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Embarq india talking transit - naya raipur presentation


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Embarq india talking transit - naya raipur presentation

  1. 1. ‘Naya Raipur’A New City Takes RootNAYA RAIPUR DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
  2. 2. Need for Naya Raipur• The new state of Chhattisgarh was born on 1st of November 2000.• Raipur, the largest city of the state was named its capital.• Recognizing the growing demands for high- quality infrastructure in the State, the Government has decided to establish a modern, hi-tech, eco- friendly city.• The New Capital would serve as the administrative capital of the State and NAYA RAIPUR also cater to the infrastructural needs of industry and trade in the region. NAYA RAIPUR DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
  3. 3. Site SelectionThe site selection and suitability analysis for the New City, has beendone considering some of following parameter –• Connected to NH-6 and NH-43, NH 200• Railway link to Vizag, Mumbai To Bilaspur• Close proximity to Airport and major urban centres Raipur• Maximum Government land NH 6 To Mumbai via• Land unsuitable for agriculture, Durg and NH 6 mining and quarrying Nagpur Raipur Airport• Land having least number of existing human settlements Legend Naya Raipur• Minimum forest cover and wild life, Raipur Development Area limits Naya Raipur Planning• Water availability and easy drainage Area Limits National Highway• Soil having good bearing capacity. Railway Line NH 43 To Vizag Naya Raipur is at a distance of 20 kms from Existing Raipur City. NAYA RAIPUR DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
  4. 4. Vision ‘Naya Raipur’ to be developed as a modern but ‘green city’ For conservation of the environment and existing landscape, best practices for water harvesting, waste water recycling and use of non-conventional energy resources would be adopted Naya Raipur designed as a citizen friendly and visitor friendly city. City design would promote sense of security and comfort among its citizens, especially women, children and the physically challenged. NAYA RAIPUR DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
  5. 5. Naya Raipur Planning Area The Development Plan-2031 consists of three layers-Sr. Area VillagesNo. Layer Included included Area–80.13 10 fully and1 Layer-I 22 partly Layer- II Area– 9 fully and 19 (Naya Raipur2 130.28 partly Peripheral Region ) Layer- III Area–11.92 2 fully and 13 (Airport Zone) partly 13 Abadi areas have been included in layer -I NAYA RAIPUR DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
  6. 6. Proposed Land Use Land Use % distributionResidential 26.37Commercial - Retail 1.81Commercial - Wholesale 1.63Industrial 2.42Special Industry 3.28Public & Semi Public 23.04Recreational 26.67Transport 12.55 Phase I Phase II Phase IIIPopulation 150,000 215,000 195,000Planning area 3057.46 3733.56 1222.16 NAYA RAIPUR DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
  7. 7. Transportation Public Mass Transport System Corridor III• To minimize usage of personalized modes public mass transport Bus rapid transit system (BRTS) and Light rail Transit system (LRTS) have been proposed.• Interim transport services will be provided to facilitate the movement of people between Raipur and Naya Raipur till BRTS is operational. Source: Bus Service Plan Report by EMBARQ• Intermediate Public Transport modes have also been incorporated in the Local Area Plans and space have been allocated for parking and other need off the operators. NAYA RAIPUR DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
  8. 8. Projects: Functional, & In-progress, Up-coming Sports City Logistic Hub International Cricket RIT Stadium Railway Station Chhattisgarh Orissa Express Way Subarea ARMY IT SEZ BSF Airport CRPF Sec – 17 : GOVT. Central Business Dist. Housing Gems & Jewelry SEZ Capitol Complex Office Complex Naya Rakhi Fair Ground (Resettlement Village) Amusement park 1st Housing Colony Muktangan NI Urban Mgmt Sec- 27 IIIT Sec – 29: Housing Colony Knowledge Park Sec – 30: PVT. HousingAdministrative Academy IIM Sr. Secondary School ITM University Cancer Research Hospital HP Fuel Refilling Station Law University Theme township & Golf Course Ayush University Rawatpura Sarkar Institute NAYA RAIPUR DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
  9. 9. Progress till date..CAPITOL COMPLEX
  10. 10. Progress till date..H.O.D BUILDING
  11. 11. Progress till date.. Law University Purkhuti Muktangan – 1st Phase Complete Naya Rakhi Naya Rakhi
  12. 12. Progress till date..ROAD CONSTRUCTION
  13. 13. Progress till date..WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM ReservoirIntake well Row Water Line
  15. 15. BRTS- Naya Raipur World Bank-UNDP-GEF assisted SUTP: Project PIA: Naya Raipur Development Authority
  16. 16. Pick-up Point at Raipur Railway Station, Corridor- 1
  17. 17. Pick-up Point at Mantralaya, Corridor- 1 NAYA RAIPUR DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
  18. 18. Pick-up Point at N.H 6, Corridor- 1 NAYA RAIPUR DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
  19. 19. Pick-up Point at Kabirnagar, Corridor- 2, (Option-1) NAYA RAIPUR DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
  20. 20. Pick-up Point at Kabirnagar, Corridor- 2, (Option-2) NAYA RAIPUR DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
  21. 21. Pick-up Point at DDU Nagar, Corridor- 2, (Option-1) NAYA RAIPUR DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
  22. 22. Night Parking at Ama Naka Depot, Corridor- 2 NAYA RAIPUR DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
  23. 23. Bus Depot cum Workshop NAYA RAIPUR DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
  24. 24. Schematic Layout of Bus stop, 20 m Median, Naya Raipur NAYA RAIPUR DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
  25. 25. Schematic Layout of Bus stop, 8 m Median, Naya Raipur NAYA RAIPUR DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
  26. 26. Schematic Layout of Bus stop, 5 m Median, Naya Raipur NAYA RAIPUR DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY