elements of a Successful BlogUnderstanding the importance of a company blog is the first step. Defininggoals, developing content and executing a publishing schedule is what willmake your blog work. If this sounds overwhelming, our Blog WritingService can help. We will work with you to develop your keywordstrategy, establish a publishing schedule and deliver the blog content youneed! Click here to learn more.
    12. 12. Who we are We provide inbound and direct marketing services to businesses and nonprofit organizations. For over 40 years, we have been helping our clients develop, manage and execute their marketing plans.Visit us online at www.rivkind.com or call us at 781-344-2650 to learn moreabout the services we provide.